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Kailua Playdate

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I have an 8 month old baby girl and i would love to find kids her age for her to play with. Im trying to get a group of moms together to meet up maybe at a park in kailua. i am a young mom and dont know many people with babys my daughters age.

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I would suggest you come to one of the Stroller Strides classes at Kailua beach M W F at 8:30 am. We meet next to the bathrooms across from Buzz's. I have a nine month old son and I have made so many mom friends through the group! It's also a killer workout. The first one is free, so just come check it out and you don't have to join if you don't like it. I also got involved with the Baby Hui group here, but the Kailua one has fallen apart recently, sadly. There's also a My Gy in Enchanted Lakes that I've been meaning to take my son to for the 6-12 month group- PM me if you want to join some time.

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