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Singapore 1A wkbk question

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I didn't see the need to get the home instructors guide for the first few years, but now we've gotten to a page that I can't figure out what they're wanting us to do. Maybe my brains just not working today. It's in the workbook on page 136. It's a chart that we need to fill in. They give four shapes and you have to fill in the lines horizontally and vertically.

Actually, it looks a bit like sudoku with shapes which probably explains why I haven't the foggiest idea, lol.
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Sorry, we started with 1B. . .maybe by bumping this thread will get you an answer.

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I think the brain is not working today..LOL..just kidding.


When I started with Singapore Math, there were no home instructors guides. Those were written after the fact by differnent people. Read the lesson from the text again and see if you can match it up. I do not have the workbook anymore for 1A otherwise I would go look at it. I always toss them out as the kids finish them. We are on 1B, my younger one is anyway. (my others are on 3A and the older 2 finished the series).

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I am going to guess it is about patterns. What is the matching lesson in the textbook about?

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I figured it out.  I bought an extra practice workbook today for 1A because I felt that ds needed some more work on number bonds and adding/subtracting within 20.  in the back for the "challenge questions" they had a similar chart (along with the answer guide at the back).


Basically the first row of the chart is filled in with shapes in a particular pattern whereas other rows maybe have one or two shapes.  The idea is to use the first row as the pattern and then filling in each row after by figuring out what comes before and what comes after.  Each row and column then also follow the same pattern.


So, for example the first row might have:

triangle, circle, rectangle


The second row just has a circle in the first box and the third row has a triangle in the second box.  To complete the chart it'd be:

1st row triangle, circle, rectangle

2nd row circle, rectangle, triangle

3rd row rectangle, triancle, circle


Now that I know how to figure it out I'm kicking myself a bit because it seems so obvious.  I don't think I'll need an HIG until much further down the road, but I *am* going to buy the answer key since it covers 1A-3B for very little money.  I may never need it again, but I think it will be worth it just to avoid a similar conundrum in the future.


Thank you, though for trying to help me out.  I really appreciate it!

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