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Ultrasound is at 2:30, so I will try and post here later this evening.  I must announce to family first, I guess. :P


LMB ~ Congrats on your marathon!  How far north of Madison are you?  I'm in the UP and travel south for my midwife appointments...


((hugs)) for Plady about the bike thing.  There are risks in most everything we do... and it sounds like you are taking the safety precautions to make the risks slim to none.  Keep enjoying!





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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post

Ultrasound is at 2:30, so I will try and post here later this evening.  I must announce to family first, I guess. :P



What, we're not family? :p


Plady, one more thought I had on my way into work today (two wheeled).  I work to be ride very predictably.  I don't actually have mirrors, but instead I really turn my head very obviously when making a turn.  I find that one of the best signals to what a cyclists will do is by noticing them look over their shoulders.  For instance, there are a few places where I take the whole travel lane because of potholes or other road problems not always obvious to drivers.  I will already know when the lane behind me has a gap, but I'll turn my head before doing it anyways to make sure it's clear, often causing cars behind me to slow down just a tad -- I'd be willing to bet they're not even aware of backing off.  Make sense?


And yeah, you don't strike me as much of a risk taker, and that should certainly be part of your mom's understanding.  However, moms aren't always rational when it comes to the babies and grandbabies. ;)

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RR drive-by: Swam. And I guess I am not a bad swimmer, but like with running, need to allow myself to SLOOOOW DOWN. So I slowed it down some and swam for about 20min and called it enough.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

What, we're not family? :p


You're the type of family who doesn't get mad when I have to tell the family who would get mad about knowing the sex of the baby first.  YKWIM? :)


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DocJen, congratulations on the wedding.  The pictures are gorgeous- venue, dresses, the whole nine yards.  And I hear you on the late-night-hospital chills.  I think it hits everyone, as I often see the nursing staff huddling in blankets from the warmers at 3 am.  Even in the middle of summer, I take heavy sweatshirts and wool socks for the overnighters.


Shannon, welcome!


Plady, having actually spent time time on your island, I'd definitely keep doing what you are doing.  Especially weekdays, when you are dealing with mostly island drivers, I think you are probably in one of the more bike friendly environments around.  The locals know the roads, know that people bike.  And remember, being in a car doesn't guarantee safety.


Love My Babies, welcome back, and way to rock that marathon even with a bunch of hurdles thrown in front of you.  What an inspiration!


JenLove, can't wait to hear about your US!


Planned FM:  It's raining.  Again.  Hard.  Walked last night at soccer (not fast enough to break a sweat, but moving for over an hour). Guess today will be the stairmill and spin bike at the gym.  PT tonight for the first time in two weeks back with my original therapist (not the one who was horrified by my treadmill behavior).  And a date with my a&p textbook.  Good times.


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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

What, we're not family? :p



Originally Posted by JenLove View Post

You're the type of family who doesn't get mad when I have to tell the family who would get mad about knowing the sex of the baby first.  YKWIM? :)

Well... we won't tell THEM you told us first. Plus isn't your mom going? LOL.




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plady - remember I'm married to safety dad, the emergency room doc who forbids trampolines and bunkbeds for our children. he has never made a peep about me taking the kids in the Burley shrug.gif They wear helmets...

LOL. Safety dad. Does he do the safety dance?

Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

jo~This may be completely obvious and idiotic of me to ask, but have you tried foam rolling?

You and the foam roller. But yes, I agree. Cheap option.





Ahhh. lazy morning at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Although I think my foot is not happy I brought flip flops. And geez is it hot here. But otherwise, yay!


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Ps. Welcome to the newbie! and Welcome back to LMB.



Off to enjoy some warm warm weather.

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kerc - that's why i call him that . I actually sing the revised song whenever he does something uber safety related. I'll have to send him the video lol.gif
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Just marking my place. I'm only 6 pages behind after going to the mountains! The short version: fun times, 3 runs, 3 rides, 2 hikes, 1 swim (in frigid water, thankfully we were at the hot springs and I could jump in a nice warm one afterward), and 1 boat ride.

Off to hang laundry, make lunch, buy groceries, sign up for the summer reading program at the library, take R for her dentist appointment, and I'll catch up sometime this evening. After I run. wink1.gif
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DrJen, congrats on a beautiful wedding. I know the 3 am chill so well. Mine always go along with sugar/carb cravings...

JenLove.... smile.gif

JayGee, I'm joining the just do it chorus for biking, as another trailer-towing mama. I know the stats show higher rates of accidents per mile for cyclists, but it's a risk that I'm willing to take for the benefits of exercise, less carbon emissions, modeling for the kids and advocacy for more bike friendly roads. I am a longtime cycle commuter and accident free so far, but I do know several people who have had bad accidents. Most as night and/or doing dangerous or illegal things (running lights, cutting through traffic, etc).

sparkle, is it falls from bunkbeds, or something else? I can't decide if I want to know or not.... lol.gif safety dad.

Jo, glad your swim went well!

Real, sounds like a terrific trip! I did my first river swim of the year last weekend, and the water felt barely melted.

RR- lots of biking and gardening for the past couple of days. I cancelled plans to go to the
gym yesterday to workout shoveling dirt instead. I think it was a better workout. Acupuncture this afternoon-reared hoping not to cry this time, but AF is due at any moment and I tend to be a crier to begin with. So instead I'll just focus on being cool with however I react to the session.

NRR- one job application done, another to be submitted today. I've decided not to apply for the too little pay dream job, but will email them to request a meeting. I might even like to volunteer within their programs.
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

Acupuncture this afternoon-reared hoping not to cry this time, but AF is due at any moment and I tend to be a crier to begin with. So instead I'll just focus on being cool with however I react to the session.


Just curious, because it hurts or more emotional crying? Sorry if too personal... redface.gif


JenLove: whistling.gif any news yet?


Kerc: biglaugh.gif Thanks for that video!


No FM today. Tons of work to finish today so I'm stuck in my desk chair, which makes me antsy and irritable. I am going to need a glass of wine tonight. bag.gif

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Just a quick fly-by post to wave at Geo from the Columbus airport. And Justin says a particular hi to E! Next stop, the House of Mouse!
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Ugh, back from a 1.5 mile walk with the kids to the library and back.  Unfortunately, it's 95 degrees right now, so that kind of took everything out of us!  I would have gone to the pool today, but the little girl I watch told DD2 that she didn't have a swim suit.  I took my daughter at her word, only to find out much later that she was "kidding" and had her swimsuit all along.  Her father picked her up today and they were planning on going to the pool, so my kids missed out on going to the pool while she gets to go.  I'm a little irked about that!  Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be cold and rainy (seriously, it's supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow!).



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In case you didn't catch the FB news.  Baby is happy and healthy and proudly showing off HIS BOY PARTS! :)

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Congrats, Jenlove! joy.gif

Welcome back, LMB! Thank you for asking about Amy. I really need to update my signature, because...she has officially kicked cancer's a$$! She had her one year scan last November and came up completely cancer-free. joy.gif She also has gotten herself into seriously hardcore shape (P90X and insanity, anyone?), run a 1:54 half, and is training for her first half-ironman. Take that, cancer! orngbiggrin.gif
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You and the foam roller. But yes, I agree. Cheap option.


Not a bad day here. Class was decent (we grouped up to do a mental status evaluation of some famous person and the other groups had to guess who it was orngtongue.gif) and then it was off for a run with two friends. The decision to ride yesterday and run today proved to be excellent, since it was 10 degrees cooler and actually really pleasant to run. We did a quick 4 miles, then I drove across town to meet a friend that I haven't seen in FOREVER to ride. We got a nice 20 miles in and lots of catching up. And we even ran into my friend Sonja (crazy awesome triathlete), who I ALSO hadn't seen in forever. Kind of random, she recognized me by my ponytail of all things, LOL. Who knew my ponytail was so remarkable? orngtongue.gif

Tomorrow's my first orientation shift. I'm excited, but nervous. My friend who started on the other half of the floor has had a crazy first two shifts, apparently running around like a madwoman all day and never getting caught up. Her side is neuro and (hopefully) a little more intense than the plain old internal medicine side. I hope the preceptor I'm working with is good/nice/cool/etc.

I spent about an hour picking up and putting away stuff, since the nanny is coming over tomorrow to do some cleaning and hang out with the dog while I'm at work. I hope to come home to an awesomely clean house, how fabulous will that be?!
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jenlove~ welcome to the othe side!!!! Woooot !!!! Congrats!!
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bec - amazing work on the swingset mulch! Also, I hope Katie has fun in Estes. Is it for the wool market thing? I've always wanted to go, but the timing never works. Eh, I don't have $ for wool right now anyhow, and already have too much yarn filling up baskets around the house as it is.

tjsmama--kudos for that weekend bike ride. That's a steep angle--which was the only reason I had such a blazing fast time at that half. Cool to know they paved it now.

Nick--glad school is done. Good luck with all the moving stuff.

DrJen--beautiful wedding pictures! The church was cute too. A friend of mine who went on to seminary grew up in a church like that--fairly near your town too, iirc. My college roommate and I drove out one Sunday because he was giving a guest homily as an undergrad. I can't for the life of me remember what town it was though, only that it was about an hour or so west of Joliet. Hope you enjoyed Disney!

Plady--I'd keep riding s. Also, I read somewhere that cars give you more room if you don't hug the edge of the road. My experiments this week in the mountains proved it to be true. If I rode in the middle of the (fairly generous) shoulder, cars didn't bother to move over at all. But if I was in a spot where the shoulder was occupied or whatever and rode just to the left of the white line, cars would move over. Go figure. I'd only stop if I personally felt uncomfortable, and not because someone decides to freak out on my behalf. Fwiw, my mother, after hearing I now have an inhaler, told me she'd heard bad stuff about albuterol and that I really needed to look into it more before using it. I was like" really mom, because there are worse things than not breathing?" irked.gif


RR: did 3 after dinner with the double jogger. R wanted to run, so she spent some of it doing a tenth in, tenth out. Then she wanted to stop at the park too. We did, whereupon J attempted to throw herself to her doom from one of the playsets. yikes2.gif I was putting her at the top of the slide and sliding her down but she pulled away and I thought she was going to play with the little spinning things next to the slide. Instead, she took off, heading straight for the side with a three-foot drop and I flung myself up the slide and across to catch her just in time. Egads.

NRR: any ideas about what to do with an almost 15-month-old who will. not. sleep? She's up around 7, maybe naps for 15 minutes around 10:30, tries very hard to not nap in the afternoon (and only got in 5 minutes before waking herself up when I tried to put her in the Ergo at the grocery store), and didn't fall asleep tonight until 9:45. She hasn't gone to sleep before 9:30 anytime in the last week. It's killing me.
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Hooray JenLove! My brother and SIL are also expecting a boy for their second, and had a girl for their first. Nice thing is, in a lot of families, all pressure/stupid talk to "keep trying for a ___" is off. Enjoy. flowersforyou.gif


Real, the only thing that helps really tucker out the kiddos in our family is outdoor time, but it can backfire if they get too early and take a late-afternoon nap. Is earlier waking an option? I don't know...


Plady, also yes to do all the right safety things and not quit riding because Mom says something. Like real's mom, too. Come on, moms. I'd say riding a bike and using an inhaler in order to breathe both fall within normal limits.


drjen, congrats to you, your ds and DIL (wow!), and have fun!


dh and I went out last night and selected our appliances. I just signed up for a membership at a big furniture store so we will go there to order all the furniture, possibly this evening. Then, I go back to add other home goods to the appliance delivery. Have 2 deliveries scheduled already. This will be a busy week with deliveries, moving and extending my visit visa (i.e., a drive to Abu Dhabi). And then seeing what's still missing (curtains and the like) and figuring all that out. Already having a hard time with dh's taste (read: total lack of). He's fine with total junk furniture but has to have the 42" TV? wth? eyesroll.gif


And now everyone here is napping and I think I will go downstairs and do stationary bike or something until it's cooler, when we'll all go out for a swim.


Gaye, I could go searching for a foam roller...or maybe try using my rolled up yoga mat? It is a total PITA to go anywhere and look for anything right now, because I have to drag both kids in the heat, and if I am taking the car, then dh comes too. 

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Thanks everyone for the kindness.  It has been a rough road especially since DH was laid off all winter and now has to travel 20 - 25 days a month for work.  So, I am in essence a single homeschooling mom of three boys who has a handyman (i.e. DH) come here 5 days a month to do some projects and mow my lawn.  But, seeing my little guys at the finish line of the marathon with their proud, beaming smiles was totally worth it.  To this day, they still tell everyone about "Momma's big run".  My oldest brought me a ribbon with beads and bells strung on it and said, "The one they gave you (finisher medal) wasn't special enough for how hard a job you did, so I made you one." 


Anyone have any favorite treadmill, track or road speed workouts they would like to share?  For my first marathon I just put in the miles to get me to the finish.  Now, I have some time goals.


Gaye - That is wonderful about your friend. I am so very happy to get some good news!  Oh, and don't feel bad about being one with the foam roller -- I am a big believer, too! 


JenLove - Boys are so very precious and sweet.  Each night I empty out my pockets filled with the gifts my three boys have given me....rocks, pine cones, flowers, tissues, gum wrappers, snail shells, sticks, rocks, dinosaur drawings, love letters, rocks....  My advice is to start buying cargo shorts with big pockets.  Oh, and so some squats before you empty out the cargo pockets at night. The weight of the collection alone is enough for a super workout!  LOL


RR - I put the youngest in the jogger and the other two on their bikes, and we went for a 3 mile roll and run about town.  Then, we came home and did some family yoga/stretching.  My oldest is a dancer, so he likes to lead me in his stretches and ballistic movements.  I work at Snap Fitness, and I have to cover a shift today.  I will do some speed work on the treadmill and then a BOSU workout. 

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