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Thanks everyone for the kind words....



We are doing ok.. AF did show up today.. 3 days earlier than normal.. works out good because DP has an appt on the 6th for the new doctor... so she should be done with AF by then!


Carmen.. we are using a fresh "known" donor.. he will not be a part of child's life.. but will be there if child has any ?'s ect...  We are on try 6.. 


we are not going to be insemming in July due to us being on a camping trip called Fabulousa,, a womens music festival .. and I/we think a month break will be nice.. the next time we would insem will be around the 15, 16 17th of august... My b day is the 16th.. sooo hoping we can get a b day baby!!!! 


we are both just hanging in there and are going to try and focus on other things besides TTC for July!


FX for you Sara


Midwife sorry AF showed up.... and I like your idea on focusing on something else like the WW.. DP and I are buckling down and really cutting unhealthy foods as much as we can.. and getting back on the gym wagon~


AFM.. went to the  RE for myself and I am still unable to ovulate.. i was not expecting any other news than this... I have PCOS pretty severe and my body does not respond to Metformin, birth control.. proverra, clomid.. none of it.. DP would love if it were me to TTC..( Lol)  ive known since i was 19 that I do not ovulate and have never gotten my hopes to high on me being the one to conceive~  At this point its really not my focus..



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SmilingSara~ My DW (Irene) loves Yurts...I just told her that you all went camping in one. She would like us to get one. It was great to meet you, Seraf and the kids. We were bummed that we had to leave so early...maybe next time we will make plans to stay in town.


Midwife/Cananny~ sorry to hear about AF showing up...Hope a break is just what you all need to get that BFP.


Alpha~ I'm sending you lots and lots of great transfer vibes...goodvibes.gif.


AFM~ not much happening here. I started my BCP's yesterday and I have my IVF consultation scheduled for July 1st. I've been enjoying my time off, but I am excited to get back to ttc.

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NosReves—FX!!! I love your drawing, too. Especially the thing in her hand.

Carmen—baby dust! Did you ever get the monitor to work?

Ad Astra—Are you all swimmered up? How did the insems go?

Alphahen—sticky vibes to you!! I hope the transfer went smoothly!

Midwifesteph—Ugh on AF showing up. I think that cute maternity clothes are a great motivator! I re-ran my finances yesterday and since it hasn’t been working we’re actually going to be in much better shape financially than we would have been if it did on the first try (odd, that, since we’ve spent so much on sperm). I’d still rather have a baby, of course, but its nice to get some benefits from the wait, at least!

CaNanny—I think that your music festival sounds like the best way to spend a break, for sure! Glad to hear your DP will be ready just in time for the new doctor. Hearing about your medical issues makes me think how lucky two-woman couples are in terms of being able to do the heavy lifting of childbirth. I was just thinking today about how if my eggs are no good for some reason we can just move on to using DP’s and feeling relieved that we have that option available. Hopefully the break is just what you need for your DP to get you that birthday baby!

Gelly/Sara—I’m going to have to go look up yurts now. I have an idea in my head of what they look like, but I’m not sure. Last summer I got crafty and made a big pink and teal teepee (monogrammed, naturally) for us to put out in our backyard. It wouldn’t do for actual sleeping, but perhaps I should look into yurt options…

AFM—we had our IVF consult this morning—all good news! I get to go in on Friday for my baseline evaluation, and then start taking the shots on July 6th. Hoping for retrieval around the 18th and transfer on the 23rd. All of that sounds lovely to me—I’m really excited that we’re getting close to having this actually happen!
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smilingsara- good luck in your TWW - keep us posted on how you are feeling


cananny- sorry about the AF,  hope you enjoy the break, we took a break to go to the winter Olympics when TTC last time and it was very liberating not to be so focused on the inner workings of my body for few weeks, we conceived right after the break was over!


Krista- I just saw your post re: not feeling understood here after your experiences of loss.  Having suffered a loss myself - I know about the loneliness of feeling like nobody can possibly understand how I feel (even my DP)...  I often think I could better relate to somebody in the exact same circumstance as me: queer, 35, blindsided by a full term loss after many months of TTC and a healthy pregnancy, but the reality is that even if I connected with this person our experience and its impact would not be the same. Ultimately, even with many supporters and spectators, we are alone in enfolding this process– I try to find comfort in the welcoming, supportive and compassionate community of real-life and online friends who although may not understand, always wish us well, are willing to listen and are good company on the quest to bring a child into our lives.  I’m thinking about you and wishing you peace and solace on your journey. 


alphahen- hope you are well, how did the transfer go?


MidwifeStephPDX- sorry about AF.  My advice re: fertility testing... if your KD has never produced any offspring, sperm analysis sounds like a good idea, if he has I would get the basic day 3, day 21 blood work done and check that your tubes are patent.  Knowing that all is in working order will give you a peace of mind and confidence that it’s just a matter of time before you conceive.


Carmen 358- thanks for taking over the thread for July... it looks like we will be in the TWW together. How is the "science project" going? any new data collected from CBFM? Can we expect a formal lab report on the findings? J


nosreves - I love your drawing... is it oil pastels? I'm glad to hear you are working with a great KD - it is those intangible qualities like kindness that made the KD route so appealing to us in a first place (imagine if Anonymous Donor profiles included descriptions like “gentle spirit”).  I would love to visit Paris again and get the insider tour from you :)  My last visit, many years ago was a too-brief-stop on the way to competition in Caen.


AFM - I had an u/s and blood work yesterday and we will be inseminating tonight and tomorrow (I’m a little perplexed as to why they didn't want to repeat the blood work this morning... but hope they are correct about the timing!).  Even with all the technology it’s a guessing game!


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cananny: Sorry AF showed up! Shall I move you ladies to take a break? New doc's are exciting and I hope this one does the trick!


Gelly: Our yurt was made by Sara! All of it! Its great, except that I can only stand up straight in the very center of it! Its perfectly big enough for five but once there's another baby, we will need a bigger one for sure. Its really cool. I'll post some pictures of it for you and Irene and everyone else! You guys should totally make one (or buy if you wanna)! We had a lovely time meeting you guys and were bummed you had to leave so soon, but we understand. Lets deff try to do another get together! Fingers crossed for you ladies! 


Isa: We are gonna put pictures up of the yurt soon! Its really cool! Our's isn't nearly this big, but it kinda looks like that. Your teepee sounds cool and will make a great play area for your babies! We like sleeping in our yurt. It always gets questions from people and is usually toured by one or two on looker's too! Your IVF consultation sounds very promising and fingers crossed for you! 


AdAstra: I'm feeling really good! Trying really hard not to think about it but I have a good feeling about this one! More importantly, how are you feeling?! 


AFM: Just waiting patiently! I was telling my friends last night how expensive it is TTC. She vounteered her BF for me to donate if I'm not pregnant this month. He was a bit drunk but seemed very into the idea. I'll talk to them more about it if need be. And I found out at pride two weeks ago a good friend of mine and her partner are TTC too, this is their first month. Well she told me yesterday their donor backed out. I'm so sad for them. They wanted to know where to go from square one on banks and I told them what I knew. I also told her to come join us here, so she may be on here in the next few days. 

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midwifesteph -- sorry that June didn't work out for you either, but it sounds like you are in a good place and staying positive.  it will happen!


carmen -- aw, shucks and thanks.  i used to draw every day but haven't been doing much for a few months.  it feels good to play again :).  living by those three bars on the CBFM can be exasperating, no?  hope that high is soon!


cananny -- i'm sorry about AF this month.  sounds like we're in the same boat with taking July off to enjoy life and then starting again in August.  not only will we be on the same cycle, but my birthday is four days after yours.  i'm hoping for an August baby, too...it would be born around my wife's birthday, which would be even cooler.  i hope the festival is a blast for both you and DP.  you both deserve a mental and emotional break.  f/x for those Leo conceptions!


gelly --  welcome back on board the TTC rollercoaster.  hope the IVF consultation in two days goes well.  do you know when you're starting?


prettyisa -- can you cross them for me for August instead?  and i'm so pleased that you like the drawing.  i don't know what the thing in her hand is, but another one of my characters has one as well.  i wish i had one in real life...whatever it is.  congratulations on the successful consult and green light!  i'll be away when all the big stuff is happening, but i'll be sending you excellent embryo and sticky bean vibes from italy!


ad astra -- merci :) .  i actually did the original little doodle in pencil and then scanned it in, touched it up & colored it using my drawing tablet.  up until a year ago, i did a lot with soft pastels and pen, and it was oil pastels before that.  the Wacom is brilliant, as it allows me to fix mistakes and redo things. basically, it makes me look much better than i actually am.   are you an artist, too, by any chance?  and i soooo agree with you on the KD.  we had to find ours through an online service, and in our ad we stated that the most important quality we were looking for was a good heart.  our new one certainly seems to fit the bill.  as for Paris, just let me know when and what kinds of things you enjoy/want to experience.  it's a lovely city (in spite of the gazillion tourists), and i always find great pleasure in rediscovering it with new people.  just be prepared to bring a couple pairs of pants that are a size too big. i have the inside scoop on the best bakeries and pastry shops.  what kind of competition did you have in Caen? 


sara -- that's sad for your friend and her partner.  the same thing happened to me and DP the very first time we were supposed to insem.  we got really bummed about it but then stepped up our search for a new, reliable one.  she's certainly welcome in our warm little bunch of ttc'ers.  it sounds like you and sara had an amazing time last week.  and you definitely have all the good omens on your side for this insem being the one!  f/x!


afm... i have had two straight days of temp drops and cramps on and off all day today.  just waiting for AF to finally make her appearance.  mostly i'm hoping that this AF is a "robust" one.  it would be one of the few times since my surgery last year.  we leave for tuscany in about a week, and i'm starting to get a little bit excited.  i've always wanted to see Florence, and Pisa and Siena are nearby as well. if anyone wants a leaning tower postcard (or any postcards, at all) send me your addy in a pvt message.  i've also decided to go ahead and try clomid in August.  i'll be doing days 2-6.  anyone have suggestions/advice?  i was planning on taking evening primrose oil to help out with the CM.  does anyone have any experience with it or know when it should be taken in the cycle? 



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Hello all!  It is finally time for me to get more involved in QC and I'm pretty excited about it.  I've been following along since January, and I kind of introduced myself in like March or April, but stepped back again since I didn't have much to contribute - until now!  


The plan is for my wife to carry our first child, and she is on her last cycle before we begin TTC, so before the end of the month could you move us to Waiting for AF, Sara?  Thanks!  


To be quite honest, we weren't sure we would be following through with TTC this summer after all and I'm still kind of apprehensive, I guess.  We've been foster parents for a year now, but just in April we got a new placement of two siblings.  This is our first time parenting two children and also our first time parenting a 3 year old, so we've been doing a lot of learning!  But the kids and all that comes with foster parenting has been a bit overwhelming for us, and we don't know how long the kids will be with us.  We are admittedly concerned about what to do if these children are still with us when our own baby arrives.  Hopefully that won't be something we need to deal with and there isn't any way to know what will happen, so we are just trying to settle into the uncertainty and move forward with what our plan has been for a long time.  


Looking forward to getting to know everyone!  

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Cananny: Right, I thought you were using a KD....if your timing has been good and there are no fertility challenges on your side are you considering a sperm analysis? Might not be a bad idea if nothing has happened after 6 tries with good timing. Does he have any children already? Hopefully all this won't matter when you get a BFP this next try :)


gelly: Good luck with your IVF consult...exciting to get going on it I would imagine!


isa: And sounds like you are on your way with IVF as well. I hope it goes smoothly!


astra: I hope your insems go well! I would love to be in the tww with you but I think you're going to be ahead of me by a few days....


sara: That would be so frustrating to go through having a KD and then have him back out...I can't even imagine the emotions.


nosreves: I hope the temp drops don't mean AF. But if they do, it sounds like you have an active plan for next time! Are you not sure if you're O'ing? Is that why you are going to try Clomid? Can you take it even if you O on your own? I don't know much about it but have the idea of it in the back of my head in case things don't go as planned for #2. The only experiene I have with EPO is taking it the last few weeks of pregnancy...I took one orally and one vaginally. That doesn't help you much though.


Desert: Exciting that you are getting started now :)



Afm: I was disappointed that I still have no ewcm and got a low on the monitor on CD16 this morning. Especially since last cycle I at least had ewcm by this day. DD is not nursing nearly as much, I'm sleeping more, I've been taking my chinese herbs really consistently...I guess we might be insemming over the weekend.

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Carmen to answer you ? .. this is our 2nd donor.. the 1st one we did have his count tested and they were pretty low .. he was in his late 40's and took him and his wife 2 yrs to have their child.. so in may we switched to a new donor.. so this was our 2nd try with him... he has a super high count.. has helped 6 women.. who have all gotten pregnant  on 1st or 2nd try~ so though he was not the 1st choice.for a donor as far as features ( hes really really blonde.. and DP and I are both darker !!) . we felt we wanted the best "odds" if you know what I mean.. All in all he's a great guy who is very accomodating and willing to help!! 


FX for you to O soon Carmen!!!!

Desert.. It will all work out.. you are getting lots of practice with the two you have right now

Nosrevs... Yay for another Leo :) and YES to August being OUR month.. as it should be, Bday babies would be awesome.. we are def looking forward to a break!

sara.. we are going take July off .. but back in action for August... and so sorry for your friends.. its such an emotional and can be so expensive journey to TTC

ISA .. yeah it is really nice when you get two who could conceive.. DP would really love it it were me.. she never had much of a desire to be the one to carry.. she thinks its weird to have another being living inside you. LOL.. but shes always wanted to be a parent... I love that she is totally willing to carry... in the end we may end up adopting.. and that is ok.. I really want us to try for a while longer :) But being a leo.. i like instant gratification.. i do not like to wait.. and TTC is a waiting game.. :) 



In other news.... 

my little one I nanny for is 9 months,.. she has decided to crawl, pull self up on everything and try to walk all in one week! She and I are finally bonded ( she is only with me part time and had severe seperation anxiety at 6 months.. after lots of baby wearing and patience.. we are there.. she was def one of my most challenging kiddos.. but she is such a love :) Makes me love what I do !




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Hello everyone!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the positive energy you sent my way yesterday.  It was definitely felt.  We had a "full blastocyst" and "early blastocyst" to transfer (see pix) and just learned today that we were able to freeze two additional embryos that made it to the blastocyst stage. Sorry for the poor quality picture of a picture.  I haven't had the chance to scan just yet.




The transfer went well.  I was calm (thanks to the Valium) and the only discomfort was that I had to come in with a full bladder then have the nurse press directly on the bladder with the u/s wand.  The bladder discomfort was definitely worth it because we go to see the whole thing play out on the u/s screen.  It was amazing and very emotional for us. 


I hope to catch up with personals soon but I keep you all in my thoughts

and send lots of good energy your way. 



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Alpha~ Those pics are sooooo Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Alpha - So glad to hear your transfer went well.  Hope you're ready for twins - those blasts look great.  :)  I LOVE my doctor, but I think the fact that he is male has something to do with the level of discomfort I experience during transfers.  I swear the speculum he uses is 5x bigger than any other speculum in the history of the world.  The discomfort for me is way more than the full-bladder thing - oy.  Still, I adore my doctor and he was there with me through my surgery and miscarriage so I'm not switching anytime soon.  When is your beta?  Can't be too long after mine (July 5).  I really hope this is the month for both of us!



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alpha --  i think this it for you.  those look amazing.  i look forward to coming back and seeing BFPs from both you and fivegrandbaby in the July thread!

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Desert: Welcome to the group, again! So glad to hear you are starting to wait for AF and can insem soon! I have moved you and hope its a short and sweet stay here! 


I e-mailed Carmen with the board stuff, so its in her hands now! Hope this provides some good luck to her and her family!


AFM: Long day in the sun. We went swimming and while the water was cold, I think I got too much sun. I forgot my swim shirt today (felt really dumb for that) and my poor white skin and the sun didn't do too well. I can feel a burn coming in on my shoulders and legs. We went for a walk tonight and saw a rabbit! Sara said she has been seeing them on a daily basis now! Not much to report in the symptoms line yet. Only day 3 dpo. Last night at work I kept feel nacious and stuff and then my belly button was hurting, but im sure its too early for anything. I also didnt want to eat anything yesterday, today I can't stop! I also fell asleep on the couch tonight after our very early dinner. My folks are coming into town this weekend, and I'm excited to see them! Also, I have two photo shoots on Monday for the news paper, so thats great news in my book! Nothing else really. 

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