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BOOTSIE!!  I KNEW IT!  I knew you were that beautiful!!  I love the feathers and the dress and the expression!!  LOVE IT! I want to come over and look at your entire wedding album (and I sort of wish I could turn back time an invite myself..ROTFLMAO.gif  Thanks for sharing.. My wedding was traditionally over the top.  I mean, we went with top hats, tails and I wore long sleeves in July- it was at least in the 90's that day. When I was little I dreamed of wearing Princess Diana's dress, then in high school, I was going to wear the dress from Guns and Roses November Rain orngbiggrin.gif.. needless to say, neither of those happened.  A picture of that may be easier for me to find to share than my baby pictures.  


Duluth is a place that you only hear about.. I've never know anyone to go there... I hope you have a great time and O before you go!!  


CALY 5 days until you're reunited.. I know the time probably didn't fly by for you.. but it seems to have flown by for me!  joy.gifI really hope you can hold out on that O...because it would be sooo cool if the reunion resulted in a BFP!!  (p.s.  I love the idea of the red evening gown - I have so many if I could do it over again I woulds.. but I would also never have another wedding - mine was stressful).


So Bel.. I just want to say that IUI you will have a really good chance.  They can really make sure that DH's sperm get to the right place at the right time.  I know it's not easy to not worry, but this good news because IUI is a great tool to success!!


AFM - I'm very close to be over stimulated.  In fact, the doctor didn't say so, but she gave me meds to take that are supposed to help keep that from happening.  Thank you magical internet for giving me the news I couldn't get from the doctor.  I know she didn't want to worry me, but if I get OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation) then they will take my eggs and fertilize them, but then they will all have to be frozen and there will be no transfer.  I'm nervous.. so nervous.. but I'm going to try and relax, because there is nothing I can do about it.  



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Oh, Taxlady, I hope you aren't stimulated over the top.


As for weddings, my baby sister (26) got married today.  Man, I really have to go and thank my wedding coordinator for what she and her husband did for me last year by making my wedding day basically stress free!  Never mind that my mom's boyfriend didn't leave for the 9 hour trip to my rehearsal and rehearsal dinner until 4 hours before it was to start and my matron of honor got stuck with her month old baby, sick 2 year old twins and cranky 4 year old in traffic around Chicago Illinois on her way to Michigan so they all missed the rehearsal and dinner and put me into tears.  So glad my mom broke up with the jerk boyfriend and we had fun with her at my sister's wedding today.  My sister's wedding coordinator was totally non-authoritative and didn't have a clue what was supposed to happen when and with whom.  My poor husband was trying to create "bouquets" for the wedding decorations because my sister's mother-in-law was stressed (the woman took someone else's valium last night to go to sleep, yikes).


On a lighter note, it seems I O'ed three days ago according to FF.  My DH and I BD'd the day before and the day after so now we are in the agonizing 2WW!  I know someone was mentioning that their temp wasn't 98.6 when she woke up.  Seems my BBT before O is 96.8  so it is just a bit "low" in my opinion with my BBT after being about 97.3.  Today at the wedding I kept having aunts and uncles and cousins asking, when are you going to have a baby?  "Stay tuned" was my husband's pat response.  I think only one, my cousin with a 5 year old, really caught on that we are TTC without outright telling him we are TTC.  Ugh 2WW!



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Caly and Taxi, you are tooo sweet.  I knew our wedding wasn't going to be traditional, but I by far did not get the dress I wanted. Ugh, it is such a long story and it involves overseas shipping and other nightmares. So I ended up getting married in brown satin in July (ugh) but the dress itself fit well and since I wanted nothing to do with the bridal industry, I accepted it. So the orange feathers were a compromise, I wanted an orange dress, and if not that, a fuschia dress, and I got brown. Would've been fine for a fall wedding, I guess. I would love to see your wedding pics, Taxi. Over the top and tails! That sounds like huz's prom picture! I am loving the November Rain reference. I loved that song. I won't mention how old I was when it came out  love.gif

Caly, I love the idea of a red wedding dress. I think weddings are stressful no matter how much you plan, or how big or how small, and I want do-overs, too! Not just the dress. Taxi, I don't even HAVE a wedding album, all the pics are still digital five years later. ha. We had small wedding of 35 guests. We had Mexican food and a margarita machine. The margarita machine people told us not to worry, they had cups. And the day of, we realized the cups said "THE MARGARITA MAN" all over them. ha.


This period is kicking my butt. I don't know why. I am going to be at a conference all week. ( I should go to bed like two hours ago). I am sort of bummed to have to get up early and be around a ton of people, but also glad to have something to think about besides ttc and how messy my house is. hehe.


If anyone KNITS, CROCHETS, or SEWS and has not been asked or does not know what I'm talking about when I mention a SUPER secret ongoing project--  please PM me. :)


These icons may represent me kicking my snoring husband out of bed:


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Ah, I went in search of my favorite picture of my wedding dress.  The flower girl's mom took it (even better photo of the lace detail than the professional photographer).  My best friend made my dress for me as a combination of some couture dresses I saw because I wanted lace sleeves and something that covered my bosom.  She did an awesome job!

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Oops, I guess the picture didn't get attached.myFavoriteWedding Picture.jpg

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Hi everyone!!! I'm catching up and looking forward to being back as a regular. My trip was great. I *finally* read some Douglas Adams (and am hooked), Shantaram (awesome epic novel - I recommend it as a PERFECT vacation book), and an econometrics book. I Ate a ton of great food and best of all, spent a lot of time with my BFF, whom I rarely see due to her living over in Naples. Her house is a freaking villa, complete with pear, fig, and lemon trees, grape vines, pool, and outdoor kitchen with wood-fire oven. It was a dreamy vacation that coule only have been better with DH around. There was another couple staying at BFF's house too, 5 weeks pregnant. We had some good chats about stuff, and they thanked me a lot for references about childbirth and such. FYI - childbirthconnection.org is an AWESOME place for finding research-driven recommendations about childbirth that are usually more up to date than the average doctor's recommendations.  


I flew home without a hitch, weeded my garden (it was a mess), watered, did laundry, slept a bit, then drove to DH's rally race. I haven't been to one in a while and he was overjoyed that I came up, and made them decent food before an intense two days of racing. They WON both regional events. Which is amazing especially because they're in a significantly under-powered car. WOOHOO for my hubby.


Cath - UGH for the SA analysis and what sounds like gruff doctor bedside manner. It kills me that they forget how difficult news like this can be, and don't deliver it in a more sensitive manner. So what can you do about motility and morphology? DH's SA results are in but I guess we have to go in to get them. 


Hi Krunchy! Welcome to the thread. I'm with you on the time-consumption of TTC. What's your dissertation topic? Kudos for getting through to ABD, and good luck with the finishing up! I just finished my first year in doc school in a business school. We are on a similar schedule - DH and I started TTC in December. Got a chart we can stalk?


Boots - I LOVE your posts this month, it sounds like you're feeling great! :) Summer break does you good. 


Taxi - Fingers crossed for no over-stim going on with you. 


Caly - Yay, just a couple days! My reunion with DH after our short 11 days separation consisted of a hello then *crash* he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I hope for your sake your reunion is a bit more active!


To those I have missed - I will catch up! HI!!! in the meantime.


AFM - In TTC world, I didn't do anything (no temps, etc) while I was gone. Today I took my temp today reluctantly, but then got excited about it again after looking at the one dot on my chart. After worrying about short periods in the beginning of last month I had a 10 day LP this month and a 5-6 day period that was much heavier than normal. Blah! I'll start OPK's today, CD14, since O came early on CD18 last month. Doc appointment is a week from Friday, and I assume I can't get DH's SA results til then. For now, back to work for me!


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WOW LILAC.. Gorgeous too!!  Love the dress and the long train and the headband and flowers!! (and the American flag in the background)  Pretty awesome that your best friend MADE your dress.. I mean it is beautiful.. I had a tough time finding anything with a sleeve and your sleeves are really pretty. I love it that you guys shared your pictures.. I've been a bum about the baby picture and the wedding dress picture.  I'll try harder ROTFLMAO.gif


Welcome home ROSIEL.. sounds like a wonderful vacation, I'm jealous!  SO great that you got home before Otime.  I think that if you didn't get a call and a referral to a RE then your DH's sperm is fine!!  YEA!!  


Bootsie.. a small wedding with Mexican and a margarita machine sounds awesome!!  I would be calling my DH "The Margarita Man" forever.  :)  I'm sorry you have to go to a week long conference, but at least you have an excuse to not clean the house.  My MIL gave me the advice on Saturday to let the house fall down around us and not to worry about it.




So there you go.. I also do not have a wedding photographer book, these photos came from my friend... but you can get the jest of the top hats and ascots.. LOL.. 


P.S. I can use a sewing machine, but I don't knit, I cross stitch.. 


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I am so dumb.  I was looking at the may chat and wondering why it was stuck at 5 new posts for a few days.  Then DUH realized it was June so I had some catching up to do.  I love all your pictures esp the wedding pictures.  You guys are all so beautiful!  My partner and I haven't gotten married yet so I don't have any to share.  In fact we don't really have many of us together in general.  He hates having his picture taken, blah.


Anyway just thought I'd stop in and let you guys know I was lurking.  Things are going pretty good.  My mom is coming later this week and we have so many adventures planned.  I'm getting a new car, we are having a cookout, I am having my big 20 week ultrasound, we will probably do lots of swimming/hiking with the dogs, probably some maternity clothes shopping and who knows what else.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeZlih4DDNg here's my contribution to the favorite funny website thing.  It's vegan black metal chef! 

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Hi everyone!  Finally back to the board after a trip to Phoenix last week for work.  Totally messed up my BBT chart, does anyone know how/if I adjust it for the time change?  We "tried" anyway, not like it was hard to convince us after I'd been gone a week.  ROTFLMAO.gif  I am soooo happy to be home.  Missed the DH and pup.  I just started the TWW....seeing the acupuncturist today.  She has me on a kind of crazy diet, so I'm hoping it works and I don't have to eat like this too much longer.  So I'm waiting....who's with me???

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I'm Jen, TTC for one month, 31 years old. Would love to join this group. I'm going to try and link my chart.


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Hello all!


Thanks everyone for the support with the bad news from the doc AS WELL AS understanding how crappy my principal is for trying to put me in third!  I am starting a job search, and that is NOT what I wanted to do this summer!

Thanks Val, Caly, Taxi, Pitch, Ram, Tickle, Boots, Lilac, all for your votes of confidence!

Boots, love the baby pic and the pic of you!  Your baby self and adult self are looking at each other! You look like someone I already know!

Lilac, you look very happy in your wedding pic! Love it!

Taxi, you too! You look like you're laughing in the first pic! The top hats are somethin else! Thanks for saying you think I'd be good in whatever I do.  Aww!hug2.gif

Rosie, glad you're back and crossing my fingers for the SA. I'm just coming off of that....seriously.  Hoping things are good!

Taxi, hoping you are stimulated just enough and not too much! dust.gif


Tank, glad you found us finally! Hope all goes well with the ultrasound!

Hokie, I am seeing my acupuncturist today for the 2nd visit.  I really can't wait to unload my stress on her and see what she says!

Bel! So glad to see you here! Please keep us updated with what's going on! dust.gif


Krunch, welcome!  Jen, welcome!


AFM, got resume fleshed out this wknd but now must edit and make copies and find something professional to wear.  Then must do A LOT of footwork.

Crossing fingers.

Hoping acupuncturist has something to tell me!  Messed up when you feel you can get more from her than your own doctor!


It's about to be HOT AS HECK here.  Eek!


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Getting ready to attend a quadruple baby shower... please wish me luck and send good vibes that I'll enjoy every second of it without feeling anxious. I think I'll be okay... but you never know.

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Wow, this thread has been abuzz with activity today!  Hi everyone!  


Boots and Taxi, I don't have a wedding album either - we're coming up on two years, and everything is still digital.  I'd planned on putting one together, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Not sure if I ever will.  Lilac, I love your dress!  I really like the lace sleeves.  Tank, I hate having my picture taken too, so I sympathize with your DP.  


Here's my favorite picture from our wedding.  It's a very flattering shot of me, so I don't mind posting it on da webz.  winky.gif  I don't think I've seen DH without a beard since our wedding day.  He looks so young.




Cath, I'm so sorry about your work situation.  Looking for work SUCKS.  I hope you're able to find something quickly.  I'm looking too, but I honestly haven't been putting much effort into it.  I hope your acupuncturist is helpful!


Rosie, your vacation sounds amazing!  I've never been to Italy but I really hope we'll get to go one day.  DH's family is Italian (can you tell? LOL). Sounds like you've been busy since you got back!  DH is getting jumped on Friday, whether he likes it or not.  He's going to be pretty sleep deprived, but I'm packing lingerie, so that should help.


Hi Hokie, and welcome Jen!


Gotta run - time for belly dance class!

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Cath & Hokie: Good luck on your acupuncture! I've gone for a couple of months and I think it was great. Did either one of you get moxa to use? Its like a cigar to burn near certain point, but boy does in smell like pot. I'm always afraid I'll get a ticket on the way home and then I'll really be in trouble!


Boots: Wow you can totally see the you as a baby turns into you as an adult. I love the orange. Mexican would definitely ranks at the tops of what I would like at a wedding. Usually you get the same stand stuff at weddings but seriously I way rather have enchiladas.


Yay Caly for countdown to DH!


Bel fingers crossed for IUI!


Tickletoes: I'm chart stalking you...looking good!


Woohoo Tank, half way there. Guess your dp's going to have to get used to taking pics with the little one coming.


Welcome back Rosie, sounds like you had a great time in Italy. Oh I rally cars how fun! When I was 18 I got pulled over for swerving all though a parking lot, when the cop asked me what I was doing I told him I was showing my exchanging student how they do rally car races. Luckily he let me off without a ticket.


Tax: No to over stimulation! I love the top hats and tails, its so once in a lifetime thing you can do and everyone just looks so great all dressed up.


Lilac: Yay for Oing. Your wedding pic is very nice it reminds me of Guinevere, kind of Camelot looking.


Welcome Jenmeg! 


Here's a couple of pic from our wedding in New Orleans. It was only immediate family and a couple of closest friends. We all stayed in the French Quarter for a few days and it was a blast!



Kiss in front of St. Louis Cathedral French Quarter, Wedding, NOLA, July 25 2009.jpgCarriage Ride, Wedding, NOLA, July 25 2009.jpg

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I AM LOVING THESE WEDDING PHOTOS!!  Seriously I have the hugest smile on my face!! 


I've been off the boards for a couple of days and feel so behind.  I've read each and every post so I am trying to stay caught up now... I'm exited to see new faces, welcome Jen! 


Boots, Taxi, Lilac, Caly, Ram---your pictures are gorgeous and I think seeing a "face" with a name is so fun!  I also loved hearing about your wedding stories.  Happy times. ;)  Hello TickleToes, Krunchy, Val and anyone else I've missed... I just love this place!  :)  You ladies are spectacular. 


I would just like to echo what everyone else has said and try to THINK POSITIVE for this month! 


AFM.... well, I am really struggling.  I've done OPKs since Saturday and no luck so far.  TONS of good ewcm thus far so I get very frustrated when the OPK won't give me my smily boyfriend.  I'm beginning to doubt if OPKs will work on me anymore (this after 3 months of very successful OPKs with smily guy---why did he have to go away??).  Sigh.  Relying on the OPK might not be the best thing for me now, but I desperately crave the absolute "BD NOW" message that comes as part of the OPK package.  It gives me something concrete when I feel this whole experience is very abstract at times.  Does that make any sense??







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Okay, I would love to post a wedding photo since Sunday is my first anniversary!  I'm clueless as to how it's done... I have a photobucket account and thought I could just link it, but it's not working.  :(  Any suggestions??

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Pitch.. do you have the photo on your computer.. then when you are replying, click on the 1st icon in the 8th box starting from the left.. :)

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love.gif the wedding photos!!  Everyone is so beautiful and so unique.  It's so much fun!  I love the carriage and pink peonies, Ram and Caly your bouquet is so pretty.. what color flowers did you use? I really like having a face with the names (except in my photos, I'm doing this funny grimmace thing and in the other I'm starting to cry).. I have often felt like I should keep this so much more private, but I'm sort of coming out of the closet on the whole TTC thing.  I don't mind telling people we're doing IVF.


Pitch - I'm so sorry the GSB has not shown up yet, but I will tell you from stimulation experience, my EWCM was much more prevalent before I took my trigger shot (which is a huge shot of HCG).. so maybe it's just not time yet!  Keep trying!!  And yeah, we're thinking positive.  Congrats on your 1st anniversary!!


Tickles - um.. I'm sending you strength.. I hope the babyX4 shower is ok and I just thought, great, you got the all out of the way!!


Welcome Jen!!  I'll get you and the others added lickity split.. hopefully tonight.



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Taxi!!  Thank you!!  I know I get very impatient around CD 13... just par for the course.  I have to admit this to you ladies.... today I got so paranoid that I would miss my O date that I broke down and purchased a subscription on FF.  Something just cracked inside of me and I did it in a moment of panic.  I hope it will be money well spent.  ;)  I suppose going through the TTC journey, we just tend to open up after a while because it becomes such a big part of our life.  I'm still guarded with who I tell, but it's getting easier to talk about it and I've actually received a lot of encouragement by sharing.  You inspire me, Taxi, to stay positive and be proactive.  :)


Also, I don't know how I missed it before, but Caly---belly dance class?!  You are so cool!!!


Wow, the photo upload was a lot easier than I was making it.... typical.  ;)  A huge wedding would not have worked for our personalities so we went with something simple and country chic.  We got married in tiny church in the country that was built in the 1800's.  I loved the whole day.  I can't believe it's almost been a year ago.  This picture is literally our closest family and friends: 




....and one of me, near the end of the day and a little disheveled, but still a bride :)




...and me and DH, in our bare feet, having waded into a freezing cold creek... 


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TickleToes, I hope you got through your shower okay. I am having trouble lately being happy for others with their big news. I know in my head that it's ridiculous, but I'm a woman, damn it! I don't care. Sometimes I feel when everyone is talking about babies and kids they are afraid to ask me. Honestly, don't be afraid to vent here. But I hope you had a nice time. I know you are going to have your own dancing baby soon xoxo..


You guys are killing me with cute. Okay, I'm sorry Taxi but I think the top hats verge on hilarious instead of cute. Is there a picture of you in a top hat, too?


Caly, you are so stinking adorable, and dh too! Your baby is going to kill us with cute, I know it.  What a great smile! I've always been jealous of people with great "toothy" smiles, I have small teeth and a large mouth, so I always end up with squashy dimply smile and no teeth or just a little  (I know, info you couldn't have lived without) You will see in the second wedding photo I post.


Ram, your wedding looks like it was a dream! Is your gown actually white or do I detect a little blue/purple?


Pitch, your pictures are amazing, your venue was perfect, I love the group shot! You looked amazing. I love the relaxed shot of you, were you really that relaxed?


I promise not to turn this into "complain further about my wedding" ha, but poor Mr. Boots had such bad allergies that day. When I go to look for a pic of us together, in all of them he looks a little demented. (Here I omit a long series of complaints about our  craigslist photographer that have built up over several years of looking at the pics) Thank goodness for the profile shot! I really wanted to find this other picture of us with the bear. We got married at a natural science center and there was a huge taxidermied bear. We are so not outdoorsy and it was just hilarious. We both brought our teddy bears from childhood and posed with it. There was also a live iguana in the entryway



AFM...Uggh. First day of conference was long, I had had no sleep. Came home, passed out, and now I've been up since 11. Also found out my test scores for the year. My 7th graders did awesome, and my 8th graders did miserably. So I don't know what to feel or how much it matters. Really I am just so worn down because AF is so heavy this month, considering taking iron. In all the drama (and tummy trubs) with the metformin, I kind of stopped taking my pre-natals. Gotta get back to that.


Rosie, or anyone else, I am having trouble finding a complete medical explanation of how metformin works to help improve fertility. I of course have looked at the first google results for metformin ttc and metformin fertility. I'm looking for something more in-depth than "it can help with egg quaiity and ovulation..." Rosie, you are our research goddess, do you have ideas where to look?





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