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Well that was a frustrating 38 week appt.  The last thing you want to hear from your midwife at 38 weeks is "Hmm, do you mind if I send you for an ultrasound?"  I'm hoping and praying that baby isn't actually breech as suspected. =(  It'll mean, best case scenario, managing to flip her within the next couple of weeks, or worst case, another c-section.  Another hospital in the area will also allow me to try a vaginal breech delivery, but my experience with this hospital is that they are a bit pushy about c-sections.  Plus I'd have to be transferred out of my midwive's care and into the care of an OB.  Which I don't want this late in the game.  


So yeah...hoping hoping hoping my midwife is wrong.  And until Wednesday's ultrasound, I'll be trying all the gentle flipping techniques I've read about.  I rented a movie for tonight and have every intention of watching it with my butt elevated, a hot pad on my pelvis and a cold pad on the top of my belly, and ipod headphones stuffed down my pants, haha.  Hey, it can't hurt, right?

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Thanks for the support, y'all.  I've been hesitant to do too much of anything to make him move, because the stinker already moves soooo much.  When the u/s tech told her my baby was transverse, she replied that if we just waited 20 minutes he'd be in a different position.  And it's 100% true.  My doula suggested that I take homeopathic pulsatilla, and to stop when he was head-down.  Again ... impossible.  I did take some before lunch and he went NUTS.  Where did he stop, nobody knows, until the next u/s.  eyesroll.gif


My mw really is wonderful; she knows how much I don't want an induction, but I don't want a c/s even more, so right now that's the order of priorities:  #1 - avoid c/s; #2 - avoid induction; #3 - avoid hospital (she knows I'd much rather have another super-fast birth at home by myself).


Bleh.  I'm going to take some cal-mag before bed tonight to see if it helps me get some good rest (thanks for the reminder!! I've been slacking on that particular supplement...).  My wonderful husband actually got our internet to work with my company-issued laptop, so I'll be able to work from home just like I'm sitting at my office. I'm calling out tomorrow and will spend the day alternating work and pelvic tilts.  Fun!


I'm thinking about all of y'all, too, and sending good birthing vibes to those of you who are ready to rock & roll. goodvibes.gif

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MW just came to visit me, which was nice - home visits are a good reason to clean the house. :p Apparently my darn baby is posterior at the moment, or heading towards it - so I guess it's back to spinningbabies for me! At least he's still vertex.


Right. Feeling virtuous and domestic right now, so I should go make the most of it.

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MW just came to visit me, which was nice - home visits are a good reason to clean the house. :p Apparently my darn baby is posterior at the moment, or heading towards it - so I guess it's back to spinningbabies for me! At least he's still vertex.


Right. Feeling virtuous and domestic right now, so I should go make the most of it.

We are posterior here as well.  My baby has been the whole time thanks to my anterior placenta.  I used two boppy pillows today (i found one at a consignment shop two days before my mom picked one up at a yard sale) and put them together to make a nest so I could lay belly down on my bed for a bit.  Ahhhh felt good and pretty soon I felt baby moving around and then I believe she went anterior for me!!!  felt a hard back all the way down my belly for the first time but within 1 hour it went all squishy again and Im pretty sure she turned back.  I dont really care too much about the posterior presentation because my last 3 have been for sure (also anterior placentas, haha) and they all turned either right before or during labor and my last I believe was born very quickly with no issues sunny side up.  I do hate though that it may be why I have so much prodromal labor and am past my due date as baby may not be applying adequate pressure to the cervix because of being posterior so labor is being delayed and starting and stopping.


I also love that my midwife does the home visits (thats all she does, she comes to your home, since she lives in the middle of no where and doesn't have an office) because it always inspires a good house cleaning for me as well.


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DH is at work, this will be my first full week home.  Kind of weird.  He's getting frustrated, as he gets asked 4-5 times a day at work if I've had the baby yet.  He's finally started sarcastically answering "Yeah she's at the hospital in labour right now, baby's coming any minute.  I just figured I'd finish out the day..."  I mean seriously?  Do they not realize that if I had had the baby, he WOULDN'T BE AT WORK???  Morons.  I don't miss them. =P

My husband is getting similar stupid questions. eyesroll.gif "Is anything happening yet???" Um....no....if it was, would I be here and not with my wife???
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Hah I actually have to go into work today for a lovely "pizza lunch" to meet the new director of our department.  So I'm REALLY looking forward to all the stupid comments I would typically get there.


"Wow are you sure it isn't twins?"


"You're not due until WHEN?  I bet they have the date wrong."


"Wow don't pop in the elevator."


"You're still here??"


"Jeez hurry up and have that baby already."


"Hey, you sure there aren't two in there?  Hahhahahaha!!!"


I hate them.

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Gotta love the comments. My DH ran into one of my daycare clients at the store Sunday night and she asked him, "Had the baby yet?" Ummm....don't you think we'd have told you considering that would mean I'd be starting maternity leave and your children wouldn't be able to come for daycare for six weeks? The killer is that she has a four month old - you'd think she'd remember what it's like to be on the receiving end of dumb questions! eyesroll.gif

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It's my due date today! orngbiggrin.gif


I think I may be the only pregnant woman on Earth who doesn't mind the "Is the baby here yet?" comments too much (though that may change if I'm still pregnant two weeks from now!).


The one thing that does bug me is when people treat the due date as something set in stone. My mother is the worst like that. I was telling her a few days ago that I was having tons of painful contractions, and she was like "Yes but your due date isn't for three days...", as if it were unfathomable that the baby might come on any other day.  headscratch.gif I confess that she just tried calling me, but I purposely didn't answer it because I knew she was calling specifically to badger me about it being my due date.


Do people really not know about the "anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks (or more) is normal" rule?


I have to say that now that I'm finished with school, I'm actually really loving being home with nothing to do but wait. I've been working on craft projects, translating some articles for an immigrants group, tidying up, taking naps...it's wonderful! I know it'll be years before I get "me time" like this again, so I might as well make the most of it. Baby can come next week for all I care.


On the labour front, nothing much has happened in the last two days. It keeps surprising me how I can have dozens of painful contractions one day, then almost nothing the next. I don't know what to make of it!

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What really bugs me is getting asked about my pregnancy by customers at work. Seriously, they don't know me from Eve, it is not any of their business when I am due, if it's a boy or a girl, etc. But I can't be rude to them because I'll get in trouble. I have a few responses worked up for total strangers who get up in my business in other contexts but they aren't going to work on customers. Sigh. I have only gotten about an average of one customer a day who asks, but still, butt out!

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I'd just start making things up to mess with them.


"When are you due?" - "In four months.  I'm having sextuplets."


"Is it a boy or a girl?" - "Both!  I'm having a hermaphrodite."


"Wow are you sure there aren't two in there?" - "Yeah, there are, but I'm getting rid of one.  Want it?  Five bucks or best offer."

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Well, here I am still.  6 days past my due date.  Not feeling too antsy but am wishing she would come already I am just so anxious to meet her.   My midwife has been calling me checking in constantly.  Wish I had more to report, lol.  She called me yesterday to see where I was at labor signs wise because another mama who wasn't due for a couple weeks had her water break.  She told me mama was having contractions a minute apart already as she was on her way, they started out kinda crazy I guess.  I wished her luck and then laughed how all these mamas that aren't due for weeks keep going before me, lol.  I guess we aren't in line or anything or I'd be saying "hey, no cutting!!!"  Then she called me this morning and I still had nothing to report but I asked her how the birth went and she said it was a surprise breech! (frank breech) and that baby must have just flipped in the past few days.  It was a little scary as she had to help baby's head flex to deliver since head just wasn't coming on its own.  She is very hands off and usually likes to let breeches spontaneously deliver but she saw she needed to step in.  She said baby also needed a little help to get started.  So, they called 911 just to have them on the way while they got baby going as she just likes to have them at least on the way.  Of course, baby got going fine and was already nursing when a cop and 6 paramedics showed up but thankfully the DH knew the cop and one of the paramedics had a homebirth also so no one was freaked out.  Did I mention this was a first time mom? A primip with a surprise breech sure would have scared the crap outta me if I were the midwife, lol.


I told her that I feel like anytime now, its just gonna kick in and labor start.  She agrees and thinks just like my last one, when it does kick start, it will go super fast.


Man, I had some weird dreams last night.  First I dreamt I lost my mucus plug and it was like the size of a softball and all red with bloody streaks so I knew it was really the plug, lol.  Then, I woke up, went back to sleep and dreamed that one of my midwifes birth assistants, the one I have never met, called me and said that she hopes I have a "sour birth".  and was basically wishing me a hard time and stuff.  I couldn't imagine why but I immediately just decided to hang up on her and told her I wasn't listening to any negativity and am staying positive.  Then I called my midwife to tell her what this girl did and repeated that she said she hoped I had a "sour birth"  and I woke up before my midwifes reaction.  Weird!!


How are all you mamas today? Anyone else feel right on the verge and got that "anytime" feeling?

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