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Sparkle - I'm game to try it.  You're right about the climate change.  Anyway, it can't hurt right?  Any online sources for it you like or is it strictly found in bricks and mortar?  Well, I'll go surf.  Thanks!

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Flavors?  My recollection of CLO from my childhood is of utmost disgustingness.  So is a flavor a good thing or does it just taint everything else with that flavor?

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Flavors?  My recollection of CLO from my childhood is of utmost disgustingness.  So is a flavor a good thing or does it just taint everything else with that flavor?


I've only had the flavored kind.  We usually get lemon flavored - so it tastes like a bland lemon oil.  It's not too bad if textures aren't a problem.  You can sneak it in smoothies real easily though - that's how we started taking it.


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JG, ugh on the movement restrictions. I'm sorry. greensad.gif Makes sense to get a second opinion and take care of yourself and pooh on your dh for not being helpful in his comments.


RR: I did a nice 5m this morning (yay!) but am now feeling kinda sluggish and tired. Well, I guess I was up until almost 1am listening to live blues guitar music and then slept badly and was up at 6, so... I did nap, and bought some tylenol for my recurring headaches. Probably the bourbon I had last night didn't help much! I'm working slowly on my Big Project and feeling kind of guilty for not "doing" Boston more. I am going to bike to Walden Pond tomorrow, assuming my cohort can get their butts in gear to come with! I am going to break down and buy a map, though - I'd thought I could download one but damn, they're kind of tricky. It's about a 30m round trip so my biking over the last few weeks should pay off!


I really, really miss my kids (who are with my parents in MT.) Dh reports that he had a job interview, which is cautiously good, but there's still a lot to untangle there. Still, I'm one week down of my two week seminar, and feeling overall pretty good about how it has gone.

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Sparkle - That is interesting about the CLO.  I am wondering if a high dose would make a difference in MY own attitude!  Do you get fish burps or any nasty surprises?shy.gif


Penelope - A friend of mine is going to be visiting Boston soon, and when she was looking up things to do, she came across a Saturday and Sunday run in the morning that follows the Freedom Trail.  It seemed really cool.  They stop at each thing and talk about it as people catch up.  

So my older dog (Gromit) is recovering well from his surgery.  I should get the pathology report on Monday.  I think he is getting a little itchy, as he seems to be scratching at the cone a bit more.  Other than that, he's doing fine.  Although, he did have a tick on him that got so engorged it fell off of him and couldn't move.  BLECH!!!!  puke.gifI'm glad DH was home, because I couldn't get anywhere near it.  Give me a dead or hissing possum any day!


Meanwhile, in dogland, Mouse (the puppy) got some sort of bump, bite, pinch or something that caused a big bump on his head.  It got infected, and there is a half dollar size puss filled lump on the side of his head.  Again puke.gif.  Needless to say, I took HIM into the vet this morning (incurring an "Urgent Care" charge) to get it checked out, get him some antibiotics (both pill and IV form), and bleed my wallet a bit more.  In the last few weeks, we have spent the better part of $2000 on freaking vet care!!!  Not to mention how gross it is.


I really need a run, but have frittered away the day so that I no longer have time.  DH is going to be in his very first triathlon tomorrow, which means we are getting up at the butt crack of dawn to go cheer him on!

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I remember the dog we had when I was a kid used to love chewing on sticks.  One day she developed this weird bump on her forehead that got bigger and bigger and finally popped to release the huge splinter that had apparently worked its way up through her gums.

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Oh, ewww, Plady!  My dog has a serious stick problem.  I seriously hope this isn't what is going on!!!  Did it happen very quickly?  It's been less than a week since it first appeared.  Poor, dim dog.

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Bec - Yes, it was very quick once we noticed the bump.  We may have helped things along with a hot compress but I don't recall any vet visit.


RR: !  I just did 20 minutes of running around our fields in my VFFs!  !!!  Me!  Running!  Thanks Sparkle, I think your wisdom helped me find that push.  It felt okay.  The shoes felt good, the legs felt okay but were getting tired by the end but my lungs - oy vey!  So little fitness remaining in this body!  SHOCKING!  Oof.  Now for the recovery.  It's totally mortifying to even need a recover after 20 minutes of slow jogging.  But start where you are right?  And here I am.  Off to stretch.

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Re: CLO.
I get mint flavored Blue Ice from Natural Health Advocates - found on Google wink1.gif (I think I get 5 at a time). I tried plain, orange, and mint, and mint was definitely the best; subtle and seems to decrease the fish taste. As for the taste, it was fine before they started making it fermented, which is now the only kind of Blue Ice there is, but the fermented is pretty awful. If you hate plain CLO, you will wretch at this.
But, my kids take it every day without much fuss. I started by getting flavored Kefir, which is something they really like but something I limit b/c of the sugar, as the thing to wash down the CLO. So I pour them each a cup of kefir, and then they are literally hovering their faces over their cups as I dole the spoonfuls of CLO into their mouths lol.gif No not really, but practically. That's the only cup of kefir they get a day, and it completely obliterates the fish taste I guess because they go for the deal. We have now switched to plain kefir and they still go for it clap.gif I wash mine down with a swig of coffee. I almost never get fish burps shrug.gif However, the reason I left Dh off that list of people who take it in our household is b/c he cant stand it, no matter what. He cant stand the taste and gets burps. So he takes the pill form (more expensive, too big for kids to swallow)

Re: My "wisdom" lol.gif
something that has been resonating with me lately is this: I have a friend IRL who has been a runner since forever. We were running partners for 15 years, but now we live in different cities. Anyway, she has continued to be incredibly devoted to running over the years no matter what. She will run at 10pm in the rain after working crazy hours. she once ran a marathon before going in to a 36 hour shift as a resident internist (seriously ran 26.2 miles and then was on her feet for 32 hours after that - she had a friend cover the first 4 hours of her shift so she could run the marathon). I asked her 2 years ago how she keeps running no matter what (i.e. when I have bouts of depression, as I know she has, I barely want to get out of bed, let alone run) and she said "because I can. I see so many sick people every day who cant run, or cant walk, or have some other serious health problem, and so I keep running because I can". At the time I was like "whatever" (in my head wink1.gif ), just because I can doesnt get me moving when on all those days I dont go for this or that reason. But lately, the more my ability to run has been compromised, the more I feel like I have to run as much as I can now because I can and I wont always be able to, which is something tangible to me now as I negotiate ongoing physical obstacles. I guess I feel grateful that I still can at all....... you know, when Im not feeling resentful, bitter, and cheated orngtongue.gif
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sparkle~I'm lol.gif at your daughter sending a letter home to ask for candy!

plady~That's a different friend, Amy, but I raced with cancer-free Amy this morning! orngbiggrin.gif And yikes.gif on your dog story!!!

bec~Ugh on the vet bills and good luck to your DH tomorrow!

race report (loooong, as always orngtongue.gif)~
My alarm went off at 3 am this morning...why do triathlons have to be so freaking early? orngtongue.gif I was on the road by 4 (thank you to the nanny for not even flinching at the 4 am start time!) and making the hour-ish drive up to Loveland. While I was in line for packet pick-up (because I was NOT driving the hour-ish drive each way yesterday!), I started running into friends. The sign of a good race, when you have that many friends doing it! Four of us stuck together to grab transition spots next to each other, which was awesome to be with friends. After some chaos and trading of wetsuits (seriously...two of my friends swapped wetsuits for the swim and then ended up trading for good), we headed down to the water. Amy (of cancer-kicking fame) and I were in the first wave, so we didn't have a lot of time to stand around. Not sure if that was good or bad...

The swim. AWFUL. Worst swim I've ever had. I have no idea why, but I totally got into my own head and had (or very, very nearly had) a panic attack. I've never had that happen before. I couldn't breathe and couldn't get calmed down. I flipped onto my back to backstroke and try to catch my breath, and when I came up to sight, I had somehow flipped a 180 and was headed back to the beach. irked.gif After a lot of breaststroking and even a little doggy paddling, I finally got my crap together and started swimming. Sigh. I estimate that little episode cost me at least 8-10 minutes in the water.

T1 was pretty uneventful, and I even remembered to use my inhaler! Off onto the bike. Where the comedy of errors continued when, about 3 miles in, my Garmin popped off. AGAIN. I mean, really? Seriously? The thing has popped off exactly twice, and both of those times have been in races. And to make it even better...when I slammed on the brakes to retrieve the wayward Garmin, I failed to get my one foot clipped out, and I managed to do a slow, extremely ungraceful fall onto the curb. Leaving me with a shin scrape, a bruised thigh, and a bruised butt. redface.gif And the embarrassment of all the people flying by me asking "are you ok?" Once I got my act together, I had an awesome bike! I caught up to a lot of people on the bike, and I'm pretty proud of that. Especially when I caught people in my age group, because that meant I had made up a LOT of time on them. This bike course is gorgeous, although I was so focused that I didn't really see that much of it! SUPER happy with my bike!

Back into T2, where I remembered to use my inhaler again (aren't you proud of me? orngtongue.gif) and off on the run. I desperately needed to pee (pretty much needed to the entire bike leg), so I made a quick trip to a bathroom that was conveniently located right at the start of the run. I felt pretty good on the run. It was an out and back course, which was super fun to be able to spot friends out on the course. My friend Sonja (who took 2nd overall) was coming in to the finish as I was heading out on the run, so it was cool to be able to cheer her on while I still had a little breath. It was a nice, flat run course, and my only complaint about it is that I thought when I re-entered the park that the finish line would be right there, when really, it was nearly a mile to go still! That mile HURT. Let's just say that I had to stop and walk at least 50-80 yds, and I still managed a 9:18 mile 6. As I finally got to the kick to the finish, there were a TON of my friends there (those already finished, and several came up just to watch/cheer), yelling for me, awesome! I crossed the finish line, feeling pretty good that I gave it just about everything I had.

Official stats:
Swim 48:52 (yikes.gif In my defense, there was nearly a 1/4 mile run from the water to transition, but still...700/723 total participants, that's how bad it was)
T1 1:57
Bike 1:47:53 (16.5 mph on a fairly tough course)
T2 1:34
Run 1:00:08 (9:41 pace)
Total 3:40:16

My only real goal for this race was to run the 10k at 10 min pace or faster, something I've never been able to do in an olympic distance tri yet. I was hoping I might be able to get the run under an hour. You know what? My Garmin, which auto-paused while I peed, had me at 59:13. So I'm counting it! joy.gif It hurt (a lot), but now I know I can do it! And this was even a longer-than-normal bike course, by 6 miles!

After the race, it was fun to hang out with friends and watch the awards ceremony. Besides Sonja, who got 2nd, I had 3 other friends place in their AG (this is the super-speedy group of friends who I can only hang with for their LSD runs in the winter orngtongue.gif), and my friend Shannon got 3rd in the Athena category, her first award ever, I was SO happy for her!

And now, I am planted on the couch watching HGTV and contemplating how the kitchen is too far away and making dinner is way too much work. orngbiggrin.gif DS, who was apparently exhausted by association, asked to take a nap at 4:30. I'm kind of thinking he might be done for the night. Which is ok by me! Especially since I may follow pretty soon!
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Hey dingoes,


A very quick hello... but I *think* I just had a few BFPs! I used three different types of tests (except for the digital which took some time to turn positive with DS) and all show a faint line. I'm only 11 DPO so excited and nervous and totally in disbelief.


Oh my!

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Oh, Zub!!!!! Congratulations, mama!!!!


Gaye - Awesome race!  I can only dream of such great times! 


DH had a really great race.  It was his first triathlon, and definitely his longest racing experience (he's only done a handful of 5ks).  His swim was tough, and if he hadn't been able to hang onto a paddleboard (race officials manned them to keep an eye on the swimmers) to take a break every once in a while, he wouldn't have made it.  But, he did, and he got through it.  His bike and run were much better, but because he put everything out there on the swim, he had to walk a great deal of the run.  All in all, though, he finished his first sprint distance triathlon in 2:31.  I am so very proud of him.  He works really long hours, and has only really been able to train 1 day a week.  But, it was enough to get him through! 


It was a totally different experience being on the cheering end of things.  We found a place where we could see him get out of the water.  The girls each had a sign with a different sport on each sign, and when they lined up on the swim/bike/run order, it also said "Go, Daddy, Go!"  He said he really appreciated it.  After we saw him got out of the water (this was my biggest concern!), we scooted over to see him on the bike.  We were waiting and a bunch of bikes came by.  A race official came by and said that the girls were cute, but too quiet.  I told him he was absolutely right, so we spent the rest of the race whooping, hooting and hollering encouragement to all the racers.  We got a LOT of grins.  It was so quiet.  I know how important it has been for me when people cheer, it felt good to pay it forward a bit!  Anyway, we saw DH go by on the bike, and walked a small field where the runners were coming out.  It was really nice to not have to go very far, and still be able to see everyone 2 and 3 times! 


No FM for myself.  I am going to kick my butt in gear next week!

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clap.gif tjsmama

:thumbsup Zub

thumbsup.gif Bec's dh

Sparkle, I like your friend's attitude. :thumbsup I take lemon-flavored CLO & I love it. It taste like pudding. One son likes it but the other gags. I bought some super expensive chocolate-flavored CLO & he hates it, too. So I blended it with yogurt & maple syrup then put it into popsicles but he still won't take it. Aaargh! So there it sits...

The boys did great at their tournament. Neither placed but they performed very well and had a good time. The competition was super tough with people who had come from all over the world. We just had a passing-thru-check-it-out attitude. Afterwards our group had a pool & pizza party - a bit cheezy (haha) but fun and the dog was awesome. But I'm definitely performing in the next tournament.

We're having an awesome road trip, passing thru Louisville now headed toward Cinncinati.

Looking forward to stretching my legs on in the cool mountain air...
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bec - congrats to dh on his triathlon!  Good for him for committing to do it despite crazy schedules.  And I hear you on quiet spectators - I'm always trying to pump up the crowd if I run by quiet ones.  It helps me so much to hear cheers.


tjsmama - awesome job!  Your swim experience is my biggest tri fear since I'm not really a swimmer.  Maybe someday.  What the heck with your garmin, though?!  That is nuts.


zubeldia - Congrats mama!  I meant to comment earlier that I conceived ds2 while nursing dd1 (she was 19 mos) despite using birth control, so it can be done.


Penelope - I'm glad you're getting some exercise and experiences in while away.  Hope dh gets it together for you, too.


JenLove - the moving stuff is really tiring, isn't it?  I hope the fixer-upper turns out perfect for you.


JayGee - I know I'm an allopathic physician and therefore my opinion my be suspect, but I'd definitely get another opinion and definitive imaging before giving up running.  I think chiropractic care can be very effective for many musculoskeletal conditions, but I think although is practice it works, it's theory is not always right on, so I'm always nervous to take a diagnosis from a chiro. 


Nickarolaberry - all that traveling sounds just miserable to me - I'm glad you made it through.  Where are you going to live exactly?  My dd is thinking of possibly visiting some NE colleges as she works on making a decision on where to go.


NRR - I have 4 more days at my current job.  I'm on call this weekend and it has been no fun at all - I've done so many admissions and so many discharges, I have no idea if I'm caught up on the paperwork or not.  I caught my last babies last weekend.  Bizarrely, all three of my last 3 clients came in spontaneously in labor and delivered on their due dates!  And 2 were first time moms.  The very last baby was an adorable little girl, born to a mom I've known since she was in high school (actually, both the first time moms I've known since they were in high school and were cheerleaders together!  They are now 25, married, and each having their first child.)  My last birth was a really long labor, and mom ended up with an epidural she'd been hoping to avoid, but in the end she had a beautiful birth and had my favorite labor nurse.   The nurse actually had my very first delivery in private practice with me, so it was nice closure to have her at my last here.  It's been a rough couple weeks saying goodbye.  I'm trying to remain gracious to everyone - I know each person just gets to say good bye to me once, but since I'm doing it 20+ times a day, often fairly emotionally, I'm really worn down with it.  On the other hand, it's nice to know that you are appreciated.  I hope these folks will all be ok and find new providers they can trust.

I think we are all set to move to our new house.  We still don't know for sure if we have mortgage insurance, but the mortgage guy said to go ahead and have the utilities turned on and the furniture delivered, so I think it'll be ok.  We are in packing he!! here.  My dh is a rock star packing fool - he's definitely carried the brunt of it since I'm working nutty hours trying to finish up here.


RR - Trying to squeeze the runs in.  I am still really hoping to a do a full marathon this fall.  I can't do Columbus because there is a marching band competition the same weekend, so traveling is out.  I was hoping to do KC, which I thought was a Sunday marathon the same day as Columbus which wouldn't require any travel, but turns out it's on Saturday, the same day as the band competition, and I just don't think I can swing both.  I really don't want to miss any of my dd's senior year competitions, either.  So, it turns out the band has nothing the previous weekend and I poked around looking for something that weekend.  I'm thinking about Denver RNR and a visit with tjsmama!  (And Real, too.)  I need to figure out how to go about requesting any time off at my new job and whether that weekend will really work.  In the meantime, I should have started training 2 weeks ago!  So, I downloaded a Hal Higdon plan and I'm going to skip an easy week somewhere and try to get on track.  I'm supposed to do 9 today, and am trying to figure out if I have it in me after spending so many hours this weekend in the hospital and answering the phone umpteen times in the middle of the night.


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Yay, alex! Congrats! joy.gif

And congrats to your DH, too, bec! Awesome work! joy.gif

Sending calm, strong, easy closure and moving vibes to drjen... goodvibes.gif

Well, DS's sleepathon is apparently the result of a bug. Poor guy. He did wake up around 9:30 last night, long enough to go potty, put on pj's, brush teeth, and read a story. Then he was up twice more just to go potty (and move into mommy's bed), but otherwise slept till 9. Yeah, nearly 17 hours of sleep. During one of his wake-ups, I noticed that he was pretty warm, and sure enough, 102.7. Poor guy. With the exception of a trip to the grocery store because we had no milk, he's spent the day laying on the couch, watching tv. He does seem a little better this afternoon, at least. Still really tired, but not as cranky/whiny. I hope he's better tomorrow, or I'm going to feel miserably guilty at work all day.

As for me, I took advantage of DS's downtime to get caught up on some sleep myself. redface.gif Apparently, I was tired, too. And sore. Haven't been sore like that in quite a while! I must have worked hard yesterday or something. orngtongue.gif
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loftmama--hope you had a good drive to NY. Where in NY are you headed? (After reading your latest post, I feel compelled to add: are you sure about that cool mountain air? My recollection of the Adirondacks and Berkshires makes me think "muggy.") wink1.gif

Plady--sorry to hear about your swim making you achy, but I'm lol.gif about "feebitude." Also, I don't think you've failed your kid. My sister and I have been talking about this on a totally different topic, but we think some people are programmed to see the glass as half empty and/or to focus on the one thing they didn't like about a situation rather than all the good things. There's the hormone thing too, of course....

bec--sorry about the vet bills, not to mention the nasty parts of the infections and such. Ick. Also, I'm amazed at your DH and his tri with only training one day a week. Nice!

tjsmama--awesome race report, despite that swim, and clap.gif on your very awesome 10K time and bike time!


DrJen--good luck with those last four days and the move. Also, it would be awesome if you did the Denver RnR marathon. I've been toying with the idea of running it as a half (and as a full, but I'm thinking that would involve bribing DH with something big so he wouldn't get resentful about all the time I need him to watch the kids...), so if you're coming, I'll have to do it in some form. orngbiggrin.gif

RR: ran 12.5 today and finally felt like I have a chance to rock my 1/2 in two weeks.. I ran a route that somewhat mirrors what I'll be doing. The course has about 500 feet of elevation gain in the first four miles; what I ran included about 900 feet of elevation gain in the first four miles (968 total due to rolling hills and such the rest of the way). I managed a 10:19 pace and even ran my fastest split at mile 12 (9:08) and felt great. I think it means my asthma might finally be getting under control! And I got to see the see Lake Granby spilling into the Colorado River, which was amazing. Water's only gone over the spillway seven times since they created the reservoir in the 1960s; the last time Granby spilled was 14 years ago. It's awesome for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was to actually see it. Check out the rooster tail at the bottom! (That's not a hill--that's the water flying up into the air once it hits the bottom of the spillway.) Before they dug the reservoir, the river used to flow right down the rocks there and that must have been amazing too. Seeing that was by far the best part of my run.
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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post

Hey dingoes,


A very quick hello... but I *think* I just had a few BFPs! I used three different types of tests (except for the digital which took some time to turn positive with DS) and all show a faint line. I'm only 11 DPO so excited and nervous and totally in disbelief.


Oh my!



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zub ~ congratulations!!!!


Real ~ that looks so cool!  I'm really envious of the beautiful areas you and Gaye have to run and bike through.


DrJen ~ thanks for you input.  I'm calling my regular MD today for an appointment and an MRI.  There is no way I'm giving up running (and biking) unless I KNOW I have to!  Good luck with your big move!


bec ~ congrats to your DH on his first tri!


Gaye ~ hope DS feels better soon.


sparkle ~ yep, you never know what you've got until it's gone, right?  Hope both of our bodies can hold out for a little longer and allow us a few more good years of running.


RR ~ walked 3 miles yesterday.  At least it's something.

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Picked DD1 up from music camp yesterday. It's located in the "mountains" (6500 ft. to our 5000 ft.) in a beautiful valley with a stream running through it, which is usually a river but seriously, there is no water anywhere down here so the stream was lovely to see. On the last day of camp, all campers perform in a big concert. The instruments are all over the map; strings, drums, wind of all kind, piano, ans also singing (choir). This was her/our first year. A friend of hers' mom asked me if Id like to sign her up so that friend's DD would know someone. Anyway, we're all sitting watching/listening to the concert (so cute and fun to see DD in an orchestra of strings!) and behind the bandstand (outdoor) a plume of smoke starts rising in the distance. Over the course of 1 1/2 hours it turned into a HUGE smoke cloud - I felt like I was sitting at the base of Everest looking up at it - and we could see teeny tiny planes flying through it (because by comparison the smoke cloud was mammoth). The horns were playing something really haunting and I just started to cry. Someone in the audience mentioned that they heard it started from a campfire, although Dh was later unable to confirm this from news reports, but still irked.gif And then I see Real's picture and I just cant believe that a few hundred miles north you guys are inundated, and we are dry as can be (seriously, trail closures until October 31!?) The fire is right outside of Los Alamos, but L.A. was not being evacuated as of last night.

Heading to the gym in a few for the bike/c25k brick. Not. Motivated.

Zub - joy.gif
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zub ~ Congrats!!! =)  I'm so happy for you. 


We have a confirmed signed offer on the farm!  I am hesitant to be too excited, but I can't help myself.  I am already dreaming of moving in and getting chickens in my yard.  There is a tenant there now, but once we can start visiting it I will be posting pictures. :)


My legs are sore from yoga and weeding (and picking potato bugs) but it feels so good at the same time. <3

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