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Originally Posted by zubeldia View PostWhat is also difficult is that I am not feeling the same symptoms to the same extent... but then again I am only 4 weeks pregnant. I do remember having very sore breasts at this point but I am still nursing and I dont know if that makes a difference.


Zub - Each pregnancy is going to be totally distinct, so you don't need to worry if you feel completely unlike you did the last time.  It'll be okay!



Originally Posted by kerc View Post


nor is there any milk or fruit missing from the fridge. Cheese and chips: those are gone. LOL.




:)  I love that we notice those things immediately.  Do guys notice that kind of thing or are we just naturally inclined to detective work?


Ali G is taking the summer off of her preschool/daycare.  Today is her first day off.  I'm really looking forward to having her around more, if only C felt the same way!


Gotta go push the swing.  Even though it is 51 and cloudy. cold.gif


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RR: help dingos!!  One of my toes seems to be getting numb?  I'm not sure because it just feels like my sock is bunched up under my toe, although it's not.  So strange!  new shoes  but exact same brand/kind/not a new version, etc. 



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Lisa - Maybe the shoes just need to be broken in?  I used to have that happen, but mostly in the winter when my toes were cold.  But, sometimes if I wore socks that were too thick, it would happen too.  It would go away when I warmed up (like after about 1.5 miles).


Zub - I was going to say what Plady said.  Every baby is different.  Symptoms can be different too.  Don't judge this pregnancy based on the last one. 


Kerc - I would have totally noticed untouched fruit while the junk got eaten!


JG - I don't think that people that have no weight issues, no food issues, and stay a constant size/shape are risking life and limb to comment on people's size and shape that do have issues, regardless of how well meaning a place it comes from! 


No RR today, but I did work from 6-10am this morning.  This mama needs a nap!

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RR: 4.62, and weights.


Clean pancakes that rocked after!


1/3 cup oats

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

pumpkin puree (substituted for 1/2 banana)

1 TBSP each of wheat germ and ground flax seed

3 egg whites (I used regular egg beaters)


topped with natural (no sugar or artificial sweetener) blackberry jam= YUMMY!!!


NRR: received a raise at work which I didn't even know was possible.  I work for my church and just thought coffee shop and receptionist type jobs were flat rate forever.  So that was a nice surprise yesterday! 


Can't remember what else I wrote, have a great Friday everyone!



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Congrats on the raise!!!!

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Bec~ Thanks!  for the congrats and the reminder of what was on my orignial post!1  THank you for the input about the shoes!  I'll try my older (thinner) socks and see if that helps and also give them time to break in!  Thanks for the great feedback!!  Hugs!

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RR: Oh. My. Goodness. Bike/C25k brick today was a SLOG. Esp. the bike. I had to cut off the highest resistance portion of the 5 minute chunks, and extend the other portions just to survive. I seriously could NOT do level 11, whereas a week ago I was kicking a** and taking names. I'm telling you, progesterone is like methadone or something for this mama. I usually wake at 5:45, but after O-ing I drag my sorry self out of bed at 7:15! It's crazy. But the run part was still strong. I luxlove.gif the running part

I found two sprint triathlons at the end of the summer. The first one happens two weeks after I get back from a two week road trip redface.gif So maybe that could be a warm up, as the second is two weeks later and on the same course (or at least the swim is). Question/Concern is, can I really "train" for the run? I think if I put any standards around my running I'm in for trouble... I know I could complete 3 miles, but I also know I'm competitive and will want to see just how fast I can do it. Hmm...

NRR: I'm trying to cut back on sugar sugar, because I tend not to restrict my diet much as I am mostly a whole foods eater. But I do eat A LOT of chocolate (too much sugar and caffeine). Both Dh and I are coming to terms with entering middle age. We're both "skinny-fat" (although me less fat these days thumb.gif) so we can get away with eating not so great, but we should be eating better for health and longevity. That's just so geriatric! orngtongue.gif

RM: That usually happens to my feet when I get new shoes (which obviously hasnt happened in a long time). My feet get numb for the first 5-10 runs. I always thought the shoes were to cushy (why would that matter, I dont know), but as soon as they got broken in a bit, my feet felt normal
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Hi mamas.


I am exhausted from two days of nonstop driving. I am discouraged from seeing yuck house after yuck house, unsuitable house, too far away houses, and generally nasty houses.


I am sick with a UTI from not drinking enough (being in the car) and holding in my pee for hours (being in the car). I am stressed that I can't seem to get this done. 


I miss my dh. Now we don't know when he's coming up because the movers are trying to pull shenanigans and delays. And if I can't find a house soon enough the stuff will have to go into storage which makes it that much more difficult to get it up here because then you have to wait for a truck to be coming up the right way. UGH UGH UGH


No run since Wednesday. That has been the only run this week. And now that I've started abx, my stomach is uneasy. So who knows if I'll run again this week.


I need a four day nap. Ugh.

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hug2.gif - Nic  I hope you find a great house and start feeling better. 


Sparkle - I think I would take being skinny fat over fat fat (which is where I'm at! Sheepish.gif).  Good luck with the eating, though.  I know if I could just cut out most of my sugar/carbs, I would be a healthier person. 


Speaking of health, I am dragging butt today!  Getting up at 5am (even going to sleep around 9:30) has not agreed with me! 


Oh, and RM - Those pancakes sound delish!

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Congrats, Lisa! And hug.gif, nic!

Class this morning was boooooooorrrrriiiinnnnnggggg. Snoozefest. So much so that I had to come home and take a 3 hour nap. bag.gif After which I really was not motivated to go do anything, but I knew I had to. The original plan was to go swim, but I was getting really worried about trying to fit my long run in before a 50 mile ride tomorrow, so I decided to get that done tonight instead. I was too wimpy to run in the heat outside (which really wasn't even that bad), so I went to the Y to hamster wheel it. 90 minutes, a little over 8.5 miles done. Tomorrow, 50 miles on the bike with lots and lots of climbing. I'm a teensy bit scared.

In the meantime, I have cherry brown butter bars in the oven for tomorrow night's cookout with friends. The batter is RIDICULOUS. It almost didn't make it in the pan, it's that good.
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Nic, I hope the house-hunting takes a turn for the awesome.


I *finally* have my room more or less packed - I bought books without taking into account how much space I (don't) have. But I think it'll work. I'm really sad my seminar is over but think the experience was really good for me and will bear fruits professionally.


RR: nice 4m, although I was super-slow since I'm recovering from a bad cold. Now onto NE, then MT... my head is kind of spinning!

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Nic, I know that stress all too well. I hope things turn around swiftly.
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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
 Now onto NE, then MT... my head is kind of spinning!

hmm. will we overlap? (17th-25 ish in Glacier)


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Kerc, we're leaving the 19th, iirc! PM me and we'll see if we can meet up! I'm currently stuck at the airport in DC - my flight home got delayed from 4:45 to 10:55. Sigh. I'm watching a Netflick on the Weatherman Underground, have gotten a few new books for the Kindle, eaten dinner and a cookie, and am trying not to be disgruntled.

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Holy climbing ride, ladies. I mean, I knew this ride was going to be tough and have a lot of climbing, but honestly....I had NO idea what we were getting into. And apparently we did the loop the harder way. Who knew?! It was just over 50 miles, with nearly 8000 ft of climbing. Every time we thought that the worst climbing was done, we would hit another climb. And then another. Oh yeah, and one more. It was gorgeous, though. And worth it. Just probably the hardest ride I've ever done. I think if my friends would have had the energy to push me off one of the many cliffs we rode by, they probably would have. orngtongue.gif I definitely feel a lot more prepared for the Courage Classic, though. Just three more weeks! yikes.gif And another ride tomorrow...easier and shorter, but at altitude.

After my ice bath and shower, I went to a friend's for a cookout. It was a really nice, low-key evening, and I got home in time to get to bed relatively early!
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RM - Thanks for posting that recipe!  I'll have to try that!


Gaye - Recipe?  What's the state of our Dingo food blog?  And what a ride! 


Penelope  - Hope you made it home without too much exhaustion.


Nic - Awesome house vibes for you.


I haven't got anything cool to report.  Just a busy day prepping for the parade tomorrow.  It's a big deal in this town and this year it's dedicatd to the theatre so I've got a little group of kids from the show last fall marching in their costumes and today they are coming over to decorate the trailer and turn it into a float.  Oh frack, I just realized I left some signs outside last night and it rained.  Better go see if they can be saved.




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Plady, have fun, and I hope you post some pics!!


Nic, that just sounds dreadful... Any luck this weekend?


Gaye, the pic you posted on FB was gorgeous.... both the view and of you. Nice climbing.


Well, still seemingly pregnant, but nervous. Honestly it helps to get some reassurance so I really thank you guys. Did I mention that we have sold our house to the town (who are putting a road through out very old farmhouse?)/ This week we sign the contract for our new house-to-be-built. This will turn my almost hour commute into a 10 minute one and it's very near a state park and beach. We're feeling super lucky about it as it must be the only Southern Maine coast that is remotely affordable... and we can walk to the beach where there are also a lot of running trails. Perfect.


I have really cut way back on my training as I am so worried that I'll cause something to happen but I have been running quite a bit, just slowly and with a lot of water breaks and walk up inclines. Today we went on a family run and managed 6 slow miles. I've been really enjoying my running this past week as I am going much slower lol.gif Did any of you run through pregnancy? I wasn't running when I was pregnant with DS and because of bad hypermesis in the first tri I didn't do anything at all. I tended to use the elliptical at the gym towards the end.... I was planning on riding my bike outside until the 2nd trimester (all being well)... but would appreciate your thoughts and experiences.



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irked.gif I thought I had a date with a girlfriend tonight for dinner and then some fireworks. Except it's now 7 pm, and I haven't heard from her. I called and left a voicemail 2 hours ago and then called again 45 minutes ago and nothing. I was starving (funny how that happens when all you've had to eat since 8 am is sport beans, a snickers, and some cheetos rolleyes.gif), so I said screw it and went and picked up some Qdoba. I certainly don't hope that anything happened to my friend, but if I'm just being blown off, that's not cool. greensad.gif

plady~http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/06/cherry-brown-butter-bars-new-video-project/ orngbiggrin.gif

ride report~Another fabulous Colorado ride. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living here? love.gif Today was a ride with my CC team up in Leadville. I've never been up to Leadville before, and it's GORGEOUS. We rode from town to Turquoise Lake and around. For some reason, I thought a ride around a lake would be flat-ish. Um, yeah. Definitely NOT. lol.gif Scenery? Check. Flat? Nope! 25-ish miles, and my legs are toasts. And somehow I have to do that (plus a whole lot more) three days in a row?! Holy crap...

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Gaye that photo is gorgeous and not just the background scenery!!!


In the category of Things You Can't Post on Facebook but Can at MDC:


Dear 5 year old ds, I'm so glad I nursed you til you self weaned at 3 and I'm even more glad you still feel so close to your mama. But please do not feel me up in public because at some point in this lifetime I'd like my breasts to revert to my own personal property. Thanks so much. Love, Mama.





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Nic - Did we trade 5 year olds when I wasn't looking?  Because mine does that ALL.THE.TIME!!!!


I don't have any running to report, but I did work this evening.  It involved boxing a lot of things up, climbing up and down a ladder, hanging signage.  This last involved climbing up a very tall ladder, sticking things into ceiling tile only to have it fall down on me, all the while trying to make sure nothing lands in the product below the signage, stay balanced on the very tall ladder and make sure the signage is centered.  Adrenaline junky. That's me. 


But, I do have a 5k tomorrow that I forgot to tell everyone about!  It's the Freedom Classic that my town puts on every 4th of July!  I've done it every year since I started running, so it has become a tradition.  I have no expectation of any spectacular performance, but am going to have a nice run with DH.  None of the kids are doing it this year, but I imagine they will want to do the 1 mile kids' run.  I also hope to get a bike ride in tomorrow after the race.


Gaye - I soooooo wish I had anything nearly that pretty around here! 

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