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Raw Vegan and Pregnant?

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I am newly raw vegan  and pregnant. I  would love to chat with other moms who are raw vegan and find out how to eating for two. Thanks!

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Definitely check out http://thegardendiet.com


She has done many raw pregnancies, and has an ebook on it, as well as others on raising raw vegan children, and nursing too.


I went through my last pregnancy mostly raw.. and found the biggest difference was I started craving protein like crazy part way though. I added SunWarrior protein powder to my smoothies and that made a huge difference.

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Thanks I will  check it out. This is all so new for me and I have been craving hardboiled eggs like crazy!

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I hadn't eaten eggs in almost a decade.. other than trace amounts occasionally in non raw things I ate. But a few months ago.. nursing a 14 month old and a few months pregnant.. suddenly I HAD to have eggs.. or I was literally going to break down and cry. It was such a physical need. I did have them a few times.. and the need went away. So obviously there was something my body knew it could get from eggs. Not to say there weren't other things that might have satisfied that need.. whatever it was.. but my body was literally screaming eggs. The whole night before I couldn't sleep for wanting eggs... and that is VERY unusual for me.


Jameth Sheridan is a very interesting raw person we have seen speak quite a few times.. he and his wife do have steamed lentils regularly.. and analyzing nutrition he felt with the addition of steamed lentils, the raw diet was much easier to keep balanced. I am probably misquoting.. but that's what we took from it.


Anyhow there are quite a few resources... so read up! And do make you are getting a wide variety of food types... so you get the nutrition you need. You might even want to plug a few days of your food into www.FitDay.com to make sure you are not lacking terribly in any one area. If you are eating lots of greens though it's usually pretty good.

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I've been looking for raw/vegan preggo mamas too!

I have gone raw in the past few months and am now 33 wks along. I eat a cooked vegan meal a couple of times a week, but I feel amazing!


Funny about the egg thing....I had that too last week:)

It's just really hard to find support with eating raw, even from my midwife.....she keeps lecturing me about not gaining enough, and although I feel terrific, and eat alot MORE than I used to before going raw, it's still like this taboo thing.

It's so irritating, I find it has me second guessing myself at times, and constantly checking if I am gaining or not. (I have gained 19 lbs. so far)


Anyway...I'm stoked to find this thread!

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I ADORE the Garden Diet website!  It is such a great resource!

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I'll have to check that one out, I've never heard of it!

I really enjoy the raw food talk forums, so much free info, recipes, and folks telling their awesome stories.


Anyone have a fav recipe during pregnancy?


I'm loving sprouted quinoa right now.....with raisins, tomato, apple, walnuts and cucumber. Drizzled w/ oil and balsamic vin. Mmmmmm..........

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I would swear up and down that going raw vegan got me pregnant!! lol.gif


Then, when I started getting morning/evening/all day sickness, the thought of anything raw made me very, very sick.


So at this moment, I'm eating cooked vegan (whatever I can manage to get down my throat), but I'm hoping that the second trimester will bring relief from nausea so I can go back to raw.  I've never felt better, mentally and physically, than when I was 100% raw.  It was just amazing.

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I am stressed out. I went raw because of my diabetes, and now I can't seems to stick to 100% raw, but my morning blood sugar levels are high and they want me to take insulin! this can't be. Anyone have some suggestions?

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Ok ladies here is my RAW blog, http://rawfoodmama.blogspot.com/ I am going to give it my all to see if I can get things fixed so I do not need insulin. I will post what I eat during the day, etc.

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Hey all, I am newly pregnant (hope it sticks!) and I am vegan. I have an almost 2 year old who we're raising vegan. I am not raw, mind you, though I do eat a good percentage of raw. Last pregnancy I was SICK (hypermesis) and I ate a lot of crap as it was the only stuff in general I could tolerate. I'm hoping for a break from that misery this time around.


Hope this thread gets busy! We had a great vegan and pregnant thread going when I was expecting last time!

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