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joy.gif, nic!

2600 yds in the pool for me this afternoon. My arms may fall off. Holy cow.

Followed that up with a trip to the grocery store and a cooking/baking spree the likes of which my kitchen has not seen in many a month. Had to take advantage of the fact that it was cool enough to actually turn the oven on. A batch of granola, a loaf of banana bread, a dozen breakfast burritos for the freezer, and a giant baked ziti later...I am worn out.

Tomorrow is the first day of my mental health clinical. Not overly excited, but at least it's very likely to be better than I think it's going to be. redface.gif
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Nick--that's a crazy amount of driving! Glad to hear you and DH got a chance to talk without being interrupted, and hooray for signing up for the marathon! Also, happy belated birthday!

tjsmama--I am jealous of your amazing swim and all the cooking. I really need to make granola, but first I'd have to heave myself out of this chair.

RR: I ignored tjsmama's dire warnings about rain, put the hitch and bike on and headed down to Cherry Creek. It started to rain on the way there but stopped after I had the trailer and bike ready to go. Hooray! It turned out Cherry Creek had flooded last night so it was pretty muddy in spots and still flooded in a couple of others. Only one section of the trail was closed of through the part I rode though, so it was mostly just interesting to see. I did 10 miles, which was all I had time for. Here's the funny part: my "excuse" for riding the trail was that I needed to pick up my order at REI, which is right there at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the Platte. Well, by the time I got the trailer and bike packed up and changed J's diaper, I didn't have enough time to actually go to REI. Sheepish.gif Maybe, if there had been space in the upper parking lot and no lines and I didn't look for pants for R and only spent 5 minutes in the bike section, maybe I could have made it, but there wasn't a space in the upper lot so I headed north to pick up R.

The new plan is to go to REI first thing after dropping R at VBS. It will give me time to look around and we should still be able to make it back before baby storytime at the library.

This evening I swam (a mere 1000m). So, in a triathlon pool swim, do people ever hang onto the side catching their breath in the middle of it? Just wondering. whistling.gif
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Nic, glad the crazy busy trip went well. Good luck with the house and the marathon!!

sparkle, I like the idea of a bike/c25k brick. I've been doing some run/walk intervals but missing the harder workouts.

Real, lol.gif at not actually making it to REI.

tjsmama, congrats on surviving your first day.

RR- Ended my lazy streak with a run/walk today.

NRR- Met with the manager of the agency that posted my "dream job" (that I didn't apply for because it was way too little money). I'm going to do some work with them, so we talked about potential projects for collaboration. We chatted about the possibility of a mentorship program for parents.
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Nic ~ love.gif!  Yay for a safe trip, lots of communication with your DH, and summertime in the northeast! 


MelW ~ that sounds like a wonderful prospect


Real ~ ROTFLMAO.gifat your trip "to" REI!  May you actually make it there today.


Gaye ~ hope your clinical goes well this week.  Great swim!


Everyone had a good time at VBS yesterday, even DD2 who of course was a little teary at drop off.  I had plans to meet up with a friend whose kids are also at VBS this week for a bike ride this morning, but the giant bank of black clouds moving in from the west is making that plan look less than likely.  DH promised to break me away for a swim at the Y tonight though, so at least I'll get some form of exercise in.  I've decided to try going sugar-free Monday through Friday and give myself a little leeway for the weekends.  Totally cutting out sugar leads me to binge-land, and that's not good, so hopefully this compromise plan will work better for my slightly eating-disordered brain eyesroll.gif.

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

So...I am on my new (to me!) macbook pro. LOVE IT. I haven't figured everything out yet (like how to open a new window in internet, how/where to save documents and name them etc.) but it is super fun and the screen and keyboard are just amazing. Very happy. Plus for my birthday my parents finally got the tech dude in and got wireless in their house so I can use my new toy too!



I am pretty sure we are going to have to trade our van in for a suburban or 4 wheel drive suv because the area is very, very hilly with narrow windy roads and serious winters. And I am going to have to do carpool so a subaru won't work for me (though dh will probably get one as his Civic will not make it to the hospital on a snowy night I don't think).



On the up side, dh and I had a lot of time to talk and talk we did. I wouldn't say it's 100% amazing but it's definitely 75% better. A few days with no one else to talk to will do that to you! lol.gif  


a. YAY! The command key (to the left of the space bar, they used to have an apple on it, my keyboard no longer does and they may not have for 10 years for all I know) behaves a heck of a lot like the control key on a pc. Command-n opens a new window in firefox for instance. command-s saves stuff, etc.



b. Folks around here with 4 kids either choose the toyota van with all wheel drive  or the smaller toyota suv.I drive an odyssey, with no all wheel drive, but there have been a few times I was a little worried about it. Turns out front wheel drive doesn't do so horribly in the snow on a curvy road. Depends how good they are at clearing the roads.  Do you know suvs are cheaper than vans now AND generally get better gas mileage (for the same size car)? I had no idea. So when my friends with the prius traded the van in for an suv I was shocked, until she told me why.  And don't forget to carry a blanket, a shovel and a small amount of traction material in the back of your vehicle all winter (we have a ziplock or two of sand in the van on a regular basis and I don't mean just the stuff that comes off us from the beach.


C. love.gif  I hope it continues.






Ok yesterday I got a skirtsports email that told me about kids skirts. In classic form I looked at the product without reading the email, liked it on facebook, etc. Today: I read a blog that's telling me what's actually *in* the email --


WARNING, POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECT: These outfits have been known to attract little boys. Do not fear - losing gracefully to little girls in Skirts will help build their characters at a young age!

ish. Now I'm thinking blech. Their product is expensive enough that I refuse to spend money on something with a bad message. So I hope the ones I have last a loooong time.




Ran a 5km last friday. Crummy. I had this heat regulation issue: was HOT about 250 yards in (on a 50 degree day in Duluth) and felt super faint all the way through. I don't get it.

Put on capris last night I haven't worn in a year. Don't fit.

Rain, with a high predicted of 47. Apparently I dont' need the capris anyhow this summer, since summer hasn't shown it's beautiful face here much.


But I'm off to the gym here shortly  for muscle pump. Last week I went and the day after I almost couldn't get out of bed, due to soreness. I hope tomorrow is better.


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Tjsmama – can I get a recipe for your breakfast burritos and how you freeze them?  And great job in the pool! thumb.gif

Realrellim – sounds like an interesting bike ride.  Time in the pool sounds lovely. orngbiggrin.gif

MelW – good for you on the walk/run… I find getting started is always the hardest for me. joy.gif

JayGee – I think I need to follow your example to avoid the sugar binges. eat.gif

Kerc – hope your workout tonight goes well. smile.gif


I was going to go the Y yesterday before it was time to get the older two from daycamp, but didn't make it early enough.  Ended up getting in the pool for a whole 20 minutes, with all 3 kids.  Today, I'm going to try again... but as a back up, I brought my 10 lb kettlebell w/ video to the office and also the 30 day shred video.  I figure I can do it after my last patient of the day and before I head home (will just have to hustle on my notes and stay off of FB).


Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone! 

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Happy Summer!  Although it's about 60, cloudy, and drizzly here.  


D ~ I just posted a recipe to bulk breakfast burritos on my blog in preparation for baby in October.  I'd like to hear Gaye's recipe too!


Gaye ~ How's work?


Jo ~ I'm thinking of you!  Are you settling in?


The house hunting saga: We went to look at the last place we put an offer on AGAIN.  Talked it over, decided we'd pay the price to be able to start moving in and fixing up before baby arrives.  Then we hear of a house going on the market closer to family to buy for sale by owner.  Nice farmhouse, all remodeled, big barn, outdoor wood burning furnace, all the updates but on less land and we'd have to wait til late summer/early fall to move.  BIG decisions to be made here in the next few days.  Any mojo would be greatly appreciated.


My FM has consisted of doing loads and loads of baby boy clothes.  A friend gave me clothes Newborn - 5.. a large tote and 2 black garbage bags full.  I've been busy but getting anxious about baby boy to arrive this fall. :)

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Good luck with the home decisions, jen!!  I know how hard to make those are!


Well, it's after 1pm, and I am still in my pajamas.  I think I'm burned out a little, and just need some rest!  I am starting to get anxious for a run, though.  I wish the gym had better child care hours!


I'm working on sugar binging as well.  It's hard.  I managed to get through last night with none, and have been pretty good so far today, substituting broccoli with ranch dressing for some refined sugar, simple carb yummyness.  It's tough, though! 

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I have been running and I have been reading, just no posting.  I've been kind of up and down emotionally lately and keeping quiet.  


Good luck, Jen!  goodvibes.gifnamaste.gif  You've got plenty of time to find a place before my visit!  ROTFLMAO.gif


kerc- I hope the muscle pump class goes well!  Can't wait for it to warm up here, is it chilly for you, too? 



I've run 4 miles twice in the last week and wow! I can't believe it!  I seemed to be stuck almost-running-3-and-needing-a-walk-break for EVER.  A more fit running partner has done wonders for me!  love.gif  So, Friday I am leaving to WA to visit my family there.  We are going to Moses Lake, Grayland, through Puyallup, and then down to Seaside, OR and back to Moses on 12.  Any Dingos on that trip?  I am not feeling like going into Seattle even though we'll be close- I'm not sure I want to brave the traffic. 


I am kind of embarrassed to go, the last time I saw my sisters I was 40lbs lighter. redface.gif  I know one sister doesn't care and the other is likely to be snotty and say something awful and rude in front of everyone.  She is just like that.  *sigh*  I will be running, though, on the trip.  Bringing the dog and I am aiming for a mile run each day before we start driving.  Hopefully I can do more than just 1 mile a day, but that is my goal and I think I can make at least that!  



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bec, I would send a letter to skirtsports, as a former customer complaining they might smarten up. Worst case scenario, they do nothing. Best case they apologize, pull any future sexist/sexualizing advertising, and maybe even sen you a coupon or credit for
your time and help.

Nemesis, have a great trip. Sorry that your sister is the type to make snarky weight comments. I have two sisters, too, and know how the snark can be. As way to run! I could use a running partner to push me.

Jen, sending you vibes to peacefully find your perfect home, before your nesting instinct makes you crazy!!

bec and JayGee, good luck with your sugar cutting.

RR- Did the bike run to school this morning, and a short swim planned before class tonight.
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RR: 8 miles today, 10 miles yesterday. I'm pretty sure I'll sign up for the fall marathon.

NRR: don't like the sports skirts email/add. Ick. Summertime is so super great. Going camping this weekend. Looking forward to some running, hiking, and bike riding.
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Have fun camping, RM!!! 


I got 10 miles of biking in the heat and humidity.  Tomorrow is a bike/swim with the tri class, so I am looking forward to that as well.

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breakfast burritos~I wish I could say I had some fancy recipe, but the truth is, I pretty much winged it. I cooked up some chorizo (12 oz, I think?), then set it aside and cooked a package southwestern-style (with peppers and onions) refrigerator hash browns (waaaaay too lazy to cook my own potatoes, that takes too long!), set that aside, scrambled 8 eggs, and then mixed it all together and filled the tortillas with it, with some mexican-blend cheese. I've made this version once before, and it was good, but this was the first time I've frozen it, so we'll see how that goes. I just rolled them in some aluminum foil and tossed them in the freezer. I would like to have some sour cream and salsa in there, but I'm not sure how it would freeze.

First day of mental health clinical, done. It was kind of a bust, in many ways. The facility screwed up their scheduling and wasn't expecting us, so our orientation got mixed up a little and we get tomorrow off (since they have another nursing school there rolleyes.gif) but have to make it up and have three days of clinical one week. Sigh. We didn't go onto the unit until after dinner, and only had a couple of hours there. I'm on the adolescent unit for the first two weeks, and they were in the gym and then having family visitation for the majority of the time. We did get to sit in on their evening group session, which was interesting, but it sounds like my classmates on the adult units had a lot more experience than we did. Oh well. I'm sure we'll get there.

rr~Spin class this morning, with good conversation and a good workout, followed up with a quick 20 minutes on the hamster wheel before DS's swim lesson. I haven't gotten to see his lesson for a few weeks, and I was amazed at the difference. He's doing awesome! So proud of my little man.

Tomorrow, since we don't have clinical, my friend Amy and I are going to join some of my crazy tri friends to ride up a mountain pass. orngbiggrin.gif
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RR: Nice 4m yesterday. Rented a bike for the duration of my stay here but it's raining today - I might try for a quick spin anyway. I'm feeling crushed by my regular work-style obligations and not able to adequately bitch about stuff that is either too petty or my own fault, but is still causing me stress.


My seminar is going well. I'm pleased.

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RM, have a great camping trip!

Gaye, home the mental health clinical gets better. Have a good run

Penelope, glad the seminar is going well.

RR- only had time for 1000m in the pool yesterday. And a busy day tonight. Maybe a run tomorrow night?

NRR- Spent time searching the house for poop this morning when my youngest came to me for help with a bum wipe. She "don't remember"
where she had pooped and I hadn't heard the toilet flush. My oldest finally told me she had heard a flush while I was in the shower. I hope so, because I didnt find poop anywhere.
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MelW - I don't know which I would find more disturbing.  The possibility of the poop not being in the toilet, or not finding poop elsewhere!lol.gif


Penelope - Glad your seminar is going well.  Sometimes it's the little things that push us over the edge (especially if we are the ones that caused it). 


Gaye - Isn't it awesome seeing them learn to swim?!  This is the first summer we aren't doing swim lessons with the girls (too expensive and we are too busy this summer!), but they are all swimming pretty well.  Abby was really doing an awesome job when we were at the hotel. 


So, it has been one big adventure around here in the past 24 hours!  Our power went out last night around 9pm, and came back on around 2pm today!  It was totally the suck!  I'm so grateful that it came back on though, because the reports are that the over 300,000 people without power are going to have to wait several days before getting power back.  So, I'm pretty please to only be in the 17 hour range!


Still waiting to hear if we are having an open water swim tonight followed by a bike ride, or if we are just having an indoor pool swim.  The weather has been so bad we have only gotten to workout outside a handful of times for tri class this spring!

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Nic, I can't believe you signed up for the Marine Corps. clap.gif

JenLove sending mojo dust.gif

Love following along. Getting ready to leave for our big trip in two days. I'm frantic. So frantic that I am at the pool (Resort pool where my friend belongs, 30 minute drive) and I forgot my bathing suit! Aaargh! duh.gif And I really needed a workout; I'm just that frantic. Guess I'll just dangle my legs in the pool and do something else... duh.gifduh.gifduh.gif
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post

Getting ready to leave for our big trip in two days.

Are you flying or driving?


Pool sounds lovely. 48, rainy, and very windy here. Blech.


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Wow. WHAT A RIDE. I have a new favorite ride. love.gif It was amazing, so absolutely gorgeous. 16 miles up to the top. We were planning on continuing on down to Idaho Springs on the other side, but we were out of time because we were so slow going up. orngtongue.gif So, we rode a couple of miles down to Echo Lake and then back up and over the top. There's a spot on the climb up where you look out and to one side you can see Denver, the airport (which is waaaaay out on the eastern side of town), and out to the plains and you look the other way and have a panoramic view of snow-capped mountains. Just unbelievable. Here's a picture from that spot:

And here's one from Echo Lake.

In some ways, it's probably good that we didn't have time to do the full ride, since my legs are kind of DONE right now. orngbiggrin.gif

Seriously, this is why I live in Colorado. love.gif
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Gaye ~ wow!  Seriously, that's all I can say!  That and I'm so jealous of your ride orngbiggrin.gif.


Things have been way too crazy and hectic around here.  I need to get a run and a swim in this morning, badly.

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