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So, now that I've been feeling more nauseous, it's been hard to stay raw vegan. The vegan part of that is okay, and I'm drawn to and have cravings for cooked hearty (salty) vegan cooked foods, but when I eat them, I feel like crap the next day, probably mostly from the grains and the excess sodium. Like right now, I'd love some kind of thick, salty stew with beans and veggies and pasta in it. I can't stomach greens still, at all. I'm kind of giving myself a pass to just kind of do what I have to do to get through this time. I also haven't been working out, and I don't know if I'm really too tired or if I'm just giving myself a pity pass. I don't want to get all out of shape!

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I have been living on toast for the past couple days too. Uggh. I just don't have the energy to cut up fruit and make a smoothie. I will do it tonight! i will!

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As I posted earlier, normally my goal is to eat raw vegan (high fruit, 811 style), but I was running into some problems and from reading on the internet, it wasn't totally obvious to me what I should do about it, so I thought I'd post here in the hopes that it might help someone else. I had been having terrible problems with nausea for a long time and felt myself drawn to bread and and other starchy, cooked heavy things. I gained a lot of unwanted weight back as a result in the first trimester. I finally figured out that the problem was that the things I was eating were too acidic and so when I'd eat raw food, I'd feel like crap. And I don't mean acidic in the sense of the alkaline diet, or acidic to the body after digestion, but just plain *is it sour / have any acid in it?*. So for me now, it's no oranges at all, no grapes, no peaches or nectarines, no cherries, no berries, tomatoes, etc. I could probably eat these in small amounts as long as the base of my diet is bananas, dates, persimmons (when they come ripe), melons, greens, figs (too bad it's so hard to come by good ones), and stuff like that. And if I do feel sick, I can take TUMS, no need for zofran or reglan, and I got a prescription for both. 

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That makes sense to be sensitive to sour stuff.  I couldn't eat any citrus with one of my pregnancies, but now that I'm on nexium ('cause I got tired of shoveling in tums all night) the only fruit I eat is grapefruit.  I would prob be eating lots of starch,  if it weren't for the stupid gestational diabetes.  I was so happy eating lots of fruit until I got diagnosed.   Instead I'm justeating tons and tons of salad.  

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I'm not vegan but I'm a vegetarian and try to live a pretty green life. For me, more than food, my concern is finding a good outlet for green baby products so I thought you guys might have some suggestions. My baby registry site has some good suggestions (http://www.myregistry.com/babystore/categories.aspx?cid=680&n=Eco-friendly) but I'm eager for more!

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I'm a long-time vegetarian, I have struggled with this, too. Last time I was pregnant, it was a breeze- I tended to crave reasonably healthy foods and maintained a healthy diet throughout. This time, I have a serious protein aversion- my first pregnancy symptom, before we even knew I was pregnant, was me retching over a plate of eggs.


I've tried to be creative. I bought the Vega (vegan, all natural) smoothie supplement stuff, which is high in protein, vitamins, Omega 3, etc. However, it tastes like ass and I couldn't eat it. I've tried to sneak in protein in other ways, such as substituting regular yogurt with greek yogurt, making smoothies out of cottage cheese or greek yogurt, mixing quinoa in with oatmeal, spirulina tablets, whey powder protein shakes, etc, all with varying degrees of success. I seem to only want to eat empty carbs and sugar, which obviously isn't good. One of my most successful attempts included french toast made with multi-grain, whole grain cranberry bread, soaked heavily in egg, and topped with lots of fruit. (I realize many of these suggestions won't help you because you're vegan, but I see there are others on the board going through something similar).


Have you tried almond milk, nuts, spirulina, quinoa, chia seeds...?

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... just bumping up to see if anyone is hanging in there with the raw vegan diet. I'm finding myself really surprised at how it suddenly has become to stay raw vegan. Staying vegan is not really a problem, in that I don't specifically crave animal products except for the odd fleeting craving, but I do sometimes find myself compromising that too, which I completely hate, because I just want something cooked and starchy and heavy. I'm feeling so frustrated with myself and don't know whether to just give up and just eat whatever looks good (and focus more on planning ahead so I have good cooked vegan options), or give it another shot to see if it could grow on me. Argh. I've gained back all the weight I had lost this year eating raw, clean and working out, and more due to the pregnancy of course, and I'm skeptical about my ability to get it off with a 3 year old plus a newborn around.

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i have been vegetarian on and off for about 13 years.  eating lots of mangoes, bananas, pineapples and other fruits that grow around our yard, (mangosteen being my fave!).  i try to drink a coconut a day.  big salads, raw pies and cakes, pots of soups and stews and stir fry with red rice.  we don't have an oven so i miss baking a lot right now.  salt and vinegar potato chips are familiar and delightful to me here these days. 

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