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OK, I know I've already exceeded my funny-things-on-the-internet quota, but I forgot about this one, and I have to share it 1) because it features my Dancing w/ the Stars crush Ralph Macchio and 2) there are so many bits in it that crack me up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAtd2r49wFw  I should probably note that it's not safe for work.


Also, you guys have probably seen http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/, yes?


I could go on, but I'll stop.


Ugh, Cath, that is too much suckiness all at once!  hug2.gif  I'm sorry!  Could you tell your principal that you have no desire to teach third grade?  Would it make a difference if he knew he was making one of his better teachers unhappy?  I hate that he said you're being "wasted" in Pre-K.  Isn't it important for little kids to have good teachers?  How did your DP handle the SA results?  I'll be broaching that subject with my DH sometime soon.


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Hi All, I would love to join this thread.  I'm 31 and my partner is 33.  I've been diagnosed with PCOS (at age 19) and we've been trying to make a baby since January of this year.  It is tough when I only ovulate every 45-65 days!  I'm starting taking some meds in June after a year of failed natural and holistic treatments failed to regulate my cycle.  I hope they harmonize my hormones and help with ovulation!  I'm currently waiting out the tww, and hoping for good news. 


Other than babymaking, which often feels like a full-time job, I'm trying to wrap up my dissertation and launch an aromatherapy business. 


I look forward to chatting!



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Welcome KrunchyK!  You will enjoy this group of ladies.  I have been TTC since April and I have learned a lot here.


Now, boots, my spinnbarkeit was certainly flowing today (I saw a whole big glob of it like last month :)) and  yes there has been a bit of mittleschmertz yesterday.  I am hoping for a big post O thermal shift that is if I really did O today!  The whole plunge from 96.8 degrees, down to 96.08 this morning, and all the up and downing so far this cycle I think it is time for a temperature spike!


Went to McDonalds and tried their new "mango pineapple smoothie".  Nor worth the money.  I would rather eat partially frozen mango pieces from my local Aldi grocery store.  Off to bed.

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Hey val, hykue, pitch, lilac and those 2 goofballs Boots and Caly! So ultrasound went good, they were able to see the eggy is in the right spot, yay! They told me to come in for another u/s next week but I'm not sure, I mean I don't want to fry the thingy.


Cath: Oh that really bites. So sorry you got hit with such bad news hug2.gif I really feel for you moving up to the 3rd graders, when i worked after-school I did k & 1st grade but they always made be work the older kids on field trips so I could keep them in line. I really missed my little kiddos. They're just so fun and excited then, by the upper grades they start getting "big kid" attitudes.


Hope everything is looking good for you this month, Taxi!


Welcome Krunchy!


Oh TTC terms: GSB (i think golden smiley boyfriend) It took me forever the figure out that was clear blue digital opks, I just didn't get why you were smiling at the stick.

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Hey Rosie! Hope you're having a good time, we miss you and sorry about your friend. I bet she really appreciates your support.

Taxi, okay so I am loving IBF. I had to look up ICSI, but my first thought was Internet CSI a la crime shows. Or, maybe my home state of Iowa? I bet there's a huge need for CSI there. I tried to come up with what IVF could stand for and I came up with International Vulture Fanciers. Because everyone loves a vulture! Hope your u/s went okay! Keep us updated. I also love the extremely nerdy name story of John Brown the cat. I am a little scared for your future child ;)
I am also sitting here giggling next to my snoring husbeast that you and I are basically internet-shouting at everyone: ANYONE IN THE TWW? haha. We are all kind of hyper this month.


I am going to put another baby picture at the end of this monster post to get things rolling. In this one, I am not topless. Tips are still welcome.

Hi Hykue! I giggled at that fish story, but I have to admit in fun-fact-about me mode that I am actually afraid of fish. I have two main fears (remember I am asthmatic) one is that they will be without water gasping like that. (shudder) and two is that they will swim around in the air and get me, just like was depicted  in an air freshener commercial. I think my friends really like that blog...isn't it the one with the Clean all the things! comic?

Aww, Cath, I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to deal with short-sighted administrators. I know it's kind of a backhanded compliment but of course he is thinking about his bottom line which is test scores! I bet you 3rd graders are tested in your state, right? I am curious how much of your displeasure you expressed to him and how responsive he was? Job hunting sucks, but I bet any other school/district would be super-happy to have you. You deserve better leadership than that.

I'm sorry about the news about the male factor infertility. Speaking of crappy men in power, I don't think your doc was very supportive. Sometimes they can be too matter-of-fact.  I just want to remind you that although we are laughing about bloody fish and Russian cats and Karate Kid, many of us are in various stages of finding out what kind of interventions we'll need to make this happen for us. You are not alone! When is school over? How set in stone is this grade assignment? Were there other cuts and assignment shifts?


Pitch, I now have to apologize for all the times I called you Pinch. hah. Let's just believe I was doing it on poirpose? I am sorry you're having some uncertainy about your position, too. It is everywhere! I am lucky this year. I am so sick of the budget crisis all over the country every spring, and so many already over-worked teachers having to worry about this.

I promise not to judge you for your baby-baldness. My huz is bald and he's 34 ;)

Welcome KrunchyK! I predict we are going to call you Krunch so I hope you're okay with that ;)  If you don't mind my asking, what drugs are you taking now? I was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic/IR and put on Metformin, although no one has diagonsed me with PCOS the treatment appears to be the same.


Caly, I loved that vid. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on, though, which is part of the brilliance. "I'm 48 years old!" I am going to counter with "George Washington". This is also for Taxi's hubby. It is NOT worksafe. ha.



Ram, you made me giggle with "I don't want to fry the thing." Yay for the u/s. I am glad you are feeling things are going right this time. You guys make me laugh saying that 3rd graders have "big kid" attitudes. Actually some of my kids were tutoring 4th graders this year and they were like "Miss, those little kids are nasty! They are little perverts!" I don't know if they were trying to impress my kids or what. But deep down they are all babies, even the 14 year olds. I definitely used to think I would want to teach high school but I do love middle school because they are basically still kids even if they don't want to be.

Actually GSB stands for "Golden Showers Boyfriend: pee on him and he smiles" I believe I am to blame for that.


AFM, body is still adjusting to the metformin but I'm overall okay. I should be O'ing in the next four days or so. No bajingo juice yet. I am still wondering if it's even possible the meds will have helped this cycle, I've been googling around looking for stories.

My schedule is all off, but that's pretty typical of me. It's 3 a.m. I may be starting to recover from the school year but I am still not back 100 percent. I can tell because I have no desire to read, write, or knit.

OH and I finally got a smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S. I am the tech savviest of my coworkers and friends but almost the last to have a smartphone. I am having fun playing with it.




My grandma and I laugh about this picture. What a worried (possibly poopy?) baby.

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Well no great spike this morning, just back up to 96.8 degrees.  I was chart stalking other 33 to 35 year old women who were just off birth control pills on fertilityfriend.com.  Doesn't seem like anyone has such low temps like me but I think even my normal waking temp isn't 98.6.  I guess I will have to wait 2 more days with temping to see if my temp is really "UP".  Shakes head in unknown.


Okay baby pictures, I will have to go find one.  I thought I had a baby picture on facebook that I could pilfer, but I guess not.  I have one on my other computer I am going to upload.

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Okay, I found a picture when I am about 6 months old with my parents (I think it was a Christmas picture).Christmas6monthsOldWithMomAndDad.jpg

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Just wanted to join in the baby picture posting.  Here's one of my sister and me.  I'm the little one in the sombraro. 




Ram - Yay for the good U/S!  Looking forward to seeing you in the graduates thread soon. 


Lilac - Hope your temp rises very soon!  As for temps, mine was never 98.6 in the morning.  Pre-O, it was in the 97 range, and post-O I was upper 97 to low 98.  Everyone's temps are different, so I wouldn't worry about what the temp is, as long as you can see the pattern. 


Boots - So glad to have you back in a better mood!  And loving the baby pics, thanks for coming up with the idea!


Taxi - Hope stimulation is going well!!!  How long until retrieval and transfer??


Caly - Are you counting down the days until DH is back for a visit?? 


krunch - Welcome to the group!  This is a great place for support and information, and a good dose of humor.  If you don't mind me asking, what kind of meds are you taking? 


Have a fantastic weekend, ladies!!



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Welcome.gifKrunchyK!  We're so glad you could join us and I know we all hope your stay is short.  You will find tons of very smart ladies over here with lots of support!!  Do you chart your cycles?  If you do, post a link and I'll get you added to the roster some time today.  flowersforyou.gif


Bootsie.. you are on FIRE!  I am biglaugh.gif.  How did you know I am an International Vulture Fancier?  It's true.. and the baby picture!  I love the poses from baby studio pictures.. you're like, hmm.. I feel like I'm going going going to fall fall over.. Omg.. pooping too!! 


Lilac - totally awesome picture of you and your parents.  I LOVE THE 70's!!  How young do our parents look??  I will totally be scanning and adding a picture tonight.  


AHHHH... thank goodness it's Friday!!  


I've got to get going.. today is National Doughnut Day!!  The Salvation Army started National Doughnut Day in WWI.  Fun history fact, thanks to the DH and his love of Huell Howser's California Gold program on public television.  Anyhow, even though I cannot eat doughnuts (or gluten bombs as I call them) I will be bringing in the doughnuts for my client and other auditors today.  AREN'T I THE NICEST TAXLADY YOU KNOW.  


Here's a virtual doughnut for all of you..  kid.gif (ok, it's not a doughnut, but it is my favorite smilie)...  Happy Friday.. and Happy Friday afternoon to Boots.. who gets to sleep in.  


AFM:  I have so many eggs the doctor stopped counting.  I have another u/s on Saturday.  Retrieval is scheduled now for Tuesday and that will mean that embryo transfer will be on Sunday the 12th.  Then I'll be PUPO, or as we IBF (lol) ladies like to call it... Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.  YEA!!  IVF is sort of fun.. in a totally stressful fun sort of way.  


Val we cross posted.. you don't by any chance still have that awesome sombrero?  What about that baby walker/stand - I'm sure those haven't been recalled.. LOL.  


Hey, did any of you have a Willie Waterbug when you were little?  It was made by Whammo.

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I've been missing you guys! Thanks for the new thread, Taxi. When you think about it, can you change my age? I've been meaning to acknowledge the fact that I'm now 35 for six months now - lol!


I haven't had time to read and catch up on everything that I missed since my last random posting... are there any BFP's to celebrate? Any other news to celebrate?


Cath - sorry your principal wants to move you to 3rd grade. The idea that a qualified teacher is being 'wasted' in preschool is maddening! Do they not realize how important early education is? Perhaps hitting them with research and some stats will make them rethink the move. Sending you a big hug2.gif, you have had a lot of hard news all at once.


I'm in my TWW.... 9 DPO to be exact. Had an odd temp dip at 6 DPO... I'm hoping that it is significant, but really don't want to get my hopes up too much. We'll see how it goes, anyone want to stalk my chart? I'm going to try not to test until Thursday. I'm attending a quadruple baby shower on Monday... I'm a little afraid that it will be hard for me to be so surrounded by beautiful and deserving mama's if I am feeling disappointed about my own fertility.


Elsewhere in my world... I'm in between school sessions. My summer program begins on Wednesday and I've actually taken some time off - had to really, since my classroom is being painted and there isn't much that I can do in there at the moment. orngbiggrin.gif Marc and I celebrated our first anniversary by spending a couple days in the mountains. It was lovely. I got my garden planted and mulched, have made fun progress with my knitting, and am trying to make myself buckle down to finish my make-up work from last semester's class. I have about two weeks to get it done. That's about it, I think. I don't know where my baby pics are, but I'll try to find one later... mine all have buggy eyes - like this bigeyes.gif



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Okay... I skimmed a lot and sort of caught up.... and


OMG - yay Ramzubo! joy.gif I am so very happy for you and glad to hear that your little egglet is where it is supposed to be.


Bootsie - sending you a really BIG hug2.gif, well - lots of them actually. The other ladies said it so well, but I just want to echo that you are a beautiful person and will make a wonderful mommy. I am sorry that you've been having a hard time with your body/health image lately, but I am also glad to hear that you have new information that will allow you to move forward towards achieving your dream. Don't give up on that.

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Hi Ladies! Thanks for the warm welcome.


For those of you that inquired, I'm taking 2000 mg of Metformin daily.  Before Metformin, I worked with an herbalist for 6 months in Denver, which did nothing to regulate my cycles or control some of my PCOS symptoms.  I think did some homework and created some of my own tinctures and supplements using things like Dong Quai, Red Raspberry Leaf, Vitex, Saw Palmetto, Burdock Root, to name a few.  This also did not budge things.  I think started seeing a ND and acupuncturist in January when we started working on the baby in earnest.  This included a shakeup of my herbs and supplements, including adding Chinese Herbs to the mixture.  After four months, we tried some bio-identical hormones to see if that wouldn't budge my cycle, to no avail! You can see the estrogen and progesterone stats on my chart here:




I really wanted to be able to empower myself  and my body in naturally addressing what is, at the heart of things, an cellular inability to process sugar. Finally, at the urging of my ND, I am now working with a reproductive endocrinologist in hopes of regulating my hormones and my cycles.  I was krunchy until the very end, and now I take Metformin.  With that said, it has been three weeks and my side effects have been minimal.  Too early to tell if it is going to help with the regulation of my cycles. Fingers crossed!

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Taxlady, my parents were YOUNG!  My mom was 19 and my dad was 21.  My mom stopped having kids at 35 (after 8 pregnancies and 7 live births!).  I am just starting at 35.  Well I guess next Thursday I will be 35.  Wow.


I was reading through facebook and saw this link http://www.analyticalarmadillo.co.uk/2010/11/breastfeeding-in-public-is-offensive.html?spref=fb

which was about breastfeeding in public.  I so connect with the author that there is way more boob to be seen everywhere but most nursing moms aren't letting their boobs meant for feeding their child "hang" out in the same way!


I had lots of sewing mojo this morning.  I finished a dress for my sister's wedding on Sunday.  I started at 8:30 a.m. and finished at 1:30 a.m. with a break for "brunch" at 10:30.  It is so cute!

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Hello ladies! Just checking in and saying hello.  I can't believe another month has passed.  Where does the time go...well, when you want it to go slow anyway.  smile.gif


Calycanth - I have been thinking of you and am excited DH is coming home for a bit for you!   fingersx.gif O timing goes great!  As far as work goes, hope it works out for you.


Boots - Sorry for all the things you've been dealing with.  I have been overweight all my life and when I went in to meet with the IF doc. I was worried about what he would say about my weight.  He just acknowledged that losing weight would help, but understands.  (He even gestured using his hands around his belly and admitted its hard for him to tell someone to lose weight when he himself is overweight.)  There are plenty of us plus size gals that get BFPs.  It'll happen for us! winky.gif Sorry to hear about the diabetes and glad you started the Met.  (I started it last month too as part of fertility treatment.  So far not bad!)  I'm with ValH - this will only help!


TaxLady - I am glad that the ball is rolling for you to get that #1 off your list!    fingersx.gif & goodvibes.gif  Congrats on the promotion, too! 

I love that there are too many eggs to count!  ROTFLMAO.gifPUPO...love it!

Thanks for the new thread! 


Ramzubo - joy.gif joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  Congrats on your BFP!


ValH - joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  for little boys!  orngbiggrin.gif 


Hey Hykue, Shell, Tickle, and everyone I missed!


Cathleni - I am so sorry to hear about the SA and how your Dr. reacted.  TaxLady is right, knowing that leads the way to solutions.


Welcome to all the new ladies in here!  Hope your stay is short!

Sorry for no other personals, but man May was busy wasn't it?  Sorry for all the crappy stuff that happened and joy.giffor all the good! 


AFM - starting my first month of treatment. My IF doc said I should go straight to IVF for better chances, but for insurance purposes I have to try 3 rounds of IUI first.  Here it goes...


grouphug.gif  goodvibes.giffingersx.gif dust.gif to everyone.  May June bring on more BFPs.










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BEL!!  I've missed you!!  IUI will work! That's awesome that your insurance will cover it and IVF!!  LUCKY GIRL.. so if you need any help - come see us at the IVF thread (we take IUI'ers too).  It's a great place to talk about the other side of TTC..but I can't leave my Bajango Juice 30 Somethings either.  


TICKLES!!  I've missed you too! 9 days DPO.. umm.. we have a broken link to your chart lady.  Will you post it so I can get that fixed lickety split?  I'll change your name when I get around to it.. I'm proud that I'm 35, but I'm totally the big sister to so many on this thread.  biglaugh.gif I mean, with age comes titles..I was just given the title of SUPERvisor.  I truly have missed you.  

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Sooo, as I mentioned I am around O time, usually between cd 19-21 and it's cd...17 or 18 or something. I just noticed when I got off the treadmill a bunch of EWBJ out of nowhere, and it had a bit of blood in it. Because TTC has made me into the worst google hypochondriac ever, I was worried, but my preliminary search says it might be a good thing? As long as there's not too much, I suppose.***


BIG hugs for Tickletoes and Bel. You are both so awesome and we did miss you and think of you. Thank you so much for what you both said. Jessy, I am so glad you are getting some down time and we've got our fingers crossed for you.

Bel, I am also glad to hear about your experience, everyone who has a positive doc experience should share, share share! Glad you're tolerating the Metformin well, I am actually finding I have more energy but it is a little adjustment. I don't feel hungry and then bam, I feel lightheaded. Good luck with the IUI. We want to hear all about it if you want to share! Your cervix is our business. hehe. ;)



Seems like it's almost time for June babydance bonanza chez Boots. As noted, I have been in better spirits but I've also been having some insomnia and around hour 22 of being up I start to hate the world and myself pretty bad.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoying the 70s/80s-alicious baby pics. Why were they so orange? My head looks like a clementine.

Taxi, love having you around here more. You have more eggs than a henhouse. I need to stop, no really I do ;)



***EDITED: There's more blood than I thought, no more bajingo juice, and my cervix seems low. It seems like I am starting AF on CD19? (After having like a 45 day cycle last time) Ugh. I don't know what to do. My gyno did not set up another appointment after sending me to my GP to get metformin.Crap, I should've peed on an OPK. Going to go get the happy bunny pee cup.

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Hi - I fixed TT's link to her chart so we can all chart stalk her.  

KrunchyK - I'll add you soon, I'm not ignoring you, but I can't do the fancy stuff on this computer.  I think I could, but I'm not so familiar with my Apple computer commands.  Sorry.


Boots.. don't worry about the blood or if you're getting AF really early.  Both of things I think are signals that the metformin is working and you've got to let it.  Otherwise, I think that anytime you have EWCM you should try to do the BD'ing... unless you're in pain.  Give yourself a little time to regulate.  Plus, your jokes are hilarious!!  When are you going to Duluth?

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You are right, I know. My body is probably trying to sort itself out and maybe start fresh. Just sucks I don't know when we'll be able to try next. I am leaving for Duluth on 6/19, here's hoping I O right before then.


I had to share this comparison shot to my baby photo, I also think this might be the first pic of adult me. It's from our wedding (5 years ago). We got married in July and it was hot and we'd been outside taking too many pictures. My feathers are literally ruffled. hehe.



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Quick stop in before I run off to brunch - Boots - you are beautiful! And I love those feathers (even if they are a bit ruffled) :)



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Happy Sunday, everyone!  Sunday is my Saturday, so I'm in a good mood this morning.


Bel, it's so good to hear from you!  Hopefully the IUI will do the trick and you won't need to move on to IVF.  I'm expecting to see BFPs for you and Taxi in the very near future.  I suspect I'll O before DH and I are reunited, but you never know...fingersx.gif


Bootsie, you are gorgeous!  Geeky huz is a lucky fellow.  I love your orange feathers!  Although our ceremony wasn't traditional, we wore standard wedding garb (white dress, black tux) when we got married.  In retrospect I wish we'd gone for something a little different.  If I had it to do over, I'd wear a red evening gown.


Taxi, all I have to say is dust.gif.


Hello TickleToes, Lilac, KrunchyK, Val, Ram, and anyone I've missed.


I'm leaving on Friday to meet DH in California.  Five more days - I can't wait!

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