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MW:   The headache thing is def. odd and worrisome.  If you're sure it's connected, you might not want to use the RRL.  Although I think an allergy to RRL is rare, that could be what's going on.  Or is it related to contractions?  RRL can cause increased contractions, and I sometimes get a "tightness"/headachiness w/contractions.  


I'm currently using 1/4 cup dried herbs/quart of water.  1lb of bulk herbs is usually somewhere around 1 gallon in volume.  1/4 cup/day x 8 wks is about 14 cups...  shrug.gif

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I'm behind again! I just can't keep up on the weekends!


Baby_Cakes: Those hats are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.! Now I want to buy some for Ava!


MW: I waited to start drinking RRL tea also because whenever I drank it during my periods, I would have the WORST cramps of my life. So I didn't want to cause contractions too early (even though everyone says they aren't supposed to cause contractions) and I'm glad I did. A few times after I've had it recently, I've been pretty crampy. Not BH contractions but just crampy like the beginning of my period. I make it one 8 oz glass at a time and then after it's steeped for 15 minutes, I mix in a teaspoon of sugar and then fill the glass w/ice and I have sweet tea! Yummy! I try to drink a glass a day but sometimes I forget.


As for clothes for our little summer babies, I have a mix of both warm weather clothes and long-sleeve stuff. I know that when we go to church, she's going to need to be in warm weather stuff because our church cannot figure out the HVAC system for some reason and it's always super hot! But when we go to my mom's house, she will need long sleeves and pants because my mom is always about to heat to death and keeps the AC on cold. I like it cold at night so I have gowns and sleepers that are long-sleeve for her to wear. Also, Katrina's right about babywearing. They will be sharing our body heat so will not need to be dressed as warmly as a baby sitting in a carrier the whole time.


AFM: I got my "thirds" PFs from GMD on Saturday and got them all prepped. I LOVE THEM! They are so soft even though they are the unbleached kind. Also, they are a little big in the newborn covers but they will work if I fold them down. They will also fit in the small covers so I think I'm good on diapers for a while now! Also, I had the best craigslist score on Friday! I found a lady a few weeks ago on CL that was selling 7 Bummis NB SWW for $25. She lives like an hour from me so I offered to pay her more and have her ship them but she said she comes to my town often and she would just bring them. So she came on Friday but I couldn't meet her so I sent my DH. She threw in a bunch of extra stuff, no clue why, so he came back with 8 Bummis NB SWW, 3 Snappis and 3 Bummis M SWW all for $25! Woohoo! So now, here's what I have for covers:


8 Bummis NB SWW

3 Bummis S SWW

1 Bummis S SB

1 Motherease Rikki S

5 Flip OS

2 Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 1

3 Bummis M SWW


I think we're set for covers for a while, what do you think? lol.gif

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Carrie, DS goes through phases where he STTN for a while, then where he wakes up once . . . and back to STTN again. last night he slept from 9:30 - 7:30 this morning. He probably doesn't sleep as long at night since he takes such a long nap during the day, but I love that long afternoon nap, so I don't care to mess with it!


A lot of prenatals do have some RRL in them. I don't remember whether my rainbow ones have it . . . but I am horrible at taking them. They are fine in size, etc, I just don't remember to take any sort of pills well. (which is why I would never do bc pills)


Yay for Nora sleeping through! and for DTD . . . we are better this pregnancy than with DS, where I think we probably DTD all of maybe a dozen times the whole pregnancy, and a quarter of those were in the end days trying to induce labor.  But still, once every 2 weeks is good for us at this rate. I wouldn't mind more, honestly, but DH doesn't come to bed at a reasonable time. I think partly his mind is so much on finances right now, it is hard for him to really focus on other things.

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I guess I should ask my MW about the RRL. I don't think the headaches are related to contractions. I get a sort of achy, squeezing feeling in my neck when I have contractions but I haven't felt that associated with the headaches. I also haven't noticed my contractions getting any stronger or occurring more often or regularly and I've been paying attention because I'm paranoid about that.

Katrina ~ I have the Rainbow Light Prenatal One tablets and they do have RRL in them. I hear you on forgetting to take pills. I'm like that, too, which is really bad right now because I need to start taking a lot. I need to start taking garlic and echinacea and cranberry and maybe something else for GBS in the next few weeks and I just know I'm going to forget half the time. I'm already horrible about remembering to take my vitamin D, flaxseed oil and St. John's Wort. I keep my prenatals in a drawer in my nightstand so I always have them right there to take when I climb in bed if I've forgotten to take them all day. Of course, there are some who say prenatals, as well as any multivitamins, I guess, aren't necessary.

Annie ~ I think you are covered. winky.gif
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Annie, I agree! I will only be CD'ing part time for the first 6 months or so, so have 5 weehugger size 1's (goes from 6-18 lbs) 3 xs covers and 3 small covers, 12-15 infant prefolds (at the moment, I do want another dozen). and that I think will be plenty. I don't remember how many M/OS pockets I have, it must be somewhere between 15 and 20. 1 set of FLIPs, 4-5 M covers and a dozen toddler size prefolds. I honestly could go 4 days without washing easily on that. and do; I usually do diaper laundry on Monday and Thursday. (I would be doing laundry more often if DS pooped more. I don't like poops to sit very long before being washed. He only goes 1-2 times a day)


MW - that is a lot of things to take! when we were TTC DS I was taking prenatals, iodine, and inositol every day and some other B vitamin thing - NCL? - days 3-8 of my cycle. it was tough remembering all that, but it seemed that when I did remember all of it, my cycles were much more regular with a clear O shift in temps. Now I can't even remember to do prenatals!


I am so sleepy!

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Katrina ~ There's actually more I should take but hardly ever do, calcium and magnesium. Those are just the things I consider essential (if I'm going to take anything at all). I do take the low dose aspirin every day. That I will not forget. It's more important than any of the rest, imo.

I talked to one of my MWs and she said to stop drinking the tea. Oh well. So much for that. I forgot to mention that along with the headaches I also got obvious low back pain that felt the same. They were definitely associated. I don't usually get headaches or low back pain like that and haven't had anything that feels remotely like it today without drinking the tea.
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Sigh.  Sleeping is such a joke!  I cruel, cruel joke!  It's definitely all coming back to me now how uncool sleep deprivation is, lol.  I just cannot get comfy anymore.  My pregnancy pillow is of course a godsend, but even that can't help as much as it used to.  And I'm up STARVING in the middle of the night no matter if I stuff my face right before bed or not.  Ugh.  I'm hoping this is just a baby growth spurt and it'll calm down in a few days.  He's super active lately -- maybe he's trying to get in position?


Ok, ladies, I need opinions.  I'm thinking of taking DD to the beach tomorrow, by myself.  This is nuts, I know, but I think it could be fun if I don't plan on relaxing.  She's been wanting to go to the beach since we've had snow on the ground, and I promised her we'd go -- but I think i'm getting to the end of my beach going days with this pregnancy.  Tomorrow is supposed to be upper 80s here, sunny.  Perfect.  Hot.  I'll bring lots of water!  We'll just pee in the ocean.  Does anyone have any advice?  MW, when you lived in Hawaii did you guys go to the beach often?  Any tricks of the trade for surviving/packing for a couple hours of good clean fun in the sun?  LOL!  I'm going to by a ton of watermelon and cut it up and have it ready for snacking, as well as drinks, maybe some Arnold Palmers (OMG have you TRIED them??  Half Southern Sweet Tea and half PINK Lemonade!  OMG sooo freaking good!) and some veggie baloney sandwiches.  Set.  Right?  What am I not considering??  LOL!


I have a MW appt today, doing my 1 hr GD test and she'll be checking my platelets with this blood draw too.  I'm excited to find out this LOs position and to talk more about birth plans.  I get very excited for my mw appts.  From here on out, every 2 weeks!! 


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Baby_Cakes: I'd go to the beach if it were me. I'd just make sure to take lots of water and an umbrella and sun hat if you have them so that you can stay relatively in the shade. A day laying on the beach while my kids dug in the sand sounds heavenly to me right now!


AFM: Had an appt w/my endocrinologist yesterday. I hate those appointments. They always take forever because he's the only doc and he spends a lot of time talking to patients. So I was there for an hour and a half but only saw him for about 15 minutes of that time. But it was good that I saw him because he went ahead and wrote me a prescription for a new dosage of my Synthroid that I will need to get filled pretty much as soon as I deliver. Then I'll go back to see him about 6-7 weeks after the baby is born to have my levels rechecked.


Baby is moving a ton and it's causing contractions...sooooo not fun. My stomach feels sore like I've done too many crunches because of all the BH contractions. Oh well, I guess this is a new pain I need to get used to for the next month or so.

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We went to the beach just last week or the week before. It has been hot here already, high 90s to low 100s. It has cooled off a little this week. It was pretty easy for me because ds2 only stays in the shallows and ds3 doesn't like getting in the water yet. I bring lots of sand toys, water and snacks and a tall chair for me these days. I can't get up and down from my beach chair anymore. We usually go in the early afternoon so we eat lunch right before we. That way I don't have to pack a big cooler with lots of food. Also, my boys don't like to stay too long. I don't know that we've ever stayed for 2 full hours. I used to go to the beach all the time with Ryan, too, and we would stay all day. That was a bit different, though, because it was in VA Beach and Myrtle Beach where there are restaurants along the beach so we'd always get food at one of those. I'm terrible about making packed lunches.

Talking about the heat, I am stinky! lol.gif It's nasty. I feel like I need to bathe 3 times a day.
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Carrie, I'd go too! Especially since Nora likely won't be carrying much, I wouldn't overpack, as you have to do all the lugging. I never have done beach chairs, just towels, but that is because I don't like to just lay on the beach much; I am a water woman! Have fun and wish I could join you!


Annie, not much longer now is it? glad the endo went well, even if you waited forever.  All we seem to do anymore is wait, isn't it?


The thing I do NOT like about my doctor's ofc is that if you have an u/s first, you can't PIAC on that side of the office, yet they want you to empty your bladder before the ultrasound, and then you have to PIAC AFTER the ultrasound. I have major PIAC stage fright and this is just not good for me!


I just want to go to the pool, any pool. hopefully I will this weekend. The kiddie pool in our backyard does NOT count.

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Carrie & Annie: Try hands & knees pelvic tilts when you're having contractions w/lots of baby movement to help those babes get into position!  And belly dancing!  


Carrie, I've never heard of an Arnold Palmer, but I'm going to have to try it!  I love both lemonade and sweet tea.


MW: I feel stinky, too!  I hate it!  Summer is bad enough, but summer + preggo = yuck!

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Thanks for all the encouragement!  Ok, our beach trip is ON!  I picked up watermelon, grapes, stuff for baloney sandwiches, carrots and hummus, small bottles of gatorade, a few cans of the iced tea/lemonades that I'm adoring.  I'm going to borrow a beach chair from my MIL.  I figure a small lightweight backpack with some ice packs will be sufficient for our few snacks, plus the toys I want to bring.  Plus a towel (we have a huge beach towel).  I"m not going to bother with books or magazines b/c I anticipate having to play with DD the whole time.


The parking isn't far from the beach so I think I'll be ok for a few hundred feet -- I'm not too keen on having to walk forever in the heat with tons of stuff!  I think that'll be the hardest part!


I'm excited!  I feel very ballsy for taking this on by myself!


My appt went well!  Baby is head down (yay) and everything looked/felt good.  I got my blood taken and now just eagerly await the results.  I did the test with 18 oz of orange juice, and had whole wheat bread with peanut butter for breakfast along with my coffee.  I ate it about an hour before I did the OJ.  I think that'll be fine for the 1 hr.  I don't anticipate failing, lol, but I wonder if anyone really ever thinks they'll fail!  I'm much more concerned about my platelet count and am hoping its up!


We talked about ordering the birth pool and the supplies, and she recommended someone for encapsulating the placenta.  She said she could talk me through doing it myself, but DH is so squeamish to the point of being against the process, that I said that I'd much rather have someone come and get it, do it for me, and bring it back.  DH will NOT have anything to do with it.  He's grossed out by it and doesn't understand.  But I think he'll be very grateful when it works and my moods are better postpartum!! 

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Hey ladies! Don't know if any of you will remember me, I went offline for over six months, I was going to say hello on the CTA thread and realized I don't recognize one single name over there anymore! things seem to have changed alot. So is this thread all for people who got preggers whatevering? Because I just did!!! Due Feb 8th, and super excited! So, mind if I join? Though looks like I am WAY behind the rest of you lol.gif

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Originally Posted by Smylingeyz View Post

Hey ladies! Don't know if any of you will remember me, I went offline for over six months, I was going to say hello on the CTA thread and realized I don't recognize one single name over there anymore! things seem to have changed alot. So is this thread all for people who got preggers whatevering? Because I just did!!! Due Feb 8th, and super excited! So, mind if I join? Though looks like I am WAY behind the rest of you lol.gif

Yep - congrats!!  I remember you!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Jump right in!

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Hey and Welcome! you aren't far behind everyone, I think we have a Decemember and January due date too!


Carrie, enjoy  your beach trip! I have 5 more weeks until my GTT. I don't think I will fail either (I passed with DS, and was eating a lot worse then!), but you never know. My doula also encapsulates placenta. For me, I didn't have any (or at least not strong) issues with PPD, so I won't be consuming my placenta. If I did, I would though!


24 weeks today! I am trying to figure out why anyone says pregnancy is 9 months, when clearly 24 weeks is about 6 months (roughly) and I still have nearly 4 months left. that is 10 months total. oh well, I don't make these things up.


Hope everyone is doing ok!

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Morning ladies! It's getting harder and harder for me to go to work every day. Now I understand why women take off before they actually have the baby. It's not so much physical, although that is a big part of it. It's also just mental. I just want to stay in my house and either rest in bed or clean stuff. The next 6-8 weeks until Miss Ava decides to make her appearance is going to be an interesting mental game to keep me at my desk working! But I don't want to make my already short (7 weeks! mecry.gif) maternity leave even shorter by using my vacation time before she's here. So I'm just going to have to suck it up and keep chugging along.

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Annie, I know how you feel! I went 2 weeks over with DS, and probably could have stood to go longer if I hadn't had to go to work every day and face all the ridiculous questions! instead, by 41+6 which was the latest the CNM's would "let" me go, I was ready to be induced, just to have to not go into work anymore! chin up, you can make it!



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Annie, I know how you feel! I went 2 weeks over with DS, and probably could have stood to go longer if I hadn't had to go to work every day and face all the ridiculous questions! instead, by 41+6 which was the latest the CNM's would "let" me go, I was ready to be induced, just to have to not go into work anymore! chin up, you can make it!



Ugh, not looking forward to the ridiculous questions. I've done pretty good at avoiding giving people an actual date and have instead just been pretty vague and said "End of July". But I know that if I waddle in here on August 1, everyone will be freaking out.


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People will start freaking out in July, just watch :) DS was due 11/7 and I think every day past my birthday (10/15) I got asked about when he was due, and how much (the doctor's thought) he weighed, if I would be induced, or would I have a c-section . . . and how are you feeeling?! oh, and the repeated request to please not have the baby AT work. ugh. He was born 11/20, so that is over a month of questions.


At least this go round, I am working from home 3 days a week, and only in the office 2 days, so will not have to put up with as much.. Plus I have told most everyone early October. Oh I forgot one "you're still HERE?!" Makes you want to tape a sign to your forehead with all the answers: Yes I am still here, Due xx/xx, I don't know how much he weighs, I hope not to be induced or have a c-section, and I am tired, that is how I'm feeling. And I will try very, very, hard not to have the baby at work!


We will survive, regardless. I will be taking 7 weeks also, unless I still have enough extra PTO to take another week and will do eight.

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Still feeling mightily sick. My due date is between Jan.21 and Feb. 1. I calculated mine based on my previous pregnancies. It's always confusing to me because books/doctors start pregnancy from the first day of your last period, but I don't ovulate until a little more than 3 weeks after my period, so that means I am counting differently and I go into labor at 38 weeks and yet I'm still overdue according to their dates. So, I always tell people I am due later than I am because then I don't get discouraged and the constant surveillance. I turned 30 yesterday and had a pretty laid back day with my family.
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