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I'll be joining this ddc! Due date January 24th :) Hoping for a home birth this time around, and a better success at breastfeeding. I've been having morning sickness this time around, something I never experienced with  my first :(

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Welcome and congrats! My bday is Christmas Eve! :)  And I'll also have #2 shortly after my first turns 2.


Hope you get that HB you want, they're great! And I'd say look for a really good Lac. Consult. before you even give birth and have a lot of support around you for BFing. . .I don't know your story of course and each baby is different, so hopefully you can BF without a problem this time. But it's always good to be set-up for help!  (I know I didn't expect to need BFing help, but then I did.)

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Welcome! joy.gif

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