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Originally Posted by marmo View Post

Congratulations, mamathomas! and happy birthday to you!


I went to my first nurse in today!  The bus company was really cool, and provided water, snacks, and an air-conditioned bus for everyone...  I'm the one all the way on the left in the first picture, holding an overwhelmed dd.




I still don't know if I o'd, I think maybe my vitex caused my temp to be screwy?  This the second cycle on it...

http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/202d6d]My Ovulation Char

Fun! I've always wanted to go to one of those!


If your temp stays up I would say you O'd yesterday...but your cm doesn't seem to line up with that.


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Marmo, cool article!  Sounds like something we would do here in Madison, WI. ;)


Carmen, thanks. :)  Good luck with this weekend.


I actually have made it to 9 dpo with no AF; a new PP record for me.  Just need to wait about, what 5 more days, before I should bother testing?  aaccchghhghhhh.

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Way to goMarmo! Thanks for sharing!

Still waiting to O here. No sight of it in sight...
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Well, one way or the other, this is going to go down as a pivotal month.  I have at least 10 day LPs back!!  YAY!


I took a HPT this morning and it was BFN, but I looked at other charts, and some people do get BFNs at 10 DPO and BFPs at 11 or 12.  My first pregnancy was SO screwed up in terms of timing and stuff that I really have nothing to compare it to.


What is everyone doing for their long weekend?

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Originally Posted by mamathomas View Post

I GOT A BFP!!!!!!! joy.gif


My bladder was about to explode around 6AM so hubby and I snuck into the bathroom.  Yay!!! 

Obviously it's still so, so early but we are really excited!


******* sticky/healthy/happy vibes  goodvibes.gif *******


I'll be sticking around for a while to see how you are all doing.  Best of luck to each one of you ladies!

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First positive on an opk this morning! (I always get 2 days of positive before O) Still on high on the monitor but thinking it will be peak tomorrow (unless my body is faking me out ;) ). Try #1 this afternoon and probably tomorrow or Tuesday as well :)


As an aside, just wanted to update on night weaning for those of you I was discussing it with....I started explaining to DD (she's 18 month as of last week) when she woke up that the 'milkies' were sleeping so they could make more milk in the morning, etc. etc. She totally got it and as I said before, no freaking out, some fussing and tossing and turning the first couple of nights. Except for one night where she woke up 3 times between 11pm and 5am (but still didn't nurse), she's been sleeping from 10-11pm to 4-5 consistently. Sometimes she wakes up once but just cuddles up (we are still bed sharing) and goes back to sleep. She goes to bed around 8ish and gets up around 8ish...I nurse her on demand before and after the 'sleeping milkie' time and during the day.


Her behaviour hasn't changed during the day so she seems fine with it. I'm SO relieved. I hope it sticks when I go back to work next week (after 18 months off....). I can't believe I made it through months and months of 30-90 minute wake ups.


ETA: congrats on the longer LP, cellist!!

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Just wanted to check in and say, "hi" in July. :)


Hanging out waiting to O.....

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marmo, love the pic! Too cool! smile.gif

Cellist, yay for a LP long enough for implantation!! My third pregnancy I tested negative at 9, 10 AND 11 dpo before finally getting a BFP at 12dpo!

AFM, wish me luck as I move to the 2ww!! I got a super positive OPK this morning and had awesomely stretchy EWCM all day and we dtd tonight! The one thing I'm concerned about is the fact that I o'ed at CD21 the last 2 cycles (my only 2 so far) and today I'm only CD14... even before and between babies I usually O around CD19 or 20 and have a 33 or 34 day cycle! Trying to think positive! Maybe it's because ds has been sleeping like a dream and the birth storms have passed. smile.gif
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Hi everyone, FF finally gave my cross hairs!  Here is my chart: [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32d812/]My Ovulation Chart[/url] 

So, according to this I am 5DPO and we DTD on the day of and two days prior to ovulation.  Now...since I don't know when my period should be (this is my first cycle post miscarriage), I don't know when the right time to take a HPT would be.  What should I do?

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Ava's Mama, IMHO, how long your LP is has very little to do with when you can start testing, as much as FF will tell you otherwise.  Most people will get a BFP by about 14 DPO.  Some will get it earlier, some won't be able to get it later, but having a 10 day LP does not make it any more likely that you'll get a BFP at 10 DPO, and having a 16 day LP doesn't make it any more likely that you'll have to wait 16 days for your BFP.  It just makes it more likely that you are pregnant if AF doesn't show up when she normally does.

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maia: Good luck! Sounds like good timing! O'ing on CD14 is awesome....but I have no idea why it would be so different...sleep and less stress sounds like it would make a difference though!

Ava's Mama: I would wait until 10DPO at least....but I test early ;) 12-14 DPO is probably more accurate!



Afm:  I had a nice temp rise this morning that lines up perfectly with all my other signs of O! I hope it isn't a fluke as it's the biggest O rise I've seen since tracking my cycles this time around. We had great timing so I guess I'm in the TWW now!

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Yeah, the trouble is that I don't know when I should expect my period.  My goal is to wait until 14 DPO which would be July 14.

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Gah, I got an even more positive OPK today than the one yesterday! And I don't think we'll be able to dtd tonight since my pager has been ringing all day! Hopefully my excellent CM will be enough to keep those swimmers alive until I ovulate! eyesroll.gif

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Has anyone here used the extreme hpt on babywishes.org? I ordered 2 the other day but I don't know they will be here in time... I have about 30 hpt in my house and I am going to try to wait till 9-10 dpo to test. I am so excited. I am 5 dpo and now have to make it 4 to 5 more days....
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<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25e555">My Ovulation Chart</a>



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Ahhhhhhh! orngbiggrin.gif Yay, Cellist! So exciting! Many congratulations and I hope to join you in the March DDC! 

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Eeeep Cellist, that's so exciting!  :D :D :D

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Yay, Cellist!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!

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Congratulations, cellist!!! Very happy for you!! joy.gif

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CONGRATULATIONS mamathomas and Cellist!!!


JULY THREAD IS UP, sorry it took me so long!!

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