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June 30-Somethings TTC #1

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's June  2011 banana.gif

est. 2006

Last Month's Thread

  If You Would Like To Join, Welcome! 
Please give us your age, when you started TTC,
and a link to your chart if you have one.
And feel free to share a bit more - we are a really friendly group!
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Here you go friends.. I'm going to have to move over to my husband's computer, since I don't know how to do this on my Apple.  eyesroll.gif

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Thanks for the new thread, Taxi!  bow2.gif

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Thread looks good Taxi!

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Thanks, ladies!  I just couldn't think of a snappy title.. oh well..


Hey Ram, how are you feeling?

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So far so good. Got my ultrasound on thursday, but I'm feeling more positive. I could just tell something was wrong last time and I don't feel that way this time.

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Thanks for the new thread! I look forward to catching up when I get home. One more day here and I wish I had ten. My friend (the one I'm visiting over here) just went off BC and had unprotected BDing on day 14. Now she is freaking out and so utterly scared. She wants kids but is so unsure about doing it now (in a foreign country with bad health services and no family support). I wish I could stick around til testing time. greensad.gif
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Taxi - New thread looks great!  If you think of a snappy title later, I think you can edit it at a later date.  fingersx.gif for threadkeepers luck!!!


Ram - Glad you are feeling good this time around... yay!!  I'll be stalking tomorrow to read about your fabulous U/S appointment. 


Rosie - Glad you are having a good vacation!  Enjoy the rest of your time in paradise. 


hola.gif  to everyone else!!!

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Is anyone in the 2WW right now? I am out of it, can we have a status update from everyone for the new month? Because I have time to read it now, ha!


I can't think of a snappy title for June, and I am the queen of snappy. I won an award in college for headline writing! So it is a hard one, Taxi!


Can't remember how much i said in the other thread, GP has not diagnosed me with diabetes after all, but I started Metformin. It's been an adjustment, but so far so good. I have no idea when to expect it to start "working" -- like is being hopeful for this month just insane...

I think I'm about a week from O. Trying to keep my summer spirits up but I'm just sick of doctors and dentists and giving them money. Just got back from a second opinion about my early-stage gum disease. Uggggh.


Let's talk about something that is not health or TTC related. Cause you all are awesome. Any ideas? Photo-shares? I am even extremely happy to look at pictures of everyone's pets again. :)


How about this: post one thing from the internet that you think is funny. I know that's kind of off-topic, but it might be fun to see if we share the same sense of humor. I am totally going for some cat macros, you may have to be somewhat familiar with the fine art of LOLcats, but Lenincat makes me laugh forever. (that and Double Rainbow).


Lenin Cat


Feel free to ignore me. ;) If someone posts Ow Charlie, we are disbanding the group.


<3 Boots, your resident internet phenomenon-ologist.


p.s. No one has mentioned you can now see my boobs in my profile picture. ;)

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Well, I am hoping that today was O day because my DH is totally back to being himself Sheepish.gif.  I will have to wait and see if my temp spikes tomorrow.  I abdomen was just having funny pains that I don't remember having before on the left side.  So hopefully my chart will tell me in 3 days that, oh, yeah, back there June 1, yep, that was O day.  So I could be getting to the 2WW.  Finding out on Father's Day, now that would be cool.  I will just have to wait and see.


have to laugh Taxlady, lol, I wondered why the title for July but I thought, well, must be lots of preplanning!  Ah, off to bed.

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Boots, your internet image and my internet image are eerily similar:




Once, long before I saw this, I told DH that we should name our next cat Chairman Meow.  I thought I was sooooo clever.  Then I Googled it and discovered that the same idea had already occurred to someone else (probably multiple someones). irked.gif


My inner eight-year-old also likes Major Butt.  The mere fact that he existed makes me laugh, though the poor guy met a rather tragic end :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archibald_Butt



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Arichbald Butt! i feel better about life already!

Haha, Caly, Russian LOLcats for the win!


Lilac, do you check your CM? (Good ol' Bajingo juice) How's your spinnbarkeit!? winky.gif


OMG, can we have a TTC vocab word of the week???


OMG, do I really miss teaching already?





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Yep, boots, I am into checking my CM.  Still little bits of clear stretch stuff to be found.  It has been present for a week (which is similar to last month's chart).  This mornings temp was lower than most of my recorded ones.  No I don't use OPKs, I am trying to go the "notice what is happening in my body" route for now.


I have to laugh at this faq.  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/Faqs/Implantation-time-and-signs.html  These signs  could mean something or they could not mean something.


After looking at my chart, I figure my temp should spike tomorrow or the next day.


And this is an interesting blog posting I found while searching for a funny TTC comic.  http://thisplaceisnowahome.wordpress.com/tag/pregnancy-test/

The video she talks about made me cry, in a happy way but her blog reminds me that there is much waiting in TTC.



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Oh, Lilac, I've seen that video, read an article about it awhile ago. I really like that she is still sharing on her blog. I thought it was so interesting that she says the reason she did it is because of wanting to share with her online TTC community. Awwww. (Ugh, omg her house is perfect. :) )

Do you hear that, June BFPs? We want videos! ;)


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HA!  I love this thread already.. Boots you are full of ideas.. so go for it girl!  TTC vocab.. Well, I love dropping the we're doing IVF with ICSI.  My aunt still calls it IBF.. the DH and I think that's funny because I have Crohn's which is sort of like but so much worse than IBS.. and it's all BS in general you know. 


Chiarman Meow.. now there's one I have never thought of... We thought our cat's name Johnbrown is clever because 1. DH likes to name his cats after Grateful Dead songs (they sang this one). 2. Our cat is black and John Brown was an activist in freeing the slaves.  3. John Brown was a little crazy and so is Johnbrown the cat. 4. Our wedding song was the Battle Hymn of the Republic (married on the 4th of July weekend to a US History lover) and the Battle Hymn started as the song about John Brown the real guy.  5. My husband's bestman's last name is Brown.  We just think that's funny.


WOW.. that was sooo off topic.  


Going in for an u/s this morning.  I love when the doctor says.. HOW OLD ARE YOU?  Because I respond like someone much younger to the meds.  smile.gif


I agree.. we need an update from some of you.  Where is everyone at.. IS THERE ANYONE IN THE TWW?


OH BOOTS.. I love that you said, no one has mentioned seeing my boobs.. biglaugh.gifSO CUTE!!  SO FUNNY!!  I think the school year has worn off and you're BACK!  Nice rack btw.  


Which reminds me.. does anyone want to share a baby picture?  I'll see if I can scrounge on up for myself.  

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I'll have to just post a link to my funny internet thing (I told you, I always read, I just don't have time to post!) because it's long.

Hyperbole and a Half Fish Story


Yeah, it's long, so I hope you all have a bit of time.  It makes me actually LOL, which is pretty unusual.  In fact, the whole blog really cracks me up, but that story really was what broke my will to remain vertical and toppled me with great guffaws of laughter.  :)


Hugs and babydust to all!  Do you think babydust is most useful before O or after?  I figure before . . . you want it to already be in place when the little fella meets the little gal.


Also, mittleschmertz is my favorite TTC term - and I think Lilac just felt it!

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Hi guys,


Everyone seems so cheery and in good spirits! I am, unfortunately, am so upset and anxious that I feel like I am going to vomit.


My new, dumb principal, intends to take me out of Pre-K and PUT ME IN THIRD GRADE because he feels I am BEING WASTED in pre-k because I am NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFIED

in early childhood.  Anyone who know anything at all ABOUT TEACHING and/or CHILDREN knows that those who are well-suited for PRE-K probably are NOT SUITED for THIRD GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cuss.gif


I am going to seriously have to find a new job and who knows if I will be able. 


And this is coming after last night, when the Dr. finally got back to me and told me that DP's SA said he has good sperm count but POOR MOTILITY AND POOR MORPHOLOGY and that perhaps I should try IUI/IVF and I'm like, SERIOUSLY??????????????????   Just like that??????????????  That's all you have to offer? Then I got out of her that he could try to go to a urologist and see if anything can be done. 

I am so upset right now I feel like I might pass out.  Seriously.

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I'm enjoying reading along with all of the off-topic conversations!  Too funny!! 


Cath- hug2.gif  I'm sorry for all that you are going through.  I hope you can find someone to give you better answers than your current doctor did. 


Ram - Any word on the U/S today??

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Oh Cath.. getting that call is tough.  Been there.. and hearing IVF... is tough too, been there.  But you know what.. finding out the solutions is really important.  There is so much technology.. I think Boggles even got her DH on supps that have really helped improve things.  hug2.gifAs far as you being moved from one class to another, I think you'd be wonderful doing anything.  I know it all throws a wrench in the system.  Maybe this is the path you didn't know you should be on or maybe things will change.  Please, try not to get totally worked up about all of this, because at any moment things could change again dramatically.  hug2.gif


Hi Val and Hykue.. I can't wait to watch the links to things later. 

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Cath, that totally sucks about your job!!  You would think that being NB certified would make your principal want to KEEP you!!  Sigh.  I'm so OVER the politics of education right now.  My job (French specialist in a magnet school) is potentially on the chopping block due to funding.  I'm trying to stay positive but I keep hearing rumors of pink slips coming.  I am tenured so technically my district would have to find me another job... but I love my little elementary school and would NOT want to move to high school or middle school.  It's frustrating when you feel like you don't have a choice.  Is your principal someone you can level with and explain your intentions?  Or would he/she retaliate? 


And all of that coming with the news of IVF... whew.  That is a lot to have on your shoulders.  I agree with Taxi... this could be a good thing because information is power, and now you have the right info needed to proceed.  How does your DP feel about the SA? 


Taxi, I love the cat name story.  My dog Sophie came with her name (she was rescued as a puppy) and Napoleon was named in honor of the French emperor.  I wish Sophie could have been called Josephine, just to be historically accurate.  :)


Boots, I love the baby picture idea.  I'll have to figure out how to post a picture here and I'll upload one of my own.  I was a bald baby until I was almost 3.  I had very fine, wispy hair that looks invisible in photos.  So don't judge!!  ;)  hee


Lilac, how's the O situation?  Getting anywhere?  I think reading your body's signs is the way to go.  I got really panicked when my OPK wasn't working properly last month and I missed my O date. 


Hykue, I'll have to read that link when get home.  I love internet funnies!  My favorite right now is damnyouautocorrect.com.  Seriously, hilarious.  I'm also on pinterest all the time... so.addicting.  :)


Ram, let us know how you're doing!  You were my TWW partner last month so I feel a kinship with you and your BFP!  Rooting for you all the way!!!

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