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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

oh my gosh it works! I tried posting several times yesterday and it didnt work; harumpf


I have had the same posting issues! And go to the gym and let the guilt go!! You'll be a better parent after the exercise, so it's worth it (this pep talk brought to you courtesy of someone who hasn't been taking my own advice about getting childcare for workouts lately)


Penelope, sorry about the marriage issues. I hope your trip gives you the time and perspective to figure things out.


Plady, I can't believe the mom is being such a censored.gif . I'm glad that your daughter can talk to you about her problems and hope that the counseling helps.


zubeldia, I also got pregnant while nursing and had an easy weaning halfway through. Fingers crossed for you...


RM- awesome run! I'm curious, too, about how you changed your cadence.


Lofty, congrats on the belt test.


A question for everyone about young bikers-  when did your kids understand staying to the side of the road. My oldest was either on sidewalks or bike path/trails until she knew left from right and had pretty decent safety understanding (I can say "tight to the right" as a reminder, and she'll get over quickly). She was 4 1/2 when we moved here, where there are almost no sidewalks, and I've trusted her on the roads. My two year old is super keen on her balance bike, and scaring me constantly. We'll bike to the park and back and I have to constantly re-direct her away from the middle of the road. Recently I let her take her balance bike and brought my bike and trailer for when she got tired (I'm so pleased with how the balance bike will hang over the handle of the chariot!), and though I tried to corral her to the side of the road with the bike/trailer, it was a stressful nightmare. She has no concept of staying to the side- and seems to like the symmetry of biking in the middle of the road. I'm contemplating a harness to keep a better handle on her... any other tips? She's only 26 months, and I can't imagine not letting her bike for another year or two until she's smarter, but my options for "safe" biking locations are pretty limited.



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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Zub - I'm another one who got preg while nursing (well, not latched on at that exact moment of course)...

It is 6:53, DS is in bed, and I am seriously considering following closely behind. You know I'm tired when a) I was in bed, asleep by 10 pm last night and b) I'm probably going to be in bed sooner tonight. Go to bed at 9 pm? Who DOES that? orngtongue.gif

I was up at just slightly past the crack of dawn this morning to head for my run and ride. I decided to go with the "real" trail, and it was a great choice. This isn't a difficult trail, but it is singletrack at least, instead of bike path. It's just gorgeous, though, especially in the early morning. The birds were singing, the wildflowers were blooming, the sun was coming up and shining on the flatirons, the cows were staring me down...yes, I said cows.


Um, they were closer than they look in that picture...I was actually a little scared. lol.gif


My legs weren't particularly feeling it, but the atmosphere made it all worth while. I ended up doing 10k, since that's what I need to do for next weekend's race, and a trail 10k (even a relatively easy one) is harder than a road race 10k. Then, it was off to my friend Shannon's house for a ride. She took me on a ride around her neck of the woods (eastern Boulder county), and it was really nice. My legs were kind of toast, but it's always a blast to hang out with Shannon. She got her first flat tire ever about 3 miles into the ride...ironically enough, mere seconds after warning me to watch out for glass. orngbiggrin.gif She had never changed a tire before, so I got to coach her through it, and she did a fabulous job. 37ish miles on the bike. And then home for my first ice bath of the season. Ahhh....pain never felt so good. orngtongue.gif

We ran a few errands this afternoon (including depositing my first paycheck joy.gif), and then hit the local Greek festival. Which I have spent 10 years driving past but have never actually been. It was ok. The food was by far the best part, although DS loved the bouncy pirate ship. And now, sleep, very soon. Work in the morning. My first shift by myself! yikes.gif
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Gaye ~ that looks like a lovely trail run.  Hope your first solo shift goes smoothly!


MelW ~ honestly, my 5 year old still has to be constantly reminded to get out of the middle of the road!  If we're going somewhere without sidewalks, I always use the trailer.  Sorry I'm not much help.


Plady ~ thinking about C and wishing I could hammer.gif that immature Mom.  Sheesh!  Some women never grow up, it seems.


RM ~ yes, I want to hear more about how you changed your cadence please!


Yesterday we took all three kids to an indoor trampoline gym (SkyZone) on the other side of St. Louis.  DS is nuts for trampolines and has been wanting to go to this gym for months.  Holy cow, did they have fun!!!  All three kids jumped for 1 1/2 hours and DS was doing front and back flips, reverses into the foam pit, and all kinds of other tricks.  They were totally exhausted by the time it was done.  DH and I both have knee/leg issues at the moment so we didn't jump, but next time I'm totally getting out there!


Happy Father's Day to all the Dingo Dads!



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Gaye, it looks like such a beautiful trail. Thanks for sharing!

JayGee, I've been to a birthday party at a trampoline gym and it was so much fun. Maybe more fun for the adults than the kids, even.

Happy father's day to all. My husband got a camelback from the kids, and took it out for a long run this morning. We made food while he was out and had a relaxed family brunch when he got home. I also have an old friend of my dad's coming to bring some photos of him this afternoon- my dad died when I was a teen. I arranged for her to come today not remembering that it was father's day, but it's a good synchronicity. Even reconnecting with her has been a series of strange coincidences.

Also on the agenda today: cleaning the rest of the house, mowing the lawn, and maybe making these for dinner. I'm in love with beets right now. http://veggiesforreal.blogspot.com/2011/05/collard-wraps-with-beet-and-almond.html?m=1
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RR: none yesterday or today! Just too busy. Cadence, I downloaded a mentronome app for the iPhone. I set it to 180 because I thought I read that somewhere with the Dingos. Then I increased turn over to match the beat while concentrating on keeping my core stable. So basically just picked my feet up quicker which may have also shortened my stride?

Today, work, grocery, diet coke pit stop, cake pick up, home to put away groceries, cut up 4lbs strawberries for shortcake. Now to change clothes and cook dinner and entertain families.
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

RR: none yesterday or today! Just too busy. Cadence, I downloaded a mentronome app for the iPhone. I set it to 180 because I thought I read that somewhere with the Dingos. Then I increased turn over to match the beat while concentrating on keeping my core stable. So basically just picked my feet up quicker which may have also shortened my stride?
That was me! wave.gif only it took place over on DM or FB. Glad to hear it worked for you. I still haven't given it a full try, although I have used the metronome app once. I felt like a sandpiper! I am still having ITB issues, so I need to work on form and cadence, which for me is like trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. :P

Hi everyone! Sorry to be so MIA, but I do try to read along at least. It's been crazy around here, due to some job stress for both DH, and to a lesser extent, me. We're figuring it out though...

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Whew, long day

RR: Woke at 6:30, and on the bike at the gym by 7:15 so that I could be home in time for Dh to go to work.

Rode intervals for an hour (I break the hour into 5 minute chunks, and then each 5 minutes is broken up into 1 1/2 + 2 + 1 + 1/2 minute chunks, and each of those is a different resistance, getting harder as the 5 minutes goes on so the last 30 seconds is pushing hard and fast, then back to that first 1 1/2 minutes of the next 5 minute chunk, which is steady state, and so on). By the second half hour those 30 second "jumps" (Gaye? lol.gif) were hard. He**, the whole hour was pretty much a slog. I think b/c I was still so tired. Then onto the TM for 22 minutes of c25k; 1 1/2 minutes walking, 1 minute running at 8:30 pace with a 2 incline (whatever that means shrug.gif, all I know is it keeps my leg from hurting as much).

So for all that have been wondering, that's my standard work-out when I say bike/c25k brick lol.gif

Then 22 minutes of meditating, to the grocery store and home by 9:40 in time for Dh to leave 10 minutes later ...Not much of a father's day redface.gif but if I have the stamina, I may give him a gift later loveeyes.gif

Then drove dd1 to music camp where she will be until next Sunday redface.gif Its outside a town called Jemez Springs ("Hay-mez"), just under 1 1/2 hours away. Beautiful place, in a canyon with a stream/river running through it, which thank g-d is still running. Ran around there for 3 hours chasing ds and dd2 and then drove home. Now to start dinner. Dh works until very late tonight ... who am I kidding, he's not getting anything for fathers day bag.gif
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Phew!  I'm back!  It was a good weekend, but not exactly as planned.  We were planning to camp in Brown County State Park (where the dingos camped last weekend).  As it turned out, though, it started thunderstorming and continued throughout the night.  Everyone was soaked by the next morning, so we broke camp around 7am, and went (soggy and dripping) to an Ihop for breakfast.  Thankfully, Indy has a really great childrens' museum.  We spent most of the day there, then found a hotel with a pool.  We got home in the early afternoon today and have most of our gear dried out!  We were meeting DH's cousin, wife and their young son (2.5 years old).  The girls really bonded with him, and it was a really nice time, even though the weather forced us to plan B!

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My apologies for being mia all month. The details with the move are finally beginning to pull together. I'll post more soon but this is a flyby to make sure I get updates for the rest of the month and a sign that I am coming out of being all memememe. Well,not yet, but soon.
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bec ~ yikes, that sounds soggy (but still fun).  I miss Brown County SP like you wouldn't believe.  And, just to let you know, I'm IN for the race in August orngbiggrin.gif!  I'm heading to the website to register today.  Yay for Dingo meetup AND sleepover!


It's my epic training week here.  All three children have Vacation Bible School from 9-12:30 M-F, so I get three hours every single morning.  On today's agenda, a run and spin class.

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speaking of the no sleep issue after a hard workout .. ehem... to bed at midnight bigeyes.gif and awake at 5:50 disappointed.gif ... (even though the mothering clock says Im posting at 7:30, it's really 6:30, and I just cleaned the kitchen and did a load of dishes, hmf)

at least I feel decent.

On the agenda this morning; weight circuit. Its been 2 weeks since Ive done one. Should be "interesting"

jaygee - broc1.gif on the dependable workouts!! You go! (but dont over-go mischievous.giflol.gif)

Oh, and p.s. Gaye - who goes to bed at 9? wave.gif
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Hooray, JG!!!  I'm so excited!  Are you planning on staying just one night?  Or are you going to stay for the day after the race? 


I'm going to try to focus on clean eating this week.  I feel bloated and fat after the last few weeks!  I would really like to fit into some of my pants again, too!



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sparkle~I know plenty of people who go to bed at 9pm, but none of them are me! lol.gif

I survived my first solo shift. It wasn't *too* bad, although it was definitely busy. I had a handful of very short periods of downtime throughout the day, but they rarely lasted more than a couple of minutes! All patients made it through the day safe and sound and seemingly not upset with me, so I call it a success. orngbiggrin.gif Whether or not I actually completed all the things that I'm supposed to do, I have no idea, but hopefully somebody will eventually tell me if I'm not getting it all done. orngtongue.gif

It's raining here today, and supposed to rain all. day. long. Blah. Of course, because I have the day off today. rolleyes.gif It's not too terrible, I guess. It gives me the excuse of crappy weather for needing to go to the Y and swim, and then I think I'm going to go on a cooking spree this afternoon since it's cool enough not to turn my house into an oven if I do.
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1 1/2 hours of weight circuit done! felt strangely strong? Im back on cod liver oil for reals so maybe its giving me a boost. Whatev. I luxlove.gif it
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RR ~ 5 mile run in oppressive humidity, followed by a 45 minute spin class with no air conditioning.  Now... a shower!!!!


bec ~ unfortunately, just the night before.  John has to work on Monday morning so I need to head south right after the race.  So excited!!!

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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

It's raining here today, and supposed to rain all. day. long.
*plugging my ears and singing la-la-la I can't hear you because it's not going to rain all day*

I think the showers are moving out, which means I think I'm going to pack a lunch, the bike and the trailer and **hopefully** get a ride in. I'm going down to REI to pick up an order and I hate to waste the chance to ride on Cherry Creek if I'm already down there. It appears to be clearing here. I think. I hope. R is in VBS until 3, so I'm going to remain hopeful.
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Rats!  Hopefully, you will stick around long enough for lunch at least!eat.gif  I understand about needing to get back, though.  It sucks that we can't all just go gallavanting around the country hopping from race to race!


I have my dogs home from the kennel, and GEESH!  2 dogs boarded for the weekend, and a bath before they come home cost me close to $300!!!  By far the most expensive part of this little trip!  I have a teenager coming to house sit with the dogs for when we go away for 2 weeks!  I can't imagine the cost THAT would be!


So, I'm thinking that I should do something exercise related soon.  I feel like I've just been a big blob lately!lol.gif  I had really hoped for a nice long run this weekend, but, well, rain.

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RR: 2.5 around Cambridge, and my rental bike arrives tomorrow afternoon. Hoping to get a good longer run in tomorrow morning. Am liking it well thus far but miss the kids like crazy.

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Plady, ugh to Adult Middle School! eyesroll.gif I read that Humanure Handbook and we actually implemented it about 2 years ago right when we moved to the farm. I don't want to gross out anybody here but being in an outhouse that has open sides is so amazing. It's never stinky (lots of sawdust) never buggy. I hung a cool shower curtain on one side. It is so pleasant that we actually call it the "library" and hang out in a lot. Ahem. Separately. I've had birds literally land on my head and deer come up to me. Okay, sorry for the tmi but seriously, those ladies need to get a grip. Btw, if you all buy the book and read it and someone wants to sell it, I'd love to buy it. I'm just cheap and prefer used to new these days. How's C?

Re: Metronome. What a great idea! I already use it for music practice and hadn't thought of it for running. I look forward to trying it! Thanks! :thumbsup

TJsmama, those pix are awesome!!! I want to run on that trail!!!!!

Penelope, thinking of you in beautiful Boston and getting that you-time. Hope it helps. I'm looking forward to my own me-time on my return trip from NY this year. Which I hope I'm not jinxing by typing it out. fingersx.gif

Okay, off to belt ceremony tonight followed by an hour of sparring. I will probably sweat and I'm not looking forward to it. Sweating in all that gear is so gross even if it's in an air-conditioned building.

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Hi all! I'm back online. It's nice to be back at the dingo cafe. 


Penelope, hug2.gif . Have an awesome time in Boston and I hope you get some peace and solace.


Jo, glad you're moved in and getting settled. The weight will come off as the stress starts to subside. Move as you can and feel good about...enjoy your new digs.


So...I am on my new (to me!) macbook pro. LOVE IT. I haven't figured everything out yet (like how to open a new window in internet, how/where to save documents and name them etc.) but it is super fun and the screen and keyboard are just amazing. Very happy. Plus for my birthday my parents finally got the tech dude in and got wireless in their house so I can use my new toy too!


After a week of traveling, I am here for the time being...in limbo but steady for at least a month and a half or so. Last week was crazy. I and the kids left FL on Tues., drove 3 hours to the train station (with van totally packed and a bike on top, in box), got on the train and was there for the next 18 hours, got off the train, waited an hour for the van to de-train, drove 5 hours to my parents. Unpacked the van, then dad and I drove an hour each way to the airport to pick up dh (who could not get a last minute train ticket since he didn't realize he'd be able to join us until last week). Had a half a day to recoup on my birthday on Thurs. and got an email from dh's new hospital that they changed his friday meetings to 8 a.m. from noon, so we had to leave to go up to Mass. that day rather than early the next morning. So, drove 3 hours to Hartford (stopping on the way to inspect the bike course of dh's Sat. triathlon). Next morning (friday)-- so crazy I can't even describe it. I think we put almost 500 miles on the van just that day, driving back and forth between Hartford, Amherst, Springfield, Ware, etc. (CT/MA) for meetings, looking at a school, looking at houses, being taken out to dinner. It was INSANE. And the next day was even worse. We left Hartford at 4 a.m to drive to dh's triathlon 30 miles away, came back to Hartford afterward, and then had to drive 3 hrs. each way to the Cape for some business he HAD to take care of in person eyesroll.gif . Then drove back Sunday a.m. to meet the family for Father's Day brunch.


If you're still with me, I love you. 


Anyway. I think we found a house to rent (pu pu pu spit three times to ward off the evil eye). I am deciding between two schools, more on that later. So those are good things. I am pretty sure we are going to have to trade our van in for a suburban or 4 wheel drive suv because the area is very, very hilly with narrow windy roads and serious winters. And I am going to have to do carpool so a subaru won't work for me (though dh will probably get one as his Civic will not make it to the hospital on a snowy night I don't think).


On the up side, dh and I had a lot of time to talk and talk we did. I wouldn't say it's 100% amazing but it's definitely 75% better. A few days with no one else to talk to will do that to you! lol.gif  


This week is pack-oldest-daughter-for-camp week. Urgh. 4 weeks at overnight camp = a living room floor full of random junk everywhere and Mommy tearing her hair over lists of lists.


Running? oh, yeah. 1 great one on my birthday and another good one today. I am loving being in a climate where I can, you know, BREATHE. I'm sure I'll be eating those words in February but right now, the cool breeze is pretty awesome.


Oh, right. Um...I signed up for Marine Corps Marathon. Sheepish.gif  I'm doing it through a charity that provides care packages to Marines overseas on deployment. If anyone wants charity info, let me know! 

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