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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Anyone have a hard time regulating their temperature after a long run?  I had lots of troubles in the winter, and I figured it was largely a result of spending so much time outdoors in cold temps.  Today I finished the 12 miles at 74F.  I also weighed myself before and after, and replaced the 6 pounds of fluid that went missing in those two hours with water + EmergenC.  (& eggs & sausage & toast & potatoes & coffee w/cream).  Yet, all day today, I've been sitting under a blanket if the a/c is on, and I've been wearing slippers on the hardwood floors.  Otherwise, I feel fine.  Not even sleepy like I often am after upping the miles.



(How is the above not running related?) Did you shower after the run? Whenever I get warm or cold I need a bath to regulate my temp. Apparently I need the 10 minutes at the same temp to feel better. WTG on the 12 mile run!





I showered today and spent longer than I normally do naked in front of the mirror. I should really do that more often.


I didn't run today. Instead I spent 2 hours gardening and I'm sore all over. Someone pressed the "on" button for summer. Thursday and Friday I was wearing long sleeves and pants. Today and yesterday: 75 and sunny. It was time to get the tomatoes out in the yard and a friend was passing along a bunch of perennials + squash. I have a strict policy of planting whatever I bring home on that very day so I needed to rearrange the garden to allow for all those new plants. It isn't perfect, but it is better.


Mel that bump sounds crazy. I have no idea.


Sparkle hope the pt helps soon.


And now I'm off to plan my week. Geo: I think we won't be able to connect. My kids were moaning and groaning about the drive the day after the flight....


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Sparkle, my hair is also falling out. I am blaming many stressors. I've been told desalinated water makes people here lose hair, but I'm humming when people say that, and like I said, chalking it up to stress. Your illness, career-changing and general stresses could easily be causing your hair to fall out. I've had it happen before.


Geo, I also have temp trouble after long runs, no matter the season. I get cold, and nothing really warms me up for the rest of the day. Next day, I am always fine.


Got the shoes on, heading down to the gym, and then dragging my kids to the beach this morning. Dd is such a crank. eyesroll.gif

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

(How is the above not running related?) Did you shower after the run? Whenever I get warm or cold I need a bath to regulate my temp. Apparently I need the 10 minutes at the same temp to feel better. WTG on the 12 mile run!


I showered right away, though it was fast because I was taking DS out to breakfast.  However, each of the last several long runs I've taken long showers with much of the same problem.

One more:  Anyone get post-long run insomnia?  I'm about 50-50 of not sleeping through the night after a long run.  Otherwise I feel fine.  Not sore or stiff at all. I'm not particularly thirsty or hungry, just wide awake.


Bummer about the visit. :(  Are you staying through the weekend or even Friday?  Can we drive to meet you?


Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

A Flicker? Or some other woodpecker relative...


That's it!  Northern flicker.  Dingos rock.




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Morning Dingos.


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL WITH STUDENTS TODAY!!!! Yeah, I'm yelling that! energy.gif


Actually I will miss some of them very, very much. But I have never been so unequivocally happy about the school year ending. I'm ready to move forward.


Oh, as for Spain...it was part of a promo thing for race directors. So not really 100% self-gratification.


I did manage my run yesterday, did 11 miles despite the neck thing. Oddly during the run (once I stretched a bit and warmed up) it was fine. It cramped up again in the night so now I'm uncomfortable. I get these sometimes and they totally suck but eventually they go away. You want to know something weird? When I had the Mirena IUD I had it all. the. time. The entire year I had that thing in, I had neck cramps. Localized hormones, my butt. I was a mess from that. Progesterone and I do NOT get along.


I got a shipment of kosher beef the other day (grass fed etc.) and we had  a bbq last night. It was fun but man, oh man, it did NOT agree with me. I have not had red meat in nearly a year and I guess my body -- although craving it -- cannot deal with it very well. So today we have an easy light eating day.


I am wearing a great running shirt today my students bought me. It says "She Kicks Butt" lol.gif They want me to play basket ball and run with them today so I guess we will. Last day and all...


Good Day Dingoes!



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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Bummer about the visit. :(  Are you staying through the weekend or even Friday?  Can we drive to meet you?

Sharing this here vs. email because (a) it is exciting and (b)the story is cute.

(a) Erik and I are going to a wedding in Erie, Pa. and we're leaving the kids with Gma and Gpa. That's it, we'll be KID-FREE, 100% kid free, overnight. For the first time in 8.5 years!  Woot!

 (so I don't know our travel plans yet).


(b). Last night we were talking about it and Leah really wants to come. She especially wants to come because she wants to visit her 92 year old almost blind Great Grandma (we call her Nana). It went something like this:

Erin - "How long is the drive, because I want to see Karen, but I want to know what I'm getting into."

Me - About as long as to Anika's house (her cousin).

Erin -- I don't remember it being that long?

Me - That's because last time we left Nana's house and went from there. She's pretty close to Nana. Also she's pretty close to Natalie (BBM's daughter).

Leah - (smiling and jumping up and down) can we go see Nana?


So Friday is a possibility. I need to talk to Erik about our travel plans and what he has going on. I think he made plans for us on Thursday, but I just need to check in.

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Geo ~ I occasionally have trouble sleeping after long runs and long rides, especially if I did them later in the day.  It's irritating.


kerc ~ WOOT on the kid-free night!!!!


Nic ~ happy last day of school!!!!  You've taught those kids more than they realize.


Jo ~ glad to hear that you're running smile.gif.


RR ~ 3.1 miles this morning.  Man, am I slow at 6:00am, but I really am enjoying running first thing.  I am also going to go to spin class later this morning, but it feels good to have a run in the books already.


Kids are bugging me for the computer, so gotta go!!!



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Nic ~ Have a good last day!!!


Jo ~ Thinking of you!  I hope things smooth out.


NRR~Back to the grind this week.. I could tell it was a Sunday night because I slept awful.  I was up every hour or so from 1-6, dd was awake for an hour in the middle of the night having a snack, and the girls will be here in about 5 minutes for the day.  We are still awaiting news about estimates on the house, but I think we are going to counter offer a lower price because of the work needed and take it from there.


Wednesday is the big ultrasound. babyboy.gif babygirl.gif

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Kerc, that is so cool that your DD is so excited to see her great-grandma! I love that.

JG, definitely, that is a great way to kick-start the day. says the lady who bagged on her RP at 6 am...
Jen, I'm hoping everything goes smoothly with the counter-offer. Buying can be so stressful, but chances are good that the sellers will work with you, right?

Nick, HOORAY for the last day of school with students!


No running today and probably tomorrow, too. The bump on my knee is gone, but I just feel wary of the whole thing and want to take it easy. Besides, I was short on swimming and biking last week, so that's what I'll focus on this week.


Now back to work!



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Geo - I have always had trouble sleeping after long runs/hard workouts, and I have discovered what I think is the cause, and may also have to do with your temp regulation. I will give you the very short version: I think it has to do with stress on the hypothalamus. The reason I think this is a long story. Its possible to undo that stress, but in lieu of that, you could try taking Cal-Mag nearing bedtime. I typically take mine then, one around dinner and one right after the kids go to bed, so by the time Im ready to sleep I have about 500 mg. of Mag. on board. It helps

More later, I have to get these kids and myself ready and out the door. Weight circuit today. Dh will take kids to 3 different places/camps but I do ALL the prep (breakfast, clothes, lunches, sunscreen, paperwork) and then WAKE HIM UP when they are all ready to go :eyeroll Better get back to it
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Chalk me up as another one who has trouble sleeping after long runs/rides. Heck, even after dancing hard at a wedding. bag.gif

No luck on meeting up with mandy yesterday...it sounds like she had too much fun over the weekend to squeeze it in. winky.gif

Trying to get my day/week planned out, and I can't believe how crazy busy it is. I have no idea where I'm going to fit some runs in, even though I desperately need to. I'm so focused on this bike ride (as well I should be) that I keep forgetting that I have a half-ironman two weeks after. Which, you know, involves RUNNING A HALF-MARATHON.

Nonetheless, I think I'm going to skip the run today and do spin class and a swim at the Y. And then run about 12 errands before a meeting tonight. Back to class tomorrow, whoopee.
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It is very typical of me to not be able to regulate my body temperature after a long run, regardless of whether I have showered.  I also have a hard time settling down to sleep if I have a workout later in the day. 


Speaking of sleeping, I am so tired!  I really slept in this morning, but am still so sleepy!!! I'm going in search of coffee!  Planning a mostly rest day today.  The kids want to go to the pool, which will happen this afternoon when it heats up.  I think wrangling them will be enough exercise for today!!!

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Another who has a hard time sleeping.   As an extra bonus, it also hits me after a birth, even if I've been up for days.  I swear it has something to do with residual adrenaline.


Finishing my academic submissions for the quarter today.  Did less than I should.  I suck at self paced academics, big time.


Did 5.5 yesterday, in the weekend tradition of leaving my house and running to somewhere/until I hit my desired distance, then calling DH to pick me up.  This is so much easier on me mentally than looping during the week.  I've implemented some tweaks to my form as suggested by the PT after the horrific treadmill incident.  I'll be damned if it isn't working.  I feel like I'm somehow squatting when I'm running, but I did a bit of work in front of a mirror and I don't look nearly as weird as it felt when I started, and now it's coming naturally.  I'm landing way lighter, my legs are tired but equally so, I feel like I have more power, and I don't have any lingering pain after a run.  When I got home, I slapped on the new VFF's and did .30 mile, and suddenly felt like I could actually run some distance in them at some point.  I could feel my calves, but no lingering soreness, so I'm going to add a bit of distance in them gradually.  Is it wrong that I wish they were less ugly?


Back to the Y today, my first real day back at my regular time.  I'm expecting to see a million people I know- the place really is like family instead of a snooty club.  I'm half excited, half dreading it, just because it's going to be a lot of people I know and haven't seen in a year.  Kind of like walking back into Cheers after a year away.  Then off to Costco with Courtney, who has the day off of school- because their school trip ran into a Saturday, they had to give the teachers today off as a trade for working a weekend day, as the district doesn't have the money to pay them for extra time. In the same vein, Ellie gets out of school a week before Courtney because their school is moving buildings, and using those last days of school (snow make up days) is the only way they can give the teachers paid moving time.  Oh, the joys of budget cuts!

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Ca/Mg, huh.  That's a good suggestion -- I'll try it.  Certainly can't hurt, right?  Thanks.

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Nic, have a terrific last day!


memiles, I think the VFFs are ugly, too. I like some of the pretty barefoot shoes, but have yet to see pretty runners.


kerc, have an awesome kid-free night! And hopefully a great visit with Geo.


tjsmama, good luck finding run times!


Jen, I'm guessing girl :)


I sleep like a rock. Anywhere, anytime. The only time I've ever had insomnia was around the time I night-weaned each kid. I should have withdrawn from the oxytocin sleep more slowly...


RR- Waiting for a call from the acupuncturist for a visit this week. And otherwise gardening like and counting it as my workouts...





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Hi !! I missed the end of may and beginning of June. I read to catch up but can't remember all I wanted to post on. For some reason I have not gotten email updates again.

RR: ran 7+ this morning then did weights and body weight work out.

My friend has asked me to train her so she has started coming over 3 times a week. It has been fun Shari g work outs with her. She had gastric bypass 8 years ago and has lost a ton of weigh already.
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Well, the rest day turned into a 5+ mile run in 90+ degree heat and humidity!  Good hot weather training, but phew! It came because my husband is working from home, and my friend is going to be leaving town to travel around the country while her kids are staying with grandparents for the next month or so (they do this every summer).  Her job is such that she just needs a wifi connection and a laptop.  So, she's planning on camping and driving around on her own.  I'm really jealous of her being able to do this, and think it is going to be an amazing trip for her, but I'm going to miss her like crazy.  So, when the opportunity came up to get out with her, I jumped at it!  We were going to have a small bike ride as well, but the heat slowed our run down to such an extent that I needed to get back to the kids.  Probably for the best, because she did finish up the bike ride (we had driven to a spot, run home and were planning on riding back to get the car) and said there was a horrific headwind.  She really struggled with that 15 minute bike ride back!  Anyway, I took the kids to the pool and we all cooled off.  It was fun.  It's a nice community pool (exactly what JG wants) with slides, a lazy river, but enough space for kids to spread out.  We saw a bunch of kids that we knew, so it was nice for all the kids.


I meant to comment on the toe.  Penelope - Wear your sandals and don't worry about what your toe looks like!  If it is sensitive, you could always put a bandage, but appearance should have no bearing on it!


Nic - Enjoy your last day!!

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Hey, Dingos!


Geo, I am usually cold after a run.  Right now I am wearing a long sleeve T and it's 75-80.


Which means.. I ran today!  First time in a week and I am glad I got out there.  It was too dang hot, and a struggle.  But I got out and that's good enough for me!


Jen- Yay on the US!  Are you finding out the sex?  Sharing that info??  :)



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woot! WTG, Nemesis!


memiles, I am glad you're feeling good back "home" at the Y. I miss mine, for sure. In a short time, I had some peeps there. And it was just such a nice, relaxed place. And now, as I try to price fitness joints here, I realize what a bargain my $64/month was for a family membership.


RM, very cool that you're helping your friend with her fitness. And awesome that she's taking the next step to build her cardio and strength now that she can. This is wonderful.


JenLove, lurk.gif


Third for three today. I did 40 min of intervals on the elliptical, secretly racing the calorie count of a woman on a bike next to me who started 15 minutes before I did. It wasn't personal, but I don't have music anymore, TV is news, sports or really, really misogynistic Arab music videos. So between intervals and a "calorie race," I had something to fixate on besides "holy heck, this is dull and I can't do anything physical outside." Which isn't true; I can swim. But I'm still not comfortable enough swimming that I can do a proper cardio workout that way. Without drowning. Anyway, after above cardio, I did my squats, bicycle crunches, leg lifts and stretches.


And I figured out the hip: it's textbook, word-for-word bursitis. It's been how many months (6? 7?) and the pain has essentially gone from sharp to dull. It hurts when I stand up from sitting (particularly in the car), and when I lie on my side (either side, worse on the injured one). When we get moved in, I am going to find a PCP and try to see about a cortisone shot. Might also get one for the trigger finger, which has been locking up often. I wonder whether I just have some sort of generalized, anxiety-caused whole-body inflammation.


And I have a plan to manage all that: a house close to the beach. winky.gif With jasmine-shaded walking paths to the chilled pool, a quiet garden, a public library up the street, and two green, beautiful public parks within walking distance (in sub-40-temps, anyway). I'm starting to feel ready to write. I think dh's 3-weeker to Saudi will be when I really get going. Did I mention that, like an idiot, I posted my resume online and got an inquiry almost immediately? duh.gif I don't think this position will pan out anyway; pretty sure it's FT, which I won't do. And my relocation pro reassured me that I should a) wait; and b) work PT, freelance, from home. Because the opportunities will be there, if I want them, once I start networking. And I want at least a semester free with the kids in school and dh working, to develop a strong relationship with the beach--ahem, I mean the neighbors. orngtongue.gif But nice to have the ego stroke for the qualifications.


Meeting a new friend today. Thrilled for dd to be meeting another 7yo, and hoping to just have a relaxing visit inside a home! Inside an actual home for only the second time since we came here. OMG.


Great day to you ladies...blowkiss.gif

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Jo, it sounds like some swim lessons could be a good investment for you.  I took lessons a few years ago with the stated goal that I wanted to be able to swim laps for exercise.  My teacher got my stroke enough more efficient that I could build from there.  I still do free style one direction and breast stroke the other way, but I can count on being able to get a workout there when it's too hot to run outside.


I took Ca before bed last night, and despite the fact that I woke up at midnight, I did manage to go back to sleep.  So maybe there's something there?  I'd need to get some Mg to try that as well.

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Geo ~ glad the Calcium worked for you!


Jooj ~ I agree with Geo that a set of swimming lessons, just to be comfortable in the water, might be just what you need.  Kudos to you for getting on the elliptical and doing the best with what you've got there!  How's your DD faring with the heat?  Hopefully she's becoming better acclimated.


Nemesis ~ Yay for a run!!!


bec ~ SO envious of your community pool!!!!


RM ~ I think you'd make a great trainer.  Have fun!


memiles ~ cool on the VFFs.  Have you seen the Merrell barefoot running shoes?  They don't have individual toes, but have the same sole as VFFs.  The Mary Jane style is SO cute, but not for running.  The runners aren't bad looking either though...  I'm thinking about getting a pair.


No run this morning greensad.gif.  I woke up with a terrible sore throat, earache, swollen gland in my neck and a one-sided headache.  Hope it goes away.  Lots of other stuff to do today, including making the LAST payment on my backyard!  Yes, that means it's DONE!  I'll take pictures  and post later, because I need some ideas on what to do with it.

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