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Sparkle~yay! So happy!

Zub~praying for baby!!

RR: new shoes equals a good run today.
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Zub, hugs. I will tell you that when I got pregnant with my ds (my 3rd kid), it was the pregnancy the doctors told us would 'never' happen (dd1 and dd2 were both IVF babies). I had positive but faint home pregnancy tests and when I went for a prelim HcG blood test, the idiot nurse called me and said, "Well you're barely pregnant but the numbers don't look good so don't get your hopes up." irked.gif I cried for days and was a constant panty checker (love that phrase Bec!) ... and finally made an appt with a midwife, who tested me and said, 'barely pregnant is PREGNANT until proven otherwise. Pray for the best, give yourself some peaceful vibes, and go about your life.'


Best advice ever. Two weeks later I was blissfully vomiting my guts out. And then came ds...(waterbirth).


Having lost babies and then having precarious beginnings to all my pregnancies, I can well relate to that overwhelming stress and fear (and not wanting to move, lest you 'loose' things -- however irrational that might be). All I can say is we love you, we're sending you light and good pregnancy vibes, and whatever happens you have the Dingos at your back.


Quick run this morning, I'm traveling again tomorrow/Fri to try AGAIN to find a rental house. This time it's just me which actually will be easier. And I'm staying with a (new) friend. So think good house thoughts...

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I am so proud to announce that I have a 3rd child who is riding on two wheels!!!  She has been nearly ready for over a year, but lacked confidence last summer/fall.  I took her to the playground parking lot and she did an amazing job!  Turning is something that needs work, but if she's going straight, she's doing well!  She was even starting to get the hang of riding on a narrow sidewalk.  I imagine a few more practice sessions at the parking lot and she'll be on her own! 

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Goodness, Dingoes, you are the best. It is such an anxious time and to add to that I am absolutely exhausted. The digital test I took was more reassuring and since I tested so early I am trying not to freak out. At least I haven't had any negative results. Jen, my Dr won't do any blood work because a) it won't make any difference. b) she thinks it will feed my anxiety and wont in the end bring me much relief. I am sure she would if I pushed the issue but I am going to try and be patient and wait for the 14th.


it's phenomenal how quickly you become attached to these little balls of potential.


ETA - Jen, I made the blog private so I could talk about being pregnant... I sent you an invite! Feel free, anyone, to email/message me if you want to read my blog. It's mostly my training and moaning blog wink1.gif

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Yes, Alex, we are here for you. I hope you get the rest that you need and get some more positive signs soon.  grouphug.gif


Nick, good luck with the house hunting!


Bec, congrats on the biking!


I am hanging out with DS tonight, just the two of us. We will leave here before the sun comes up to drive to TN to pick up my DD who has spent the last two weeks (almost) in Alaska with my dad and sister's family. I missed her sooooo much and can't wait to see her!! joy.gif


And since they will all be jet-lagged, I can squeeze in an early morning run. thumb.gif

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Ok, I have to admit. Mental health clinical is not that bad. bag.gif I definitely don't want to do it for a living, but I think I will survive the summer. The patient I picked to do my paper on is very interesting (teenage girl with bipolar disorder with psychosis), and the kids, for the most part, are great. My classmate and I got thrown to the wolves tonight by having to lead the medication education group. It's something that the students do, but usually on their second week, after they've had the opportunity to watch once. We didn't get to watch last week because we got booted, but the charge nurse still pretty much insisted on us doing it. Our instructor was awesome and set us up with a great template, and then we made the decision to make it as interactive as we could rather than us lecturing at them. The kids were SO receptive, and we even got a huge smile and a compliment (this is the best group I've been to in my 30 days here) from a very flat and isolated schizoaffective kiddo. Apparently, the kids were raving about it to the charge nurse afterwards, too. So go, us! joy.gif

No fm for me today. I wimped out. I was just tired this morning, plus I wanted to spend quality time with DS before he left, so we hung out and snuggled on the couch instead. Now I'm trying to figure out where to ride tomorrow. I could drive to Boulder to do a not-too-exciting ride with a woman I've never met, but that seems pretty silly to me, so I think I'll just ride by myself (blah). But where...
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

Two weeks later I was blissfully vomiting my guts out.

Now *that* is a phrase I never thought I'd see. lol.gif Maybe that's because I start throwing up before I have a positive test with my pregnancies? On a different topic, I'm sending good house thoughts~~~

zub--hope everything goes well.

bec--congrats on the new 2-wheel cyclist!

RR: just swimming today--1250m, which is undoubtedly longest distance I've ever completed. I'm pretty sure my form stunk at the end, but c'est la vie.

NRR: After I finished, I got to watch this very graceful man swim. He was amazingly beautiful in the water, like a duck or something, with no splashing at all, just like he was placing his hands n the water and gliding along. Built too, so there was some aesthetic value in watching as well. wink1.gif

Bike questions: any tips for tightening a front wheel just enough that it doesn't come loose while riding, but not too much so that the brakes rub? I'm still trying to find that sweet spot. Also, any tips for keeping my seat post from sliding down as I ride? It's clamped pretty tightly, but I think every time I hit a bump it must slide down a little more or something.
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I am no bike expert but we use a piee of pvc pipe as a shim to hold our trail-a-bike in position on the seat post. On a slightly related note: Are those things always terrible? I cna't fit it on my bike w/o the seat going too high so it is on dd1's bike which doesn't fit me (too small). Dd3 is wild on the bike as far as rules of the road go and they are willing to ride together so we are keeping it but I am glad to pull ds2 in the trailer if I am given a choice.

bec, congrats to your dd! and your dh on his tri!

gaye, you mut be so jazzed up with all these new accomplishments in which you keep finding success.

mel, hae a great run this morning!

Lisa, woot! on the new shoes and good run.

Alex, I'll make it back out to the blog, I figured that was why.

Nic, keep us posted on your move. I hope you find a perfect new home soon.

move: The movers are coming a day later than I had hoped. I called to alert the dentist last week about the impending move and stated that I would like a copy of our records. When I arrived at the dentist yesterday I foud that she had misunderstood and our appointments had all been cancelled. She is working us in on Tuesday so I guess I have learned they aren't as busy as it sees when trying to book appointments. Other tha that there is stil a bit of organizing to do so that packing and unpacking go smoothly. I would like to just get on with it at this point though I would pause to sell the house.
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So... tired.  DD2 coughed all night again and we slept on the bathroom floor with the shower running hot for at least 2 or 3 hours.  This needs to end, preferably before we leave on vacation tomorrow lol.gif.  Anyone have any good home remedies for cough?  Today will be spent packing, cleaning and otherwise getting ready.  Plus I have to go to a school board meeting this afternoon.  Hope I can remain awake and upright.


bec ~ congrats on the third kid on two wheels!  It's such a huge milestone.


Gaye ~ nice work on your presentation to the patients last night.  Sounds like you and your classmate hit it out of the park!


mommajb ~ tying up all those loose ends is exhausting, isn't it?  Good luck getting it all done.  I know you can do it!


real ~ that doesn't seem right that your seatpost is slipping.  Can you bring it into the shop and have them look at it?  I know our local bike shop will do that kind of thing for free.


zub ~ wishing you lots of nausea lol.gif!  As awful as it feels, morning sickness can really make you feel more secure those first few months.


Nic ~ hope you find that perfect house this weekend


RR ~ yesterday I managed 30 minutes on the elliptical (with numb feet) and a 25 minute walk on the indoor track.  I'm taking today off to get ready for our vacation.  Oh, and DH mentioned last night that "my back symptoms might feel better if I lost a little weight" irked.gif.  I know he's right, but it still hurts to hear it out loud.


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Jaygee - hug.gif on the bad sleep and the comment! I hope she turns the corner today! Sheesh

gaye - that must have felt so cool. I love working with teenagers

zub - goodvibes.gif sticky vibes your way!!!!!

Nic - goodvibes.gif on the house-hunting

mamajb - Breathe. Your almost there.

Real - yeah, I agree with jaygee; that aint right. I would take it to a bike shop too (well, I would take it to Dh, but if he werent a bike mechanic lol.gif)

RR: Not feeling it. I have been running around a lot, or feel like I have. Counterintuitive for summer, but I feel like I havent had a relaxing day since it started. Anyway, the thought of going to the gym feels like something else "to do" today and I really want a little space to breath. I should go, and know if I did Id be happy, but Im just sorta worn out. We'll see, but reading and cleaning and writing sound a lot better redface.gif

NRR: Dh and I went to our second class last night on lead belaying (like being the leader, not the metal). Its different than belaying someone who is ona top-rope; much more dynamic and stressful. Instead of standing and taking up rope as they climb and keeping the rope mostly taut, you keep it somewhat loose and determine how much to let out and/or take in depending on what the climber is doing at the moment (about to clip a bolt? About to fall?.....) I felt SO much more competent last night, and am getting really excited to go on a family climbing trip (we took the class so that Dh and I can lead climb a route and set up a top rope that we then belay the kids on).
Meanwhile, everyone at the climbing gym is so fit (and Im feeling pretty fit these days but it still made me feel feeble and saggy), so afterward, Dh says "ugh, I feel so fat", and Im thinking 2whistle.gif b/c yeah, he has put on a few around the middle. He's getting some man boobs disappointed.gif but I would never say anything. So I was trying to suggest how he could change his work-outs to burn more fat, 'cause he bikes a lot but sorry, you need to do some weights or high intensity intervals with that. He doesnt like exercise unless it's a thrill seeking endeavor, or so it seems, so the idea of a work-out just to work out doesnt appeal. I keep trying to explain how much more fun the mtn biking will be if he's stronger. And so it goes...
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Zubs ~ Thinking of you!  Relax, take care of you, and I hope the good sticky signs start showing up soon. 


Gaye ~ That sounds like a rewarding day!


Good luck house hunting, Nic!


We are getting ready for a wedding this weekend in the Chicago area.  My to-do list is filled with things like finding dog sitters, doing laundry, packing, and planning our food stops.  Thank goodness for Whole Foods. ;)

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Sparkle - Yeah, don't do it the way JayGee's dh did it! 


JayGee - I'm sorry about the comment, that would be annoying on any day but after a week of sleeping on the bathroom floor, it's a wonder he's still walking and talking.  I'd a hong kong fooey chopped him. 


Zub - Yes!  Pregnant is pregnant.  Do you have any reason to expect a m/c?


Gaye - Good job!  Who knows?  Maybe after this stint you'll have a new goal in mind?


Real - I'd probably go with trying the pvc shim, I'd just never get around to taking it to the bike shop.


Mel - Hope your run was nice.


Here the weather is perfect for running, 50's, slightly overcast.  But I'm sort of ready for some summer weather.  Honestly it wouldn't bother me too much if it got hot enough to take off my freaking sweater!  Sheesh.  But I shouldn't complain I know.  I know it's only a few degrees to ohpleasesavemefromthisgodawfulheatwave. 

So yesterday I was SO SORE>  Seriously I don't think I've felt that gimpy and sore since the day after that marathon way back when.  Pathetic really.  Today I'm going to try to find time to go in and even it all up in the upper body.  Then my family will really be sick of me.


Happy Thursday to all!



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Hey dingo sisters! How are you? We made it to our destination after driving through the night and watching a glorious sunrise on the NY pike. Beautiful. Pulled into camp before anyone else was even awake and promptly fell asleep. We've had one gorgeous day in the 70s and one freezing day in the 50s. Laid out and swam one day then stayed inside, read and played games by the fire the next day. Brrr...

RR: Went for my first run, intended to go my usual 30-minute run, brought the dog with me. As soon as I got to the turn around point I realized that I had a relatively flat path in front of me and nothing but huge gnarly hills back the way I came. I wasn't ready for them so I just kept running until I got to the next major hill. Then I turned around and ran back. Yes, I had to walk a bit on the hills and I had to stop for the few cars that came by b/c my dog wasn't leashed but it was still more than double my usual running time - 1 hour 20 minutes. It felt AWESOME! The deerflies were super annoying but great motivation. I got back, changed into my swimsuit, grabbed reading material and hit the beach. Super lovely. Read, talked, played. Then my dh, bil, & sil decided we should go kayaking. I was still felling a bit wimpy from the run and fuzzy-headed from the huge drive having not caught up on my sleep yet, but not one to ruin a party I agreed. Well, we ended up kayaking for over 2 hours! We followed the cove for a huge part then decided to cross the lake to see this mega-mansion-size house someone built. This meant we had to make a sharp turn into the wind for the return trip. Imagine an triangle with one really long side and that was the part we had to head back in. Choppy waters. Couldn't hear for the wind and the slapslap of the waves and oars. Dh and his ds got into a family discussion I didn't want to hear so I took off as hard as I could. My hands were killing me. It was SO TOUGH! I was so sore later. The next day (yesterday) I could barely move. Every step I took up and down the stairs killed me (running in gloves is so much more of an overall workout, ime, than in shoes.) And my upper body ached. In the meantime, I had been worried about not getting any weights in, so my other sil brought back some handheld weights for me from Target and now I can barely stand the sight of them. I refuse to take Ibuprofen (except for the excessive margarita-drinking from last night) so I'm just waiting for the pain to go away. I'm still underslept and a bit groggy-headed, but finally getting some reading done and beginning to relax and have fun. Today I'm doing yoga fo sho and maybe I'll do some weights tonight before bed. I find that doing weights on the day before I want to run makes my muscles jumpy and ready to stretch out the next day.

Zub, fingersx.gif Hoping and praying...

Plady, how are those Vibrams working for you?

Mommajb, GL on that big move. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

Nic, I can't keep up with you. Where are you these days?

Dr Jen, I missed a huge chunk of info but it sounds like you're moving. Congratulations on the new job. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new journey, too.

All you road warriors out there, safe travels and have fun. Thinking of you all and following along...
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Yay for the safe travel, Lofty!


JayGee -  I think I would have punched my husband if he had said that to me.  angry.gif  I'm sorry.  You are beautiful the way you are, and if you choose to try to loose some weight, you will be just as beautiful!


RR: Well, sort of.  I went out with Abby again on her bike.  It's half a mile to the park that has the good flat parking lot that she can practice on, so I jogged behind her while she pedaled her heart out to get there.  Actually, on the way is a gentle down hill, so it was more me sprinting and her going "Wheeee!!!!"  I could tell that her control over the bike had improved on our way there.  By the time we got there, she was ready to start turning on her own!  She has more or less mastered the wide turn both ways, and can even start on her own most of the time!  I ended up running a few miles, of intervals chasing her down!  But, I am soooooo proud of my little girl!!!  They are out having a reward of the sprinkler!

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Originally Posted by bec View Post

JayGee -  I think I would have punched my husband if he had said that to me.  angry.gif  I'm sorry.  You are beautiful the way you are, and if you choose to try to loose some weight, you will be just as beautiful!



I had a bit of an adventure on my bike this morning/afternoon. I plotted out a long ride from my house last night that would take me out east of the city then in a loop south and back up to home. It was blazing hot when I headed out, and all was well for the first 22-ish miles. I made a quick pit stop at a truck stop, and should have stayed there, since almost immediately after I left, I noticed the giant dark cloud heading my way. Instead of heading back to the truck stop (which probably would have been the smart thing to do), I kept going, thinking I might be able to outrun it. biglaugh.gif Within a couple of miles, the wind was blowing crazy, it was lightning, and I was getting pelted with seriously painful raindrops. I was out in the middle of nowhere, too. I was lucky that a very kind motorist stopped and offered me a ride. I felt kind of weird about it, but a) he didn't seem like a serial killer bag.gif and b) he had a 7 year old girl with him (cousin? sister?), so I went for it. And, really, my only other option was staying there and getting absolutely soaked and perhaps worse. They were headed my general direction and gave me a ride past the worst of the storm. About 10 miles later, they let me out and I continued on my way. I made it the reservoir that was supposed to be my turn to home, and decided to do a loop to make up for some of the miles I lost to the truck ride. About the time I left the res to head back home, it started raining again, but thankfully only enough to cool me down. The wind was seriously crazy, though! All in all, 49 miles in 3 hours, only about 3 miles less than I had originally planned.

And now I'm looking out the window at another storm that's blowing through and wondering about my evening plans to go join the trail runners group for their Thursday night run. Hmm. Also need to bust out some serious homework at some point...
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Evening, all,


Thanks for being here for me, dingoes. I slept terribly last night, just worrying about it all. I tested again this morning (!!!! LAST TIME) and the line was darker, which was more reassuring. If I go by my ovulation chart I am only 4 weeks 1 day pregnant (as opposed to almost 5 weeks if I go by the date of my last period.. my cycles are pretty long nowadays). Plady, I was worried when I tested and my lines seemed to be getting fainter. It is reasonable to think that it might be diluted pee and/or different levels of dye. What is also difficult is that I am not feeling the same symptoms to the same extent... but then again I am only 4 weeks pregnant. I do remember having very sore breasts at this point but I am still nursing and I dont know if that makes a difference.


I need to stop analyzing everything. I am thorough exhausted by 4-5pm.


Keep sending sticky vibes, friends.


Jaygee.hammer.gif that is not cool. I know that you've struggled with eating issues so any 'weight' comment is doubly loaded. You're a beautiful woman - fit and amazing.


Gaye, that's crazy! I would have totally gotten in the truck, too! And a very nice ride.


Lofty, glad you got there, and very nice running.


Jenlove, I keep wanting to ask about your new house! Has everything gone though? We have just sold our old farmhouse (thank goodness as we are NOT handy!) and we're about to start building somewhere else.


RR - a nice slow 5 miles this morning. It was really a nice run. I walked the hills so I wouldn't feel as though I was doing too much. Jeez, I am nervous about everything!

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JayGee--I was going to same something else, but I think Plady's comment summed up my feelings much better:
Originally Posted by Plady View Post

I'm sorry about the comment, that would be annoying on any day but after a week of sleeping on the bathroom floor, it's a wonder he's still walking and talking.  I'd a hong kong fooey chopped him. 


loftmama--sounds like you're having fun!

tjsmama--crazy ride! I probably would have taken the ride too, especially if it was the same storm in which I was grabbing my clothes off the line. That was indeed painful rain for 60 seconds I was out there.

RR: did 6 miles of speedwork this morning while it was still overcast and P was home to watch the girls. It was decent, all things considered.

NRR: We're headed to the mountains tomorrow night, so I'm packing and cleaning like crazy. My in-laws are flying in on Saturday and coming up, and then they decided to stay for 10 days (fish and visitors, anyone? eyesroll.gif) so it meant we needed to clean the house because we can't stay up there that whole time. Ugh. I'm so not a fan of the whole come and stay at two places thing, not least because 10 days is a long time to to spend all together every single waking moment. Apparently they stay at a hotel when they go visit BIL and his wife. banghead.gif Oh well. I'm bringing my bike up, so at least I'll have some alone time on runs and rides. And when I wash diapers at the laundromat.
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Yeesh, lisa. goodvibes.gif for enduring ILs...

alex~Step away from the pee sticks, woman! You'll just make yourself crazy with them! orngbiggrin.gifhug.gif

6 mile trail run. Where we got rained on, but not as hard as the storm earlier. There was lots of lightning, too. But it's a lot less frightening when you're in the middle of a forest than when you're on your bike in the middle of nowhere! I'm tired. Oh, and that homework I mentioned earlier? Is sooooo not getting done tonight! bag.gif
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Thread Starter 

Hi everyone. I spent the last 48 hours in Asheville, NC, talking about institutionalizing undergraduate research. (somewhat) interesting to me, but the "team" from my university ....  snore. And as usual with these kinds of workshops: very tiring mentally. And then I wanted to do my own thing and didn't feel like I could tell the dean to shove it so I could go for a run. Breakfast was at 7, we worked until 930pm. No running for me.  And my husband apparently did not pick up the house in my 2 days away, nor is there any milk or fruit missing from the fridge. Cheese and chips: those are gone. LOL.

Zub: sending you lots of thoughts of peace in how this is all shaking out. I can't find the "om" guy, but this is for you --->  namaste.gif


Jaygee: I see a bathroom floor in your husband's future. Geez why is it that our partners, who adore us even, sometimes say just the wrong thing? On coughing, honestly what works best for us is tea and honey. Warm tea. Hard to administer to a semi-sleeping child though.


Real: When we moved to a bigger house my inlaws stopped staying at a hotel. It's a mixed bag. I feel your pain.


The gov't is shut down here in Minnesota. 4th of July weekend. Great.


Off to work a bit more, so I can spend the afternoon with the kiddies.

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Thanks for all the support, Dingo Mamas.  Seriously, he means well, and he's probably right (I've gained about 8 pounds in the last couple of months).  It frustrates me that the man weighs the EXACT SAME amount as he did when we met in spite of eating ice cream every single night, being injured and unable to play soccer for the last 2 months, and a strong penchant for chips.  Not Fair!  Pout.....


We're packed up and ready to go.  I'm taking an internet hiatus on vacation, so I'll see y'all in about two weeks!

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