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HS Graduation gift ideas

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My DD is just finishing her freshman year of High School.  She has made friends with several older kids and has been invited to their graduation parties.  I'd love creative gift ideas, especially for the boys.


We are definitely on a budget so that makes it even more challenging.  Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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Hmm, are they going away to college? Will they be living in a dorm? You could do a "moving from home" care package like a big towel with a little travel bag... maybe little soaps, little travel size items that are easy to move back and for to the communal showers, ect. There are other themes like a dorm snack set which includes a plastic bowl, plate, utensils, maybe small rubbermaid items that can fit in a little fridge or microwave. How about a dorm first aid type kit with small tylenol, ibrprofen, band-aids. ect. I know some of this stuff might not seem exciting but when you are leaving home, those little things really make a difference. School supplies too... tacks to put up their pictures, mechanical pencils, the stuff you'd rather not spend your money on when on a limited budget.


If they are not leaving home, I'm not sure. I usually do cash because it seems the most helpful and I can't afford big items.

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We only live a couple of hours from a beach and they all go there right after graduation....I tend to give a beach towel, sunscreen and a water bottle for their "beach week" I don't know if that works where you are, but the kids here have liked it....or pretended to ;)

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Not creative but...

I've always given cash.

However, when a friend's sons turned 16 I gave them gas gift cards for their birthdays - they loved them.  I'm guessing new graduates could use fuel cards too - whether or not they go away to college.

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My son mostly got cash/gift cards. It helped him a lot in getting stuff for his college needs.


ETA: Most were in small denominations, between $10 & $25. One friend gave him $100, and he was really embarrassed by that amount.


ETA 2: LOL Sorry! A few friends/parents of friends got him gift cards to places around his college - coffee shops, local restaurants, etc. Those were also much appreciated!

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Thanks for the great ideas. DD went to a party for twin boys today.  We ended up going with the dorm survival kit idea and theyboth loved it. A friend picked her up for the party and when she saw the gifts she said "those are so cool.  I'm for sure inviting you to my graduation"

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When we were dead broke we gave a small house plants (potted from clippings off our own plant and dirt from our yard so it cost maybe $2 a person.)  I think it is nice if they can have something living in their dorm room.  Besides the stuff growing in their mini fridge.


I think a first aid kit is an awesome idea.  


My dd godmother is going to school near an ikea so i am getting her an ikea gift card.  That will probably come in handy.


i worked at starbucks for a while and when the kids graduated I gave them a starbucks bag (I make them from recycled coffee packages.  it is big enough to tote a few groceries or books in) with a gift card in it.  Starbucks also has little half french presses for about $10.  if you know the kid appreciates good coffee and cafateria crap won't do....

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