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Gaye, you're so beautiful and the scenery is just amazing. smile.gif


FM: I biked 10m in pouring rain, destroying my phone in the process. I think I can probably get a charger for my old phone which is in my computer bag - there's a place in Harvard Square. But man, I'm a moron. orngtongue.gif I'm thinking of biking on Sat. or Sun. to Walden Pond, as it's only about 15m and if the weather is decent would be one of those epic adventures. I'm not quite inclined to do it alone without a phone, so we'll see if I can either round up a friend or fix my phone issue. One of the guys at the seminar seemed interested when I got my bike in doing some biking this weekend, so I guess I should check with him.


I'm so not used to all! this! time! on my hands. It's freaky. I miss my kids big-time but they are having fun with Nana.

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Gaye - Just gorgeous!!!!  I showed the kids the pictures to give them an idea of what kind of scenery they will be seeing in a few weeks!


So, I had a big long post written, and it won't post for some reason.  Here's hoping this one posts! 


Had tri class last night.  It was a rainy, windy lake swim.  I got to try out my new wet suit.  I found out that it is actually called a skin suit, and I can use it in tris, even if the water temperature is too warm to allow regular wet suits.  I really liked swimming in it!  I did manage to have a wave go right into my throat, down the wrong pipe as I was breathing in and had to tread water for a while as I choked.  I managed to not drown, and the rest of the 3/4 mile swim was pretty good. 


Today, I'm helping my mom set up her booth for her show this weekend (it's just down the street at the Lake County Fairgrounds), and I'm about to bring my older dog into the vet to have a tumor on his chin removed.  Healthy, non-cancerous vibes appreciated!  He's 10 years old, and I am just not ready to have them tell me that this is the end of the line.  And, unfortunately, we are reaching the end of pet budget.  I hate that I have to put a price on my animals.greensad.gif

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I'm reading along but have nothing to post RR-wise. In kind of a funk; dh has been out of town for three days, and working long hours otherwise since we got back (to make up for going away) so Im a little burnt on kid duty, I think that's it. He gets back tonight, and actually has sat, sun AND mon off. phew.

Gaye - seriously.... how you gonna do that to us? EVERY trail in the county here is closed until Halloween!! I sh** you not. Fire danger. we're about ready to move a little north winky.gif
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Kerc, we're flying again so we can bring the dog along. I'm already tired thinking about it! It's a 30-hour trip broken up this year by the TKD World Tournament. I've never checked a dog into a hotel and I'm pretty nervous that he's too big. I mean, I *know* he's too big but I'm hoping we can get away with it b/c I just don't have any other options. Anybody here have advice about checking a dog into a hotel? I know their policy allows it but it says 40-50 lb limit. redface.gif He might be 60-65 on a skinny day. fingersx.gif He's on a diet.

Gaye, love the pictures!

Penelope, GL with the bike ride. I'm looking forward to a Boston and Walden Pond visit myself this summer. Hope it's nice weather for the ride.

Bec, sending good vibes for the vet visit. dust.gif
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Loftmama ~ We always got a hotel with rooms that allowed dogs but took them in the side door with our luggage anyway.  That would be a good way around it. :)


Gaye ~ Beautiful pictures - sounds like an equally beautiful ride.


My friend who is a chiro just left.  He gave us all adjustments and DH will pay him back with computer work.  Love that set up! :)  He said my hips and back felt really good for pregnancy.  Yay!

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Well, that workout was crappy greensad.gif.  I ran 4.5 miles, which was okay until the last mile when my back started radiating pain down into my leg.  Then I got into the pool, thinking it would feel good, but every time I turned my head to breathe, the same pain radiated down my leg from my back.  I ended up getting out of the pool after only 900 yards.  Luckily, I have a chiro appointment tomorrow morning.

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Lofty do you mean driving again? (aorry can't make the quote go above my comment). Is this the annual 2 weeks in NY?  And just like jenlove I've always brought my dog in the side door, with my luggage. Biggest issue is if it is hot and say you want to go out to eat -- can't leave him in the hotel room, can't leave him in the car....

Originally Posted by loftmama View Post

Kerc, we're flying again so we can bring the dog along. I'm already tired thinking about it! It's a 30-hour trip broken up this year by the TKD World Tournament.
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lofty ~ we've always had good luck bringing animals into Residence Inns.  Of course, that's two cats, but I don't recall them having a weight or size restriction.

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I got news from the vet.  Gromit came through the surgery with flying colors.  It took a while for them to get the entire thing out (it went deep, I guess).  But, he is in recovery and I will pick him up in a couple of hours.

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Penelope--have fun on that bike ride. Bummer about your phone though. Ugh.

tjsmama--sounds like a great ride. We drove that way once and I remember the scenery being beautiful.

bec--glad you got through the swim ok, despite the wave issue. I'm too chicken to attempt an open-water swim so far.

JayGee--hope the chiro is able to fix you and you'll be pain-free again.

RR: biked 20 miles with J in the trailer and then swam in the evening yesterday. Ran 6 with 4 at tempo today, pushing J in the jogger. The first few miles were ok but my legs were dead and I was struggling with my breathing after that. I'd already used the rescue inhaler when I'd stopped at the library earlier in the run, so pretty much the answer was to stop, catch my breath and continue. Things are improving in that area for sure, but I really notice it when it comes to speedwork.

Hoping to fit in a short ride, run 3 miles, and swim some tomorrow. Not sure how I'm going to fit that all in between 9 and 3, though I'm hoping to combine the bike with a Target stop for a few last-minute essentials.

NRR: We're headed up to Estes Park in the evening (DH is doing a presentation at a conference Saturday morning and we're tagging along), so packing needs to get done sometime in there too.
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Well, my chiro visit does not bode well.  The L5/S1 disc is herniated and compressing the nerve that leads to my left leg.  No swimming, biking or running for the forseeable future.  Bec, I am afraid that I cannot commit to the tri with you in August after all.  I'm so sorry.  For now, I'll walk.  And try not to drown my sorrow in a vat of ice cream.

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Oh, JayGee! hug2.gif I'm so sorry.  Try to keep your eyes on the long term prize.  Get healed from this completely, and then ease back into things.  And, it will be easier to do if you have not spent the time drowning sorrows in evil ice cream.  Ask me how I know this!



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Thanks bec.  I told DH and he was totally skeptical.  He thinks I should go see a "real" doctor and get an MRI of my back, which I'll probably do.  He also doesn't think I should stop running.  Secretly, I think he's afraid I'll gain weight irked.gif.  I'm more afraid of permenant nerve damage myself, so I will walk, and continue to eat properly.

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Ugh, jaygee. greensad.gif I would definitely pursue a "conventional" medical diagnosis to be sure, but take care of yourself in the meantime. hug.gif

I am quite irked.gif with XH at the moment. DS's pediatrician is one of our city's "top docs". Which is great, but translates to ridiculously long wait times for well child appointments. I called in the middle of May and the first appointment I could get was July 21. Which I told XH about repeatedly. So what does he do today? Books a flight for DS 20 minutes before his appointment. irked.gif I got him in on August 8, but I'm still irritated. Especially when I call XH about it and his response is not "oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you told me that" or something along those lines, but instead "well, maybe it's time to find a new doctor.". NO. There's a reason that the ped is a top doctor. He's fabulous. And we don't wait if DS is sick, it's just the well child appointment. So, no, I'm NOT going to find a new doctor. Thanks for being so helpful, XH. rolleyes.gif

Other than that, not a bad day. I had my first exam for mental health this morning. I was pretty worried about it since I am having extreme difficulty making myself do any kind of work this summer. bag.gif I barely managed to study two hours for the test. Good thing it was as easy as we had heard. With my barely-studying, I still got a 98. orngtongue.gif

Tomorrow: my "real" first tri of the season. I'm a little scared, lol. Open water swim, what? redface.gif
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tjsmama--good luck! I'm sure you'll be awesome.

JayGee--that's not good news. I hope you can find a solution, and quickly. You've struggled so much with injuries. greensad.gif

RR: ran, biked and swam today. You'd think I'd be more like joy.gif about it, but it was really more like eyesroll.gif because I needed to fit them all in. Ran to the garden center with J in the jogger while R was at VBS (3 miles). VBS was a half day, so I picked her up and biked the girls to my sister's house after lunch. They stayed to play in the kiddie pool and I biked to the gym to swim (1000m), then back to pick the girls up (6-3/4 miles).

NRR: DH is giving a talk at a conference in Estes Park tomorrow, so we're tagging along. They put us up for a night in a two-bedroom cabin at the Y. We'll have breakfast tomorrow and then I'll probably take the girls mini golfing or to the playground, have lunch here because it appears to be paid for (yay!) and then hike some tomorrow before driving over Trail Ridge Road.

Really NRR: one of the multi-day bike tours was supposed to bike Trail Ridge Road from Estes Park to Granby on Monday, but the road was closed until noon due to snow. They were able to open it at noon but conditions were still terrible with ice and snow and all. A bunch of bikers in the first wave had hypothermia by the time they reached Milner Pass (and it's still 15 miles to the west entrance from there), so they ended up scrapping it and busing everyone else over. Here's an article, if anyone is interested: http://www.skyhidailynews.com/article/20110621/NEWS/110629996&parentprofile=search
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bike/c25k brick yesterday. I think I'm reaching the apex of where my distance on the run portion (1 minute) collides with my speed (8 1/2 min/mile) lol.gif either I need to slow down or run less lol.gif Weight circuit today. Waking up now (hello cod liver oil and decaf. yummy.gif) then dressed and to the gym by 7am.

I really love morning workouts. I love being home as the day is beginning for everyone else, so I dont feel like I missed anything. But Dh is starting nights in August, which means that he will be coming home to sleep as I am waking up wanting to go work-out redface.gif So I have one more month to enjoy. Not sure how nights will go. We're giving it 3 months. I dont want a zombie for a husband.

DD1, who is away at music camp this week (bawling.gif) sent a card, to the family. On the back is a note specifically to me: "mom, everyone has candy. can you please send me some candy" with a picture like this bawling.giflol.gif At least she said please. too bad for her that I will see her sooner than I could send the candy lol.gif

Jaygee - Ugggggggggggghhhhhhh. I was just thinking about you yesterday as I was working out and how I feel a sisterhood with you because of our age and state of our bodies and how I am (and maybe you are) having to change how I exercise as my body has problems and how I sort of feel like I am clinging but with great appreciation to whatever I have left. I mean, losing ability makes me appreciate the abilities I have left. When I was in my 20's or even 30's (not doggin anyone here) I took for granted that things would continue as they had been. I always loved running but I didnt appreciate it like I do now. Just doing c25k on the TM is such a gift these days! And now to hear that you have something else going on!! Urgh. I want us to have a break for awhile. Arent we due for some status quo at least until we're 50?! Sheesh. I am wishing you a speedy, straightforward recovery!!!!! Try to be patient. Try meditation? And seriously, I DO NOT think your Dh is worried about you gaining weight, more likely worried that you will turn crazy on him. At least that's what my Dh likes about me exercising is that it makes me sane lol.gif

Gaye - broc1.gif You Go Girl!!! joy.gif

NRR: bloodwork yesterday [finally] (it took me a week to get there b/c I couldnt NOT eat before 9 am lol.gif) Yesterday I worked out (no food) then went to get blood drawn, and as you can imagine, I was indeed feeling a little faint by the time I left. All resolved with a big ol' chocolate chip cookie though winky.gif Hope to find out something about the hair loss soon. Mammo is Monday....
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weird. i posted a reply the night before last and it didn't appear. Tapa Talk, don't fail me now...

RR - none. smile.gif but I did do a long set of weights + a few extra the night before driving. That will be it until we reach NY on Monday.

Real, I love Estes Park so much. Hope you're having fun!

JG, hug.gif uggh!

We're enroute to NY - yes, driving, not flying. smile.gif - and we checked our big dog in no problem at LaQuinta. So yay. He's such an awesome dog. My kids are competing this morning at the ATA World Tournament (Little Rock) and I didn't sleep a wink in the hotel bed. Alright here goes another day.
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Darn it, where did all my other multi-quotes go?  I still don't love anything but the photos capabilities of this new MDC. 


JayGee - I agree with taking it easy until you get more of a diagnosis, have you tried acupuncture?  I know you've probably tried everything at this point.  I'm so sorry.


Bec - I hear you on the pet reaching it's total vet value.  I'm glad Gromit had a good outcome though.  That's a relief.


Penelope - Enjoy your time!  I'm impressed that you've rented a bike, you rock! 


Nemesis - flowersforyou.gif Not on your loop through WA though we're farther north up past memiles.


Real - Damn girl!  You are one active mama pulling two littles around in you trailer! 


Gaye - Oh that Colorado sun!  Beautiful shots and what a ride!  Is that your cancer-free friend?  Have a great TRI!


Nic - Glad you had some time to talk with dh.  And welcome back to NE!  I bet that the roads will be cleared pretty efficiently there since it's hardly news when it snows heavily.  I grew up in NE CT and we did fine with a front wheel drive back in the day. 


JenLove - Any decisions on houses?  That's a big decision, do you feel more connected to one place over the other?  I guess I'd say that the house is such a  long term commitment and moving-trauma, while sucky in the moment, is over so quickly in the grand scheme that I'd go for the house with the better feel if all else is equal.


DrJen - You must be getting ready for your move huh?  Did everything get ironed out with the appraisal?


Mommajb - Any news on your impending westering?


RM - How are you doing mama? 



Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

  losing ability makes me appreciate the abilities I have left. When I was in my 20's or even 30's (not doggin anyone here) I took for granted that things would continue as they had been. I always loved running but I didnt appreciate it like I do now. Just doing c25k on the TM is such a gift these days!
And seriously, I DO NOT think your Dh is worried about you gaining weight, more likely worried that you will turn crazy on him. At least that's what my Dh likes about me exercising is that it makes me sane lol.gif

This is really true.  I wonder if I've been off my mojo since I'm not ready to face that reality but I can pretend that everything would be normal if I just don't get out there to see.  Babbling.  Anyway, yes.  Good point and JayGee - That's what I think too!  Your dh does not sound like a Shallow Hal, I'm sure he gets that exercise is important to you and just doesn't want to see you losing it without verified cause.


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My kids are competing this morning at the ATA World Tournament (Little Rock ) and I didn't sleep a wink in the hotel bed. Alright here goes another day.

Good luck to them today!  Kick ass boys!


RR: Well, I swam a bit the other day.  Then my whole torso ached all night.  I'm guessing it's an indication of my feebitude. 


NRR: DD1 is having a hard time.  She has been the greatest big sister to Ali G since Day 1 but suddenly it's like she has reached her limit on patience and kindness and she just can't tolerate anything anymore. greensad.gif  I can understand but it's hard to see it unfolding because really Ali G is so cute.  She's sweet and funny and says really nice things like, "Chiara, I'm glad you're my sister today, I love you" so when C jumps down her throat for singing everyone Happy Birthday in the morning it makes C look like a big meanie.  I've been trying to make sure I get lots of one on one time with C in addition to the counseling sessions but it's hard.  The effects don't last long once we add anyone else into the mix and it's exhausting trying to buoy her mood all the time.  That sounds terrible doesn't it?  I'm just finding it very hard to see how our life which from my perspective is pretty sweet, could feel so awful to her.  She just seems able to extract the worst aspect of any situation and see only that.  Yes, I guess empathy is not my strong suit.  SIGH.  And her gloominess makes me wonder if I'm having false memories when I think back on her early childhood and remember her as being really happy all the time.  And if that was the case, what happened?  Did I totally screw up and do something or not do something that's ruined her?  Either way it feels like I failed her.  Frack.


Other NRR: I'm trying to start this half day theatre camp this summer and I just can't get kids to sign up.  I seriously don't understand why.  The price is on the low end of summer day camps and I had such an overwhelmingly positive response from the kids and parents over the fall show I really thought some of them would come out for this.  But no.  The only thing I can think of is that they get to be in the show for free and don't want to pony up any $ to do it at all.  But seriously, it's $5 an hour.  Who can even find a competent babysitter for that? (and of course I don't make anything close to that unless we get about a dozen more kids to sign up).  Whatev.  On Monday I get to pawn my wares to pretty much every kid that's likely to be interested when the Missoula Children's Theatre comes to town - but again, they do it all for free so maybe I'm just delusional that there will be anyone left who's into it enough to pay anything.  Frack me.


Thank you Battlestar Galactica for my new family friendly potty mouth.


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Plady ~ Frack is a household word here too. :)


On the house, we looked at the FSBO and we both felt it wasn't it.  It was very nice but had so many fancy things that we decided not to wait for it to come on the market in the fall.  We have moved forward on the paperwork for the fixer upper farmhouse with the amazingly beautiful 40 acres that we are in love with.


Gaye ~ Good luck racing!!!


Lofty ~ Safe travels and good luck to your boys at the tourney.


Sparkle ~ I hope you get (good) answers soon.


Off to break out the prenatal yoga... back and legs are in need of some love and attention.  Happy weekend!

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Plady - I am going to risk sounding like a zealot, but whatev. My ds has been a challenge since about 5 (he's 6 1/2) in that he is very negative and oppositional and argumentative. He complains a lot and sees the bad side of things and argues... ugh its exhausting. I have posted here about it. The most remarkable change happened in him last Fall when I started giving him cod liver oil religiously. A lot of it. I had always done the 1/2 tsp. now and then, but I started on 1 tsp.+ EVERY day. Within 2 weeks I and Dh noticed a big difference. When I had talked to my therapist about my troubles with him she said he could be depressed, and I was like "he's not down, he's up! and obnoxious", and she said "depression can manifest differently in kids". I dont know if that's what spurred me to try mega-dosing him on CLO then or if I was just throwing anything against the wall to see if it stuck (we were also in the early stages of him seeing a therapist, but that turned out to be a one time "strategizing" visit rather than the beginning of an ongoing relationship b/c the therapist didnt think he needed therapy, but I digress), but it really seemed to work. Now when he goes off it, like he did for the week we visited the in-laws, I notice that things get a little more negative. Then I start him on it again and he resumes being more reasonable. It didnt eradicate the issues - they are still there, and I should say, the flip side of a personality that is very dogged, quick, curious, and bright (hence the exhausting arguments, he's actually good at it redface.gif), but he is just less intense on the negative side, easier to reason with, maybe a little happier seeming. shrug.gif Couldnt hurt. You do live in a very different climate than she grew up in. I get Blue Ice; its fermented and has twice the Vit. A and D so supposedly you need to use less, though I dont. Its $ka-ching$, but does actually last a long time (I buy in bulk. I also take it and give it to the girls every day). Speech over....

RR: weight circuit. I was not fed or rested enough, so it was hard. I felt light-headed and nauseus but I forced myself to do what I usually do b/c I am neurotic that way. So I was nauseusly pushing myself. through. each. set. breathe breathe breathe. And so on for an hour and twenty minutes. eat.gif is all I have to say
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