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Man, your brother-in-law sounds awesome! I have two grown men in our household, and can't persuade either of them to pull up the dead pumpkin vines from the front yard, let alone weeding the veggie garden and planting a few winter veggies. *sigh*


On the other hand, neither of them can stand to see a dead computer. So I now have a new one, only 48 hours after the old one died. :p There's something to be said for geeks!



It's weird for me to read this thread and everybody is having contractions. I think I'm just having the same ol' Braxton Hicks. They don't hurt, they're just a little uncomfortable.

I feel the same way! I'm due on June 9, which is early June, but I feel kinda behind the times. :p Not that I want a week's worth of contractions, they sound ghastly; but I definitely feel like a late bloomer in this DDC. No mucous plug, no painful contractions, no bloody show, no cervical checks so I don't know if I'm dilated or effaced... I'm just chugging along.


ETA: Incidentally, this evening I removed a surprisingly large shard of glass from my foot, where it had been hiding for a few days, pretending not to exist and then biting me whenever I stood on my foot wrong. It was immensely satisfying. That is all.

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I am so jealous of everyone having their babies!  Yet at the same time not quite ready to have mine yetwink1.gif  I keep fearing that I will go into labor today.  Which would not be ideal.  Both my mom and MIL are going to be in town this am for my oldest child's last soccer game of the season and  my middle child's dance recital.  If I go into labor I will have to send them home.  Which would bite.  


DH thinks it's going to be this weekend.  Best friend thinks it's going to be the 8th.  I haven't a clue.  


I am so excited for everyone that is contracting.  Her I am contracting like crazy and can feel them in my cervix.  I can't remember who said that sitting in folding chairs is not the best for contracting earlier in the thread, but I concur!  Last night at dd's recital (day one of 2) we were in folding chair land and oh boy....yikes, not comfy at all.  I sort of want to mow the yard, but I have a feeling it would jack up my contractions and put me into laborlol.gif


This weeks thread is a fast mover- I hope I can keep up!

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So much in just one week on this thread!  I wont pretend to try to keep up!  so great that so many babies are arriving.

38 weeks and counting.  I am not sure if I want baby to come now or not.  I had my first at 38 weeks, but I knew I would go before the due date.  This time I dont feel much that way yet.  I am having stronger braxton hicks, but who knows... sometimes labor just comes on when you don't expect!  Its unusually hot in the Atltanta area this week...had been in the mid 90s all week. I have some more cleaning to do today, but I seem too tired to get it all done.  i had a burst of energy on Thursday and cleaned the oven and the kitchen cabinets...I was hurting that night too!  Well mom will be here on Tuesday so then I will have some help and maybe baby will come after that!

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It's summer vacation! Woo hoo!! The kids are officially out of school for the summer, which means that now I have days and days to fill with things to entertain them. lol  Time to finally go get those library cards... Oh, and if you are here in the State you can go to www.kidsbowlfree.com and sign up for your kids to bowl FREE all summer long! 2 free games a day all summer. I did it so that we have an option of something inside to do for when it gets super hot. I prefer to spend my summer at the lake, but that won't always be feasible.


Today we're going down the street a couple of blocks to the grand opening of the little BMX park that opened in the park that also has the skate park in our neighborhood. It's going to be 97 or something today, but we'll just walk the couple of blocks. Hopefully it will push me all the way into labor. :)


Then DD is going to a pool party this afternoon and she has her softball party right after that. At some point this weekend or early next week we REALLY need to do a Costco run to stock up on all the groceries and stuff we'll need for the next month or so. Plus, we have some shopping for summer camp for the kids, which is next week.


Lots going on!


I have to say that I'm totally jealous of the mommas who are having their babies too!


Max'sMama, that was me that said folding chairs and contractions don't go together. Ouch!

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Ok, so I am contracting regularly enough that I actually called my midwife.  Well the back up and am going to get in touch with the photographer.  Today will be awesome, but I have so much yet to do today.  Soccer, dance, family at the house.  Ah, maybe it's baby time today.

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Originally Posted by Max'sMama View Post

Ok, so I am contracting regularly enough that I actually called my midwife.  Well the back up and am going to get in touch with the photographer.  Today will be awesome, but I have so much yet to do today.  Soccer, dance, family at the house.  Ah, maybe it's baby time today.

Oh yay! We might have another baby today!




My level of irritation has suddenly shot through the roof. I think today is going to be a long, hard day. :(


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Ok, so I am contracting regularly enough that I actually called my midwife.  Well the back up and am going to get in touch with the photographer.  Today will be awesome, but I have so much yet to do today.  Soccer, dance, family at the house.  Ah, maybe it's baby time today.



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Originally Posted by Max'sMama View Post

Ok, so I am contracting regularly enough that I actually called my midwife.  Well the back up and am going to get in touch with the photographer.  Today will be awesome, but I have so much yet to do today.  Soccer, dance, family at the house.  Ah, maybe it's baby time today.

Sending you lots of happy baby vibes, mama!!

It is so hot and humid here today - I think the heat index is over 100 degrees! It is really crazy. I set up our pool in the backyard and before we even got a chance to get into it, DS got his first bee sting on his foot. I think it was way more traumatic for me than for him, but he was obviously in pain and had a hard time walking for a couple of hours. The swelling is pretty bad, but the stinger is out and he will be fine. Hopefully he will be in good spirits after his nap. I have a very serious fear of bees (total paranoia) so it was extremely challenging for me to remain calm and focused and take care of the first aid - inside I was completely freaking out!!

Smokering, oddly enough, I had a small piece of glass stuck in my foot the other day too. I kept thinking there was something in there and that I should really investigate but just got around to it yesterday. It took a bit of minor surgery, but now I am totally pain free. I can't hardly reach my feet anymore so it was quite an experience!

My "mother's blessing" is tomorrow at my SIL's house and I am really looking forward to spending the day with my wonderful family and friends. joy.gif Today has already been stressful enough so I think we are just going to relax the afternoon away!!!!
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I lay in bed last night with mild contractions every 5 minutes from midnight to 1:30.  I was so keyed up, I couldn't relax and just sleep through them.  I half wanted to get up, unload the dishwasher and clean all our toilets.  But I instead moved to the big, ugly green recliner in the family room and went right to sleep for the next six hours--until the pug dog woke me with snoring.  Haha.  I realized I had NOT gone into labor in the night.  But I had been SO tired the night before, I think that was a blessing.


I was a lot calmer approaching DD's birth.  For one thing, I was convinced I would go very late and was stocking up on natural induction ideas more than anticipating those first real contractions.  This time, I feel like I am getting married, only the date is a complete secret.  I feel like I have to be ready for this seriously important event in my life which is going to jump out at me with no warning.  I catch myself making little last minute lists for this or that scenario.  On one hand, I am trying to tell myself, it will happen how it happens.  On the other hand, I know myself enough to know that having all my ducks in a row will allow me to give myself more freely to the birth.  I don't anticipate a birth so fast that I can get nothing prepared.  But if I did, I think I would be so grateful that I wouldn't really care.  So I am really trying to let go of it all.


Anyway, I'm still pregnant, and I'm fine.  I really am holding up well to the pregnancy, if not the labor anticipation.  I do hope that sharing my due date with the general public was not a huge mistake.  It would be a shame if I had to stay home from events for the next few weeks to avoid all of the stupid comments--which have started ALREADY, because, of course, IT'S JUNE! irked.gif  I am thankful to be due at the beginning and not have to endure the comments for a month!


Yay, Max'sMama!  I'm excited for you!

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Tracymom, if his bee sting is still hurting make a baking soda paste for the sting. Just mix enough water into some baking soda to make it thick, smear it on the sting, and then wrap it in plastic wrap to hold it on. It will pull the soreness and redness and swelling right out. This method also works great for ant bites and mosquito bites.


Josie, are you living in my brain? I feel exactly the same way! The labor anticipation is really what's killing me. I have such an obsessive need to plan ahead for things that I'm feeling like my entire life is out of control because I have no idea what day this little man is going to choose to make his appearance. Although, it is kind of fun when people ask when I'm due and I say "In 11 days" and watch their faces get all shocked and scared as they back slowly away so I don't babysplode on them. LOL!



Well, we went to the BMX track grand opening and we actually made it just in time to see the ribbon cutting and the inaugural ride around the track. The mayor, some city council members, a representative for Chesapeake Energy (a gas company that sponsored the BMX track) and some local kids all did the first loop. The mayor ate it on the first corner, closely followed by the city council members. The kids not only all three beat the adults, but they were catching some pretty good air off the bigger jumps. There were free snowcones, drinks, slices of pizza, and t-shirts along with prizes and a drawing for a BMX bike. We didn't stay long because it was hot and we had other stuff to do, but it was fun! I really love the little community that we live in. I think eventually it would be fun to be on the City Council or the school board or something like that.


DD is at her pool party until 4 pm and then I'll pick her up and we'll head over to her softball party. Which, for some completely random reason, is being held at a steak house. Why would anyone schedule a team party for a bunch of 10 & 11 year old girls at a steak house?? DD said that she has zero interest in eating anything there (I mean, really, who wants to eat a big heavy steak dinner at 4 in the afternoon when it's 95 degrees outside?) so we'll go and grab her trophy and whatever else they have for her and we'll leave. She's friends with a couple of the girls on the team, but we have their phone numbers so we can set up playdates for another time this summer.


I think we maybe need to go to the lake tomorrow if I'm still in this non-labor holding pattern. I think some swimming would do me good right about now.

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I can't hardly reach my feet anymore so it was quite an experience!

I know, right?! When I finally tweezed out the offending shard I hobbled to the kitchen to get rid of it, and DD was all "Why you walking like that? The glass came out!", and it was like "Yeah, kid, but I'm nine months pregnant and was in a contortionist position for half an hour... you'll understand some day".


Felt vaguely ill last night, which again led to some insomnia as I contemplated whether or not it could be a sign of early labour, and the pros and cons thereof. I eventually decided I didn't want it to be, because I was sleepy and have some fun stuff planned for this week. :p It wasn't, anyway. Hey, is it totally ridiculous for me to start sleeping on a towel, just in case my water breaks at night? We don't have much in the way of mattress protection. I know waters don't usually break before labour, but... thoughts?

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Originally Posted by Max'sMama View Post

Ok, so I am contracting regularly enough that I actually called my midwife.  Well the back up and am going to get in touch with the photographer.  Today will be awesome, but I have so much yet to do today.  Soccer, dance, family at the house.  Ah, maybe it's baby time today.



today is a huge let down considering yesterday seemed so promising.  I just felt like things were happening yesterday.  Today, i am not even having any real significant BH contractions like I have been the last few days.  Yesterday i was losing plug, everything.  Today, my body and uterus has gone strangely quiet though baby is still really active.   Maybe its the calm before the storm, lol.


On a more aggrivating note, I have gallbladder disease and deal with severely painful attacks every so often.  I haven't had one in quite a while though.  Yeah, it should have been removed yrs ago its so filled with stones but something always came up.  Lost insurance, a pre-surgical false positive on a pregnancy test (yep, the universe really didnt want me gettting it out that day, lol)  So here I am having had issues since before 2005 and still have it.  Pregnancy always aggrivates it.  The pain is so bad, sometimes i end up in the ER because it feels like I have a knife in my ribs and someone just keeps twisting and twisting it.  Then, they set it on fire just for wow factor, lol.  They ER will sometimes give a narcotic pain med in IV (even while pregnant) sometimes not, I dont ask if they dont offer I just go in for the bloodwork if its severe enough because I have to watch out for it causing pancreatitis as that is life threatening and I have had an attack cause that before and not know it until i went in and was hospitalized.


Anyhoo, I have been having pinching pain in my gallbladder for days now but no attack and today I just figured out why.  She has her feet there and is kicking and stretching her legs pushing against my very sensitive touchy gallbladder and making it hurt.  I keep preparing myself for an attack as this hurts just like the start of them but its just her.  She is in so much trouble when she gets here! 


As far as still being pregnant, I am only 3 days past my DD.  No biggie I guess.  Though today I did for a few minutes consider a small dose of castor oil and for some reason ended up on youtube watching all these women down castor oil and videoing their results.  They all just ended up with horribly painful diarrhea and had their babies a week or two later.  Changed my mind, lol.


DH thinks it will be tonight though.  I think that is just because its his sisters bday and she rented out this VIP section in this club and its all poshy and he is stopping in after he gets off work this evening IF I haven't gone into labor.  I think he just says tonight because he is afraid he wont be able to go (he doesn't go out much like that but used to all the time before we got together and our first baby together so daddy has settled down so much).  I had a weird feeling this weekend would be it too.  Not looking good for tonight though but ya never know I guess.  I woke up with the liquid stools again but thats nothing new, been on and off for a week, no two weeks so I dont put stock into any of that now. 


Darn, the more I think about it, that castor oil sure is tempting...then again, do I reallly want that burning bum again?  Nah.


This awesome kids consignment shop near me called "Once upon a child" guess its a chain and they have them everywhere, was having this huge clearance sale today.  They sell used (but almost like new, no staining or visible wear really) and gear such as bumbos swings, high chairs, shoes, all the way up to like preteen sizes, maybe 12 14 yr olds.  I love this place because as great of a deal it is, DH's friend owns this one and gives us like 40% off the already cheap price everytime we go.  Anyway, the clearance was 50% from open to 11, then 60% then ending in like 70% by closing time.  I was all for going and looked forward to it for a week until last night I saw their facebook post about people camping outside the doors in tents the night before.  WHAT???  Its that serious???  LIke black friday serious???  Me and my due any day self aint camping out just to get in the store.  So DH called his friend and asked if it was really all that or if that was a facebook exaggeration and he said no its really that big and women fight over onesies and such so i decided to pass.  All I needed was basic onesies and cotton pants and sleepers and stuff, not worth the aggrivation to my SPD.  If I don't fight the madness on black friday, i aint doing it for some onesies that I can get a deal on anyday of the week anyway with our connection, lol.  So, I did nothing today and didnt get out of the house at all. 


As I was typing this, the weather got really interesting and went from super sunny to 8pm like dark outside (though its only 4:30) and its looking pretty forboding.  Maybe a nice summer storm.  Who knows, maybe the barametric pressure will start labor for me.  Or, maybe I will pass by that cabinet one more time where that castor oil is calling me from the shelf.  Yep, I have lost it too now, lolololol




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Well, we planned a party for 7:30 tonight. I got home from work about 6:15 and two of hubby's friends from out of town and a friend of one of theirs are already here and apparently have been for a while. I asked hubby what was for dinner and he stared blankly at me and said "Vegetables?" (veggies and dip being a snack which we'd planned for the party). We planned for later in the evening so we would not have to feed all our friends dinner since that's sort of, well, expensive and we don't really have enough places to sit anyway. Now I'm upstairs and they're downstairs. Hubby said he'd cook me something. I feel like I'm living in a frat house. I had really been counting on getting home from work and getting a little time to decompress, eat, maybe take a nap, before everything started. And hubby did not really clean up like he said he would (most of the cleanup was already done but there were a few little things he was supposed to tend to). Granted he spent most of the day at Ikea but still, it would have taken him 2 minutes to fling stuff in out-of-the-way places so that, oh, my bras aren't in plain sight. I wish his friends wouldn't have come over so far in advance. I don't know if they asked him about this or if they just showed up. I don't know, I just don't want to deal with this right now.


At least being pregnant is a good excuse for eating when nobody else is and not offering them any. But enh.

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Smokering, I've been tempted to put a towel down too, even though I've never had SROM with any of my other babies. But there's a first time for everything. My main issue is that in the evenings I'll just wear this simple cotton skirt I have with no panties underneath since I'm pulling them down 8000 times a night to pee. But things are starting to get juicier down there and I really don't want that all over my skirt and/or my office chair. I put a towel down, but I have plenty of chux if I need those as well.


Sharita I would swear that we're sharing a body! Except I still have 10 days (not counting the rest of today) until my EDD. I've been having all these contractions and last night there were some BIG ones and quite a few where there was significant cervical twinging and such. Today, maybe 8 contractions all day long. And I was walking all over the place! So apparently walking isn't going to do much to send me into labor. I was wondering if this is the calm before the storm as well. I'll be taking more of the liquid cal/mag tonight because my legs have been trying to cramp up all day long and it's horribly uncomfortable. I won't be doing the castor oil treatment. I can't stand drinking oil of any kind, for any reason, so that remedy is O-U-T.


Erigeron, if there ever was a time to eat real food while everyone else munches like bunnies, this is the time! Besides, if one of his friends gets really hungry he can call out for a pizza or something. At least you can retreat to another part of the house while he has his man party. After a long day I wouldn't feel up to entertaining anyone, much less a group of men.



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Smokering-I put down a waterproof pad around 37w. I guess it's my way of celebrating being term. Not that my waters have ever broken before labour, but the pad is surprisingly useful for when DD comes into my bed sans diaper and pees everywhere...irked.gif


I'm so jealous of all the contracting mamas...Monday is coming verrry quickly...and still nothing more than 30 sec mild, irregular contractions (or maybe they're BH?) and some plug and bloody show, despite vigorous walking, sex, squats, nipple stim, Blue and Black Cohash, EPO everywhere, acupuncture since Thursday.  I got a call from my MW this morning that they were at the hospital and would I mind coming in to get my membranes swept. I called my mom to drive me because they didn't want me coming on my own, especially with DD (DH works most Saturdays). While I was there they did an NST, and baby is "textbook perfect" love.gif  I am still not dialated enough for them to break my waters as a method of induction, so tonight I will be trying an enema thumb.gif A girlfriend of mine has also offered me some oil that she said helped keep her labour moving when she rubbed it on her belly...can't remember the name though. I just read someone's birth story about having Pit during labour and not taking an epidural, so I know it can be done, but I'd rather get out of the hospital with no holes in me at all.  I am having TERRIBLE pain between my legs, like my vag is broken, ever since going for a 2 hr walk pushing the stroller today whistling.gif  


I decided to send DD over to my mom's this afternoon, so that DH and I could have a night together and get a few things done tomorrow if I am not in labour. It's about 90% certain that they will be calling me Monday morning (at 6:30!) to tell me that they have an opening for an induction that day. At least I will be dealing with labour after a night's sleep. And it's kinda cool having an end date on the calendar. My last induction was a surprise one.


We both are missing DD like crazy, but it's nice to be just adults together. He and I went to Wal Mart this evening to buy the enema and he will help me out afterwards. We also bought cherry swirl cheesecake eat.gif and just had a piece of said cheesecake with some coffee. I swear he thought I was gonna die in Wal Mart from the way I was walking, lol! Too funny! I forget how much we laugh together, we've both been so busy lately.  Oh, yes, and I almost forgot to buy a pack of disposable diapers for the first 2 weeks while baby still has her cord on / I am recovering from the shock of having TWO little people to take care of :) 


I'm supposed to be doing the enema at 10, and I still want to wash the kitchen...maybe I should get off MDC and get on with it...grrr....

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I've been sleeping on top of a thick duvet for the last few nights. I doubt I'll need it, but there's no harm having it there just in case!


Uff, I'm annoyed with DH. Our house looked like a bomb hit it, and my contractions have been really bad the last two days, so I asked him to please help me tidy up a bit. So he very grudgingly helped out for about 20-30 minutes, then went and crashed on the sofa, leaving me on my own to finish it. I know he was a little tired, but c'mon! I'm 9 months pregnant, with SPD, possibly in labor, and I managed to suck it up and get it done. I don't know how he could just sit there watching me hobbling around by myself. Maybe it's the hormones speaking, but I've been feeling let down by him a lot recently. greensad.gif


On the plus side, the house is now semi-presentable. Oh, and I also found TWO more bags full of newborn clothes that I hadn't noticed before. I can't believe I was out buying new stuff! We now have so much that this baby could probably go a month without ever wearing the same outfit twice.

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It just occurred to me that I can hook myself up to the breast pump to see if that does anything! Why didn't this occur to me before? Although, I'm 1000000% sure that I wouldn't have gone into labor today, and if I had been in labor today it would have stopped, because today is Baby Daddy's birthday. He was pushing me to schedule a repeat c/s for today so that he could "finally have a baby born on [his] birthday." Gee, what a great reason for me to schedule major abdominal surgery that carries a big risk of death for both me AND your son, you ignorant twit! Now that today has safely passed, unless by some miracle I go from ZERO contractions (not even BH) to a baby in the next 2 hours and 56 minutes, I will have the admittedly perverse satisfaction of not having given birth on his birthday. And baby won't have to share with a father that probably won't ever have anything to do with him, poor little baby.  :(

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Ahh, sweet relief!  I had my little one this evening at 7:44.  So I was in labor the whole time!  I can't wait for everyone else's birth goes as they plan for it to!

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Originally Posted by Max'sMama View Post

Ahh, sweet relief!  I had my little one this evening at 7:44.  So I was in labor the whole time!  I can't wait for everyone else's birth goes as they plan for it to!

Yay! Congrats! Enjoy your new little bunny! Hopefully I'm right behind you. :)


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Originally Posted by Max'sMama View Post

Ahh, sweet relief!  I had my little one this evening at 7:44.  So I was in labor the whole time!  I can't wait for everyone else's birth goes as they plan for it to!

Woo-hoo!! Congrats mama!! Can't wait to hear more!
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