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Nemesis ~ Yes, we plan on finding out the sex.  I am sure it will be on facebook/twitter tomorrow night. :)


Jo ~ That darn hip.  Have you looked into maybe a gf or paleo/primal diet to relieve inflamation?


I'm off to finish up the things for our tea party today.  GF bread and egg salad, homemade granola bars, gf and sugar free brownies, gf and sugar free zucchini muffins, and fruit salad and veggie sticks.  I made sun tea and then we'll have a pot of hot tea too.  I hope it's fun for the girls. :)

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Jenlove - that tea party sounds so good! yummy.gif

Jo - oh my, your new house will be lovely. Take some swim lessons girrrl! And congrats on the ego boost winky.gif

Jaygee - I hope whatever is going on resolves quickly and easily. Bummer!

Geo - lol.gif I dont know if Ca does anything, except for my bones. I just take my Ca/Mag together b/c they come in the same pill. Mag is a muscle/anxiety relaxer, which means it can cause loose stools and/or cramping if you take too much. I find that over 800 mg. does that but my Ca/Mag pill is 500/250, so two of those two hours apart in the evening and I have 500 mg of Mag in before bed shrug.gif Works for me ..... that said, I am in the progesterone phase (hello coma) of my cycle and waking at 6am at the latest. Whatev. Too much exercise lol.gif

RR: Yesterdays weight circuit was hard! Its the same one I do all the time, but I was breathing hard after each set and yawning A LOT. Clearly I wasnt getting enough O2, but why that happened I dont know. I did lose a few pounds last week (3; not trying, just running around I guess) so maybe Im glycogen deficient. Must eat eat.giflol.gif

With weights I do mostly what the trainer showed me that one time, and then mix it up with some stuff I want to do (pull ups). Her stuff is all using multiple muscle groups and often moving across the mid-line in the same activity, so there is lots of balance and by default core involved. Some I cant stand (hard) and I just push through, and others I love because I feel so strong and feel it working. One of those is to get in plank/push up position with each hand on one dumb-bell/bar-bell (?) - I do 15lb in each - so you know, you are gripping the handle in each hand, and then you do "lawnmowers", so pull one weight up off the floor like you are starting a lawnmower, but make sure to keep your hips completely flat and parallel to the floor. No tipping from side to side. Dont use your back! (use your sucked in core for balance)

Today I am considering going for a, wait for it .... run! I would do some form of walking and running, probably on a 4 mile loop I like. Im nervous about the knee/leg, so not sure if this is very wise. I just wanna. Alternately, dh really wants me to go on a bike ride with him. Did I tell you he got me a road bike for my bday (March). I havent used it yet. So he's been very eager to get me on it. Sigh. I just dont love riding around here.
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Morning Dingos!


JenLove - That sounds like quite a feast!  How old are the girls you're entertaining?


Geo - It's been so long since I've done a long run I might be having false memory syndrome but I think I had that all-over chill after anything over 12 miles.  It was like my body had spent all it had for the day so homeostasis was too much to ask.


JayGee - I'm sorry about that pool.  It sounds disgusting and I'd have been livid to pay that much to get in and find it overcrowded and filthy.  too bad they don't have an occupancy limit.  Maybe you can find out the cleaning schedule and try on a fresher day.


Penelope - Late to the party but of course you should wear whatever is comfy.  If someone gets grossed out that's the price they pay for over-nosiness.


Bec - What a play area!  My kids would be in heaven!  In fact, you've inspired me to figure something out for them.  One more week of school to get it done.


Jo - I'm impressed that you're getting fitness in with all the newness.  It sounds lovely and the reverse of all the popular left-the-corporate-life-of-luxury-to-live-the-small-farm-life memoir - It sounds like a perfect place to get down to quieter business, I can't wait to read your book.


Memiles - I got myself a pair of VFFs from that link you posted too.  Thanks!  And yeah, they're weird all right. Looking anyway.  they're super comfy, today I'm going to try an actual run in them.  I just got plain black because I thought they'd be the least obviously strange.


MelW - I hope you get a do-over for a quiet solo weekend.  It's just not fair to be looking forward to that and have it whisked away.  At least the weather was as nice as I've ever seen it here, wasn't it? 


Nic - congrats on your year.  I know it will hardly go down in your history as a favorite but it seems to have really set the stage for you becoming more sure of yourself.  I'm a little skeptical about the race-directing-as-excuse-for-Spanish-vacay.  Maybe it's time to say you get to book your trip because A) you're an adult and B) you want to go.


Dh and I had a really good time being away.  The kids were fine with my mom and the weather could not have been more perfect.  We'd gone off-island on Friday afternoon and did some thrift shopping and found a nice little burger bar for beers and off-the-wagon chow.  Then we stayed in mt. Vernon for the night so I could return some stuff I'd bought on my last off-island trip.  Lucky we did too because at 6:20am on Sat I suddenly realized the tickets to the U2 concert were still in the safe in dh's office! I did one of those epinephrine-to-the-heart-style gasping wake ups.  Happily everyone was already awake at home when we called and they got the tickets and gave them to a nice couple who were walking on the 8 am boat so we just met their ferry and got the envelope.  Whew!  But it would have really sucked had we jetted straight on down to Seattle on Friday night.  The concert was fantastic, as expected.  I've seen U2 4 or 5 times before but not since the early 90's but the rest of the audience had aged right along with me and the band which was simultaneously comfortable and weird.  We were down on the field and so ended up standing for a little of 5 hours in about a 1/5 sq. ft space.  But it was exciting to be so close.  Of course our camera battery died as soon as dh tried to snap some shots of Lenny Kravitz but that was just as well I think, I was happy to just have nothing to do but enjoy the moment.  The next morning we were both so tired and stiff it was ridiculous so we puttered around slowly - hitting Lowes and Goodwills as we headed north, missed the first ferry we tried for because I'd forgotten where I'd stashed my wallet with the passes (in the glovebox) - then we both napped hard on the ferry home.


Now back to farm life.  Dh's ducklings are arriving today or tomorrow and so yesterday I spent the day getting the old small chicken coop ready for them.  Its yard was waist deep in thistle to I started with the machete and ended up with the shop vac cleaning out the coop itself.  Today I'll put down fresh straw and figure out their water and food.  I haven't really got a sense of what ducklings need for sleeping.  Do they just sleep on ground?  Meanwhile dh is still planting and working in the garden.  Planting planting planting.



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I thought I better sneak some time in to post here because we leave for Disney tomorrow and I might not get back here for a week!


Geo - I get the thermal regulation issue with long runs, and also when ever I'm just plain tired.  I have a hard time ever staying warm in the hospital at night if I'm up late for a delivery.  Hydration doesn't seem to matter for me, it seems to be purely related to muscle fatigue.  I'd be interested to see if the Mag helps.  We'll be in Columbus for an hour tomorrow!  We're changing planes there on the way to Orlando.


Jen - I can't wait to hear about the new sprout/sproutette you have in there!  And that tea party does sound fantastic.


1jooj - Good for you making time to exercise!  And wow, not being in an actual residence that long might put me over the edge - glad you get to visit at least soon.  I'm also glad your resume was jumped on so fast - nice to know you're in demand, even if you're not wanting to meet the demand.


Penelope - how are you hanging in there?  Also, in case it still matters - I'd totally wear sandles with or without toenail.  And if you do lose a nail, once the nail bed heals and toughens up, you can actually put nail polish right on the nail bed and it makes it much less noticable (providing you polish the rest of your nails, too!)


kerc - I hope you get a Geo visit, too.  My kids are really missing the idea of dingo camping this year and Caroline is asking about her little dingo friends.


RR - I've been really spotty the last couple weeks, but I did run the last 2 days.  Even before 8 am, it's over 80 and super humid here.  Apparently after a ridiculous long cold spring, we got instant summer.  I might get to run with Paige (HBM) in Disney!  She and her girls are there now, and will be until Saturday I think, so we're hoping to hook up for a run. 


NRR - I'm a mother-in-law!  My son married his beautiful bride on Saturday.  We had an amazing long weekend of it, and a beautiful wedding in which everything seemed to go pretty perfectly.  I have to hand it to my daughter-in-law - she planned everything down to the littlest detail and there were many little personalized touches.  Despite that, she wasn't the least bit bridezilla about it, and could easily go with the flow if things needed to be changed.  I cried a lot, after thinking I'd be okay - there is something about watcing your son stand at the altar with his hands shaking and jaw quivering watching his bride walk down the aisle.  He also gave a lovely toast to her at the reception, including thanking us (his parents) for showing him what it looks like to be in love, and that got me going again.   I'm linking some photos from the wedding here - hopefully this will work.  Wedding pics.

On a funnier note, my dh gave a little speech at the rehearsal lunch that actually included the phrase "make up sex is great."  It got a big laugh out of the wedding party/family - and a second laugh because Chris and I (who look very much alike) apparently both put our hands to our face and made identical "OMG he didn't" grimaces.

We are leaving for Disney tomorrow.  Catherine's high school band is marching there and performing in Dowtown Disney. 

I'm really looking forward to the downtime, but now kind of freaked out because we found out late last night that the house we're buying in MO did not appraise for what we were supposed to pay for it.  Now dh has to spend the day trying to renegotiate and getting this settled.

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Hi everyone. I'd like to join in here if that's ok with you.


I used to run more frequently before I had my daughter Valyn in August 2009, since then I put on a lot of weight and didn't get in much running, which I mainly blaming on the lack of sleep!  I've started doing the couch to 5k running plan and I'm on week 4. I love to run and I'm looking forward to getting back in shape again. biggrinbounce.gif

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Just a quick pop in to share:

I RAN! I think it is a 4 mile loop (because its one I used to do with a neighbor as a walk and I mapped it back in the day). I walked maybe 4 blocks of the whole thing, so Im thinking I ran about 3 - 3.5 miles. There were hills, up and down - gradual ones so not too abusive on the leg, and now, THE leg is tender in the achilles (common from the olden days), my hammy is a little achy, and the back of my knee: nothin'. My achilles is a little sore on the OTHER (left) leg too. But some arnica and foam rolling and A.R.T. today (first visit - I hope it proves useful) should ease that. Tomorrow a rest day.

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Hi gang! 


Jen~congratulations to you and your son!!  How fantastic!


Jenlove~you better share with us!!  :) 


RR: none today, had friends over this morning and stoof outside in heat, sun, humidity for several hours so just came inside to rest.  run and body weight work out planned for tomorrow with my friend. 


NRR; can't think of more right now because 6yo is contstant talking to me right now. 

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DrJen - That wedding looks lovely!  Congratulations!  Have fun in your downtime, I hope the reappraisal goes smoothly.


So Dingos, I've got a mom-induced dilemma.  I've been carting dd around in the burley very happily and feeling good about getting the exercise and not using gas and setting an active example for the kids etc.  Yesterday I took it over to my mom's to drop off some stuff and it was the first time I guess she realized that I actually use it - with dd in it.  So today she drove over specially, just to beg me not to ever do it again. greensad.gif  She outlined an elaborate worst case scenario in which I am crippled and dd is killed (or maimed or crippled etc).  So now I have that weighing me down and sucking the joy out of what had been a truly joyful thing.  Thanks mom.

So what would you do?  We ride 3 miles to and fro on a country road with a moderate but not overly generous shoulder.  It is winding and hilly and the speed limit is 45 for half of it and 35 or less for the other half.  Seriously the whole thing makes me want to crawl into bed and cry (bad timing since AF is imminent too). 




Sparkle - I hope the post-run recovery is a breeze. 

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Thread Starter 

Plady: Do you have a flag for the back still?  I'd ride. Does dd have a helmet? (and you?). What are drivers like there? Here there are a decent number of bikes on the road and people are what we call "Minnesota Nice". Traffic sometimes back up on the highway when the right lane of traffic slows to allow people in the on-ramp to get onto the highway.


It is windy. Great. I'm flying with two kids this afternoon. I hate a bouncy ride. Apparently 20 minutes south of here it is 30 degrees warmer. Helps to explain the strong winds.....


Zip on the exercise front today -- unless you count running around like crazy to get my act together to leave with 2 kids in 2 hours for a week away....


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Ditto what kerc said.  Get a flag.  Wear helmets that fit right.


Accident rates on a bike like you're talking about - daytime, good roads, sane rider, etc, are LOW.  The vast majority of bicycle accidents are at night -- seriously, when accidents make the paper, start checking the time of the accident.  In our area, most have been between midnight and 5 am, where both visibility and lack of expectation are factors, along with last call at the bars.  Others occur on blind curves, and as a consequence of not following law (running red lights, riding on the wrong side of the street.)  I prioritize the real health effects on myself, my kids, and the environment over the very small risk of getting hit.  I also ride safer routes with wider roads, keep myself visible, and pick roads where drivers seem to give be a very wide berth.  Finally, the more bikes that are out there actually decreases accident rates.  If your area has a significant population of cyclists, the number of accidents is actually less than in places it's rare. 


If your mom has really gotten under your skin, see if there's a Leave of American Bicyclists course you can take.  They give very real and practical advice on riding safely and confidently.

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Plady--I'm so sorry your mom stole your joy.  I'd keep riding, too, and make sure everything was as safe as possible.  Kids do a gazillion potentially dangerous things over the course of the day, and it's almost always the things you don't expect where they end up getting hurt.  It must be hard to be a grandparent and feel helpless when you see something that seems to you terribly unreasonable.  My brother, the worrier of the family, is pretty consistently horrified when he finds out the streets where I've been running, and he is vocal about telling me how dumb I am to put myself in such danger.  He's my brother, though, and much easier ignored than my mom.


Jo--I hope you're settling in!  I saw on Facebook today that you posted it was in the 40s, and I thought cold.gif.  I'd imagine that temperature is celsius, although I've never been good at conversions.  Shall I make the assumption that it's ridiculously hot?


doctorjen--Lovely wedding!  I'm so glad things went well!  I hope your son and his wife have a happy future together!


We bought an elliptical machine (the cash hemorrhage continues!) because I'm tired of DH complaining he's too fat to do stuff, so that is exciting to have.  Last night I used it for half an hour and got a pretty awesome workout, which makes me think that next year I can skip the gym membership.  So I guess the cash thing balances out.  I still prefer running, but it's a good alternative for days it's too cold or too chaotic to be out on the roads.


This morning I ran just over 10 miles; I wimped out of my 12.  I'd bought a packpack-style water bag thing, the Bell brand, not the Camelbak, so I wore that for the first time today.  I was happy to have water, and to have a place to store my phone and some candy, but I found it pretty uncomfortable to wear.  And now I feel like I have a bruise right in the center of my spine from the bounching for ten miles.


Today I also have poison ivy and af.gif, so I made homemade bread and we'll have French toast with maple syrup and butter for dinner.  Tons of carbs, fat, AND sugar?  Yup, it's that kind of an evening.

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Congratulations DrJen!!!!!  The pictures look lovely.  Everyone is so happy.  Enjoy your vacation!


Plady - I would ride.  Make sure you have a flag and don't worry about your mom.  I'm sorry she has taken the joy out of your biking!


Rest day here.  It's over 100 degrees, so too hot to do much anyway!  Although, I did try an experiment with Emily to see if we could cook an egg on the driveway (turned out we couldn't).  I also spent most of the day packing for Katie to spend the week away.  Her grandparents are going to Colorado (my mom vends at a show at Estes Park every year), and they are bringing Katie this year.  I'm going to miss her!!!  This is the longest we will be apart, so I'm nervous (she's beside herself excited, though).  My little girl is growing up!happytears.gif

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Thanks for the support Dingos!  I'll keep riding.  We wear helmets, have the flag, use a rear-view mirror to keep an eye on our back, wear bright colors etc.  I'm pretty aware too of what time of day I ride and how much traffic to expect and bikes are a very common sight here, especially in the summer.  I just wish she stopped to consider whether or not I'm normally a high-risk taker.  Does she think I haven't given it any thought?  And being put on the spot out of the blue to defend a choice in that panicked way she has Argh.  But I'm glad that I'm not just one lonely lunatic putting my joy ahead of my child's safety (well, her joy too - she loves it), the more the merrier.


La4 - Sorry your backpack wasn't so comfy.  Maybe you just need to keep fiddling to find the sweet spot?


Kerc - Have a good trip!  I hope the flight is surprisingly steady.

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plady - remember I'm married to safety dad, the emergency room doc who forbids trampolines and bunkbeds for our children. he has never made a peep about me taking the kids in the Burley shrug.gif They wear helmets...

drjen - congratulations!! I laughed at your dh's comment lol.gif

La4 - the eliptical sounds promising on several fronts. Good job on the 10 thumb.gif

NRR: back from A.R.T. and I liked it! Dont know yet if it will help, but it hurt good (emphasis on the hurt!) Seriously, its right behind unmedicated childbirth for me, although Ive never been in a horrific accident (knock wood). Dh and I (who also ran that 4 miles with me this morning with the dog too, VERY rare and nice; he is a bike guy through and through) went to see the house we are consider for a second time b/c we are having a hard time deciding. Its on a beautiful large lot with beautiful trees, and lots of "potential", which basically means potential to spend a lot of money that we could spend on toys, like a white water raft. Decision decisions. In any case, I think we're leaning away from it. I know ya'll were waiting with bated breath. Speaking of which...

Jenlove lurk.gif
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jo~This may be completely obvious and idiotic of me to ask, but have you tried foam rolling? I had bursitis in both hips (related to IT band) and the only thing that cleared it up was a combination of rest and foam rolling. I had been in PT for it with only marginal results, but when I had my knee surgery and couldn't run for about a month, it mostly cleared up. That and the combination of regular foam rolling going forward has kept my hips pretty happy for nearly 3 years now.

drjen~The wedding looks like it was beautiful! Your sewing skills are truly amazing. bow.gif

Welcome, Shannon! joy.gif

plady~Yep, keep on keeping on.

lala~Unfortunately, I think hydration packs are one of those things that you can't really skimp on. greensad.gif I have never had any of the problems you mentioned with my camelbak. The worst I've ever had is some minor chafing when I wore a tank top and didn't body glide and some irritation with the sloshing feeling until I got used to it.

The first day of class was pretty uneventful. I'm still pretty terrified at the prospect of mental health nursing, but at least our professor seems cool. After class, I went for a ride with two classmates who are also doing the Courage Classic. It was a really good ride, although hot. And I apparently am not to be trusted to apply my own sunscreen, because I have giant splotchy burnt sections on my back. rolleyes.gif Tomorrow: class again, followed by a run with friends, followed by a ride with different friends. After which I will take Thursday to rest because I have to work. orngtongue.gif
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Welcome.gif Shannon!


Plady, greensad.gif FWIW, I agree with the others that it is probably safe and fine. Now to just either convince your mom or find a way to calm her fears about it.


DrJen, The wedding weekend sounds wonderful and emotional and fun... everything that a wedding should be. How nice!


Sparkle, Great that the ART feels right to you (if painful).


La, no advice on the water bottle thingy. I've never tried one. Elliptical sounds fantastic, though, both for your DH and you.


RR: rode 22 miles today with a small ladies group. It was fun, except I had a major tire blowout - and by major, I mean loud! Like a firecracker going off! I'm embarrassed to say that I screamed a tiny bit. Thank goodness it was a ladies ride, right? So, tire change right there on a busy road and then the rest of the ride was fine.


Working late tonight. sleeping.gif

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Hi all.  It has been a very long time since I checked in here, but I just wanted to drop in to say thanks to all who gave me support and training ideas when I decided to do a half marathon last June.  I missed that event because I gave the eulogy at my bf's funeral the same day as the race.  She was the one who wanted me to get in shape, lose weight and start running.  After her funeral, I joined Team in Training to raise money for cancer research and planned on running the Nike Womens in SF.  I ended up injuring my foot and knee just a few weeks before that race, and I did PT and rehab all winter. I swear my foam roller and I became one.  I found the most excellent sports doctor who is also a chiropractor.  If you ever have a sports therapy, come to Madison, WI, and see him!!!  Anyway, I trained all over again and ran the Green Bay Marathon (full) last month with Team in Training. YEAH I DID IT!!!   I just started training for the Haunted Hustle full marathon in Middleton, WI, on October 29.  I added some speed and tempo runs to my training to improve my time.  I am also refocusing on my weight loss goal.  I am down 72 lbs, but I have 8 left to go before I hit my goal.  I have learned so much during my weight loss journey, that I am in the final stages of becoming a certified personal trainer to pay it forward.


Hope all is well with you all.  Gaye - how is your friend doing???


I also wanted to highly suggest everyone check out the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training.  It is the most amazing organization you could ever run with. 


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Welcome Shannon!


Congratulations on your marathon, LoveMyBabies!!!!  Way to perservere and get it done.  Good luck with your next marathon.


Dr. Jen ~ awesome wedding pictures!  That church is just about the cutest little place I've ever seen.


Plady ~ I think your Mom is overreacting a little.  I bike with DD2 in the trailer frequently (helmets, etc) and have never really worried about it being unsafe.  You're taking all the precautions.  I'd keep on riding.


sparkle ~ if it hurts that bad, they're doing the ART right!!!  I hope it helps.


Gaye ~ you're getting some good workouts in!


RR ~ got up early and ran 3 in the unbearable heat and humidity (again).  I think I'm getting slower....  The sore throat from yesterday has morphed into a summer cold.  Why can't I go more than a couple weeks without some virus attacking me?!



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Jen, and everyone else w. toenail advice, thank you! I got some beige-pink polish so that the toes all look neutral-but-nice, and I'm just waiting for the inevitable. I think I'll keep some bandaids handy in case I need them but otherwise assume that my toes are not going to attract notice.


Jen, what a lovely wedding. I'm so happy for your family!


Plady, Geo is wise. smile.gif Getting a flag seems like a great idea.


LMB, I'm so sorry about the loss of your bf. Congrats on keeping up with the running and the great marathon!


I've been cycling a bunch, running a little, and am behind on a bunch of things, plus there's a new work-related crisis every three weeks, like clockwork. eyesroll.gif I'm leaving town for a month in about a week and a half and I am So Not Ready. Sigh.


Friday is my dh's last day of work, and he hasn't job-hunted very aggressively. I'm not clear what he is planning. I am feeling equal parts sad and angry and am starting to strategize. <sigh>


Off to bike...

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