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loose bladder?

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Anyone having the "sneeze/cough = pee-in-your pants-a-little" It hasnt happened in a while, but it sure is annoying!!


I dont remember this happening so often during my last pregnancy.  I guess I'll just keep doing my kegels (which I really should be doing more often!)

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Yes, though I've always had that problem! Crossing my legs and bracing really helps :) It really hinders jumping on the trampoline with the kids.. LOL..

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Oh yes! Absolutely! Most of us do whether we want to admit it or not! lol! I usually dont even realize I need to pee untill its too late! ;-)

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Definitely, you are not alone!! I can't wait as long at work as I usually do - the bathroom is a bit of a trek from my office so I have this bad habit of waiting. :)  Pregnancy just gets more and more glamorous as it progresses! Ha.

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