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Hello!!  I was a few pages behind.  We left for camping Friday and got back yesterday.  I've spent this morning catching up on stuff, including this thread.  :)


Jaygee~wow, that's tough news!  I'd get x-rays/mri what ever just to be sure.  Trust me, I hear you on body falling apart, I'm in my 30's with hearing aids for pete's sake.  blach.  But as was said, just being grateful for what I "do" have.  Hug!!


Zub~whooot!!  So excited for you!!!


Sparkle~thanks for sharing about your son, my son is very similar.  We have a check up at the pediatrician today and I plan on asking about the CLO.  I take fish oil and it has helped me tons!


Dana~have a great trip!!


Plady~thanks for the shout out!  *LOVE*  doing good, just busy. 


RR:  left achilles really started hurting during Thursday's run, and shoes are around/over 500 miles (didn't track their mileage in the begining), so I ordered a new pair yesterday (and they SHIPPED yesterday too!!  So I'll wait to run until they come in but I'm off to do weights and some HIIT hard core! 


I've been on the bodybuilding.com website and also checked out the books by Tosca Rena "The Eat-Clean Diet STripped" (peel off those last 10 pounds) and "The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids".  I'm figuring out the reason I can't reach my maximum body potential is the food.  I love the protein bars and protein bites and hidden sugars/fake sugars.  I bought the "Belly Fat Cure" by Jorge Cruise months and months ago, but am finally ready to start implementing it.  I may not be able to banish all sugar all at once because I'm still learning about it all, but I've started a bodybuilding page for myself that will have progress pictures, and have a journal started on my stats, and diet and notes so I can continue to improve and tweek where necessary.  I've been journalling online for years (on and off) but I never have gone back to see where I am at and where I was, and what needs fixed.  So, I figure I am better at paper and pen.  :)  I've been on this journey since my teens and I'll never give up trying. 


Much love to you ladies!



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Hi all! blowkiss.gif


Sparkle, I loved your story about the 'because I can' mentality. It may not be the kick that gets me out of bed in the morning, but it is a good thing to reflect on and definitely becomes more and more relevant as we age, have injuries, etc.


Gaye, thanks for the fabulous RR!! Great job! Wow, way to recover from the 'swim-from-he!!' and still make a 10k PR. thumb.gif Nice. I hope your DS is feeling better.


Zub, congratulations!!


Bec, congrats to your DH, and how fun to be on the cheering side of things for a change.


Jen, Great news on the offer! I can't wait to hear about it.


DrJ, good luck with your move - and the marathon training!


Real, that's an amazing photo! I thought it was a hill at the bottom, too, until I read that it was the water. That must have been amazing. Could you hear it too from that distance?


JG, good luck with your MRI, and I am hoping for some good answers.


RM, ooh, I tried that Belly Fat Cure - mostly just because I was curious to see the impact of cutting sugar out of my diet. It was very hard (i.e. inconvenient) to get all the sugar out, but I found it really effective for curbing any craving for sweets once it was out of my life. Seriously, I had zero desire for sweets while I was adhering to that diet. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with it.


I'm currently in training for another sprint tri on July 10th. It's the third in our local series of 5. I will do the 5th in the series, also... and that kind of reminds me of something I wanted to mention here...

Since doing my first tri back in May, two friends of mine and DH's have also decided to participate in the final triathlon of this series along with me. They don't really want to train, come to find out, just participate. headscratch.gif So then, DH decided that he should try it, too! But luckily, he agrees that the training is a huge part of the whole thing, and if you don't want to train, why bother with the triathlon, yk? It should be fun. As long as neither of our friends beats me. duck.gif


That reminds me that my mom, who will be 70 this year, is also picking up running again! She was a runner when she was my age, and a pretty fast one, too! She has already done her first 5k, and plans to do a 5k every month to gauge her progress. Then she plans to come do the bridge run with me next year! biggrinbounce.gif

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Hey RM ~ I eat clean (a la Tosca Reno) and I love the magazine too!  I am not quite as hard core as she is re: sugar, but I do feel a ton better when I eat clean foods.  I'd love to read your blog page if you want to PM me the address.


RR ~ walked 30 minutes at an 8% incline at the Y.  Made an appointment with my doctor for when we get back from NH.

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Gaye - I forgot to give you a shout out broc1.gif What an awesome race!! Fun, funny, hard work, and meeting goals!!! Awesome. I laughed at the swimming backwards and falling on the bike lol.gif

Real - Woot!!!! for that 12.5 at solid speeds!!

Mel38 - so awesome about your mom!! Rockin' runs in your family wink1.gif

Jenlove - SOO happy for you! I always thought you should get the place you luxlove.gif, even with the problems. Im so glad it worked out. Cant wait to see your chickens wink1.gif

Ok, all you no sugar eaters, you are starting to make me feel bad!!

RR: 1 hour bike circuit, 25 minute c25k (8 1/2 min. miles for 1 minute x 10 with walks in between). Felt really strong. May try another street run this week redface.gif 'cause I wanna. My goal is to get fit enough to do a sprint tri. I figure my leg can handle 3 miles right? Now just to ignore the inner-ear problem that makes me sick.gif when I swim and ta-da goodvibes.gif I do a tri! lol.gif

NRR: Dh and I are taking a class at the climbing gym tonight and wedneday night on how to lead belay, which is different than regular belaying (i.e. how to belay a person who is lead climbing). This will move us a big step closer to going on a climbing trip with the kids this summer where we set up the top ropes by lead climbing the climbs first broc1.gif
Going to get my first Mammo in 30 minutes.... Must call the FP today to see about results of bloodwork (do results happen that fast?)
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JG - I'm so glad you are getting a second opinion about your back!  I am a great believer of chiropractic care, but for anything serious, I always think second opinions are good!  Good for you for keeping up the walking, in the meantime, though!


Real - That is an amazing picture!


RR - I actually ran today!  I have been feeling like a out of shape, fat slug lately.  But, today I ran 5 miles on the treadmill!  It was tough, and I did need to take a couple of walk breaks, and almost gave up at 3 miles (this is the problem with me and the treadmill), but managed to push through and did it in 59:59. 


I definitely need to clean up my diet.  Summer is super tough for that!


Gaye and Real - I am definitely coming out Colorado way in a few weeks!  Here's the problem, though.  I found out that the campsites mostly have a 2 night stay requirement over the weekend if you want to make an advance reservation (we definitely do!).  Unfortunately, that sort of messes up DH's already scheduled time off.  Long, tedious story short, we are going to have to drive through the night on Thursday, in order to have a prayer of being there in time to set up camp on Friday.  We are camping at Jumbo Campground near Grand Mesa (East of Grand Junction), so won't really be in the Denver area (unless you all wanted to make a Western States Dingo camping trip!) on July 22, 23, and 24.  We leave that Monday to move on to Utah, Grand Canyon.  We will be coming back around later that week, though.  We are going to be in Durango on the night of the 29th, and will be spending the night of the 30th in Colorado Springs.  If there is the possibility of a meetup, PM me, and we can work out details!!!



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Just got a call from Radiology. A "spot" on the Mammo. Going in for a follow-up tomorrow om.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Just got a call from Radiology. A "spot" on the Mammo. Going in for a follow-up tomorrow om.gif

Sending lots of good, calm, healthy vibes for you mama!  xoxo

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Hey guys, thanks for the well-wishes... but I think I may about to have an early m/cgloomy.gif I took a couple of tests today and the lines are so much fainter... No bleeding yet but I'm honestly not feeling hopeful. Very, very sad.

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sparkle ~ I was exactly in that same place last November.  I know how stressful it is and you're in my thoughts today.  Will they be doing the more detailed mammogram next?  Or a biopsy?

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Sparkle and Zub, grouphug.gif Sending peaceful and healthy vibes to both of you.


JayGee sorry you are injured! That bites. I hope you have a complete and speedy recovery.


I had more personals but can't remember now. Urgh.


Had a decent running week last week. Sunday I did 10 miles and 6 of those on gravel trails. My parents' town (where I grew up) put in a whole trail system a few years ago and it's pretty awesome. Though if I'm going to trail run I think I see the need for trail running shoes. My feet were not too happy and I was definitely not very stable on there, esp. since it was really hilly. Going downhill was pretty dicey a few times.


Lost the house we thought we had to rent, owner decided to sell. So I'm going back later this week to see what I can find. Dd1 is off to overnight camp tomorrow. Wow, how did she get old enough to do that?!

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Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post

Hey guys, thanks for the well-wishes... but I think I may about to have an early m/cgloomy.gif I took a couple of tests today and the lines are so much fainter... No bleeding yet but I'm honestly not feeling hopeful. Very, very sad.

::hugs::  So much love being sent to my Dingos tonight.  


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Gaye, great RR!


Zub, congratulations. biggrinbounce.gif


JG, glad you're going for the second opinion. Sounds like a really smart choice.


FM Report: I biked 33 miles yesterday to Walden Pond and back. Wowza! Lots of "terrain," as it were, and I'm sore but had a great time. I have a miserable cold but just chugged along and took my cold medicine and made the best of it. And swam in Walden Pond - amazing.


Hoping for a bike ride tomorrow but we'll see how far I get on my reading tonight - I might need to wake up early and read instead.

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Zub and Sparkle~big hugs!!


Jaygee~sent you two pm's, the first one was too complicated, the second is on blogspot.  :)


Mel~ thanks for the input on the Belly fat Cure.  Do you still follow it and did you accomplish what you set out to do? 


First day started off with packaged protein food, yet ended in a five meals made clean to eat this week.  It's a good start!


So off to see what I need to eat for breakfast.  I think oatmeal with some berries and egg? Off to research!



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I have had very, very good news about Gromit, though! The pathology report came back today, and the tumor they removed was benign, and they were able to remove the entire tumor (they weren't sure at the time of surgery)!!! I am soooooo relieved. Gromit is my first adult owned pet that I've taken care of from start to finish. He was a rescue dog, and is such an awesome dog. He's loyal, protective, loving, and completely attached to me. He has a great, sweet personality, and well...winning ears! I know he's 10 years old, and is getting on the older side of things, but I am just not at all ready for him to go! I know he has a lot of years left in him, and I want him and this puppy to enjoy them together! My heart would have been broken if he had cancer.

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joy.gif, bec! I might be able to manage a meet-up. The weekend you are camping is the weekend I'll be riding my bike all over the mountains, but maybe on your way back through. I won't have DS that weekend, so will be fairly flexible.

I worked today, and it was, um...interesting. I walked onto the unit to be greeted with the news that I was being floated. Really? It's my second day on my own, and I get floated? I was floated to neuro, which is internal med's sister unit, but I was terrified because I've heard horror stories about how hard neuro is on CNAs. Super heavy patients, full assist, lots of incontinence. Blech. It turned out that there were four of us on and one was supposed to be a sitter for a patient who was coming at 11, but the patient never came. They were down an RN, so they kept all of us instead of sending one home (which I would have been a-ok with). It ended up being an ok day, just kind of weird since I didn't really know what I was doing. And waaaaay more poop than I care to deal with. grossedout.gif

Tomorrow, back to mental health clinical. Yippee.
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Sparkle, stay calm and I have my fingers crossed for you.

Zub, you too. Such an emotional time and it can be hard to reach out for support in real life.

Gaye you are going to be so ready for your RN position when you finish. All this time on the floors is nothing but good.

I have one week until the movers show up here to pack and load. I am organized enough that I am bored and busy tying up loose ends. I hope it stays boring and smooth.

I have been running but just short 3 mile jaunts. Some of you may have seen that ds1 joined me yesterday. He is s-t-e-a-d-y if not super fast. We left home running just over 8 minute miles and I was okay the first mile, the second may have been downhill and the last, well, I got home 3 house lengths behind him with no kick left. I was thinking it was time to up my training but he'll be doing the same thing as we go into CC season.
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Zub - I'm thinking of you today, with hopes that the fainter lines don't really mean anything and that everything is as it should be.


Sparkle - I hope that you aren't too worried and stressed out, and that you get some answers soon.


Bec - Here's to many more years with your Gromit. Love the name!


Mommajb - you are gonna be f-a-s-t after training with your DS!


RM - No, I stopped doing the diet in the spring. I loved how I felt, and I know that I will go back to it again, but it is inconvenient for me just in terms of shopping, planning ahead and making arrangements for my own diet.


These next few days will be interesting in terms of any FM. I am home alone with DS, so probably a yoga DVD and biking on the trainer. Next up, a few days of driving which inevitably means practically no exercise. Ah well, I get to pick up my DD2, who I have missed sooooo much as she spent 2 weeks traveling with my sister's family. Just seeing her again will make all the driving worthwhile love.gif

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Ok, so it looks like we won't be staying overnight in Colorado Springs after all.  DH really wanted to spend a second night in Durango, and I didn't have the heart to say no (besides, I kind of wanted another night as well!).  We still have to pass through Colorado Springs, so maybe we can do a lunch meetup?  It's so hard to try and do everything we want to do!!

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Bec - I seriously checked my calendar to see if I could come up to Durango on the 29th (I would!) but we are on OUR vacation to CA/ID then lol.gif.

Sheesh, we have so many ants, one is crawling across my keyboard right now :eyeroll

Have you guys heard anything about the Los Alamos fire? (They have now evacuated the lab). That's the one we saw over the ridge when we were picking up DD1 Sunday. It went from a plume Sunday at 1p to 45,000+ acres yesterday greensad.gif So heartbreaking

RR: weight circuit this a.m. after I drop kiddos at various activities...

NRR: Im ok. Mostly trying to ignore the obvious. I know worry does NOTHING, so I am mostly able to not. I also have a consistent meditation practice so when that worry rolls in, I can release it pretty well. It is what it is. It will be what it will be. Deep breath. And as my bestie IRL said, "if it is something, you caught it early, and now you can get a boob job!. ..... and while you're under, you can throw in a tummy tuck! orngbiggrin.gif" She cracks me up

Off to get us all out the door.
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Dang!  When do you start your trip, Sparkle?  We are going to be in the Grand Canyon for 3 nights before Durango.  It's a whirlwind tour of the west!  I think your friend has the right attitude.  Just know that there is a lot of positive Dingo energy being thrown out there for you! 


My SIL and now X-BIL used to live in Los Alamos (he still works at the lab).  They lost their house to the last huge fire that went through there over 10 years ago.  It is heartbreaking and devastating.  It's such a small little community up there, and it seems like they get a huge fire every decade or so. 


FM: I swam 2000 yards in the pool this morning.  I wanted to make sure my swimming endurance was there, knowing that I have this olympic tri coming up!  I'm glad to say that it was a really good swim and I was able to swim it continuously.  I was also boosted by the woman who was swimming next to me.  When I stopped, she asked how far I had swum, and said, "You are a machine!"  It made me feel really good!  I felt strong today.  I plan on taking the kids to the pool this afternoon.  I think I'm going to have to wear a t-shirt so I won't get burned!

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