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relocating to wilmington nc

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hello to everyone I'm jess mother of 5 just found out we are expecting number 6 was not planned lol. Anyway we are being medically retired from the army and after much arguing we jointly decided to come back to NC. Neither of us are originally from NC but we lived there for 6 yrs while we were stationed there. We've been to wilmington quite a bit but we were at ft bragg so we were stationed up there in fayetteville. I was wondering if any of you had an recommendations for non vax pushing peds and natural friendly OBs ( I have to see an OB , midwives wont see me) . I think thats about all I really need we homeschool and we're on the hunt for houses already. I'll actually be out there visiting this weekend as well.

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Hi-  I live just outside of Wilmington.  Are you still moving this way?  If you want to pm me I will gladly send you some info about who I use.  We also have a magazine called Wilmingtonparent that has quite a few ads etc if you want to start calling around.  Good luck on the move!

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