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Originally Posted by vydalea View PostWe were also wondering about how co-sleeping was going to work and we'll definitely spring for a bigger mattress! 

Oh yeah-- she'll definitely "sink" into the mattress more than at home, since it's air. Unless you have a different kind. I might put her on her own mat beside your bed, that isn't made of air. There is a slight risk, I think, of suffocation due to face being pressed into the softness of the air mattress, and if both parents sleep deeply you wouldn't catch it. DS and I didn't have an issue because I was the only parent. He didn't "sink" because it was just the two of us and I put him on his own "side" of the mattress, rather than in the middle between two adults.



Originally Posted by wombatclay View PostThere was a quickie discussion of Milagros... the super short version is: Milagro means "miracle" in Spanish.  Milagros are small charms (often made from copper or silver) that represent prayers, wishes, intentions, hopes, fears, desires, needs, wants, promises, and so on.  An individual milagro is choosen for it's meaning (say a leg with the intention being safe travel, or a book with the intention being to pass a test) and then the milagro is offered to a saint/patron being as a gift in exchange for assistance in reaching that intention.  If, say, your journey is safe or you pass the test you'd leave the milagro as a gift (if you visit small shrines in certain parts of mexico and south america you'll find milagros pinned to saint's clothing or altar clothes, or all over the bottom of sacred wells).  Until the intention manifests some people will display the milagros... a milagro board is one way to display them, others include sewing them onto clothing or a pillow, placing them in a pouch carried on your person or left on a home altar/shrine, or in a special box also on the shrine.


Hey, that poem is the one that Willy Wonka quotes in the Chocolate Factory!


Do you know of a milagro for selling one's house?

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Yup... it's a loooooong poem, most people only "know" the first verse (which is the one I shared) and parts of that verse are pretty deeply embedded in our modern culture.  For instance, it's where "Movers and Shakers" comes from as a term, and there's that Willie Wonka thing too.  In fact, that line from Willie Wonka gets quoted/used in a mixed media context probably more often than the original line.  LOL  :)


House selling... I'm not sure.  Traditionally milagros are part of the folk-tradition of Mexico that sit on the line between tradition and orthodox Christianity.  Similar to, oh, the use of Christian saint candles in Santeria or Christian images in Vodou.  I know Saint Anthony and Saint Joseph are popular Christian saints in terms of folk-trad house sales.  So if you're comfortable invoking specifically Christian spirits, using specifically Christian imagery... maybe burn glass cylindar sain candles to them?  Then bury their statues in the yard.  And for milagros... maybe a leg or foot to symbolize moving, a house to represent either the one being sold or the one being sought, and then a charm that symbolizes the actual move to you (a suitcase, airplane, etc)?  You can find a bunch of charms and common meanings here: http://www.zanzibartrading.com/MexicanMilagros.htm

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I found a little document amongst a bunch of UU stuff I was going through. It is a nice little reference, with some great pictures of goddesses.


I am hoping to log some hours in the yard, I did my weeding the other day. My garden is really looking and it is so pretty but the camera is missing, so no pics. I really want to add a spiritual space to the yard, with a great bench, some beautiful statues and great rocks. I will start by finding the rocks. :)

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Singin_angel:  oh!!!!!  i am just so excited for you so excited!!  joy.gif happy, healthy thoughts and vibes being sent to you!!! 


clay: I love the idea of a charm bracelet that is given away piece by piece.  that's beautiful. 


aeress: a spiritual space sounds so calm.  i can't wait to hear what you create.


maia: i was thinking about suffocation with the air mattress.  I don't know how it will work out and I feel like we won't know until we get the darn mattress home and try it out.  Better keep the receipts and mattresses. 


thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and open and kind to me this first month of mine with you.  blowkiss.gif



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