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I'm keeping it simple this summer with my gaggle of toddlers (my own older kids are in sailing school : )


- I drew a racetrack on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and they love racing around it on their bikes and trikes

- Hopscotch

- I set up the wading pool and added one of those small Little Tykes slides for extra fun

- We do craft time outdoors at the picnic table

- Watertable play with little boats, cups, etc

- Sidewalk chalk (they like to trace each other and color it in - or try to anyway)

- I bought some hula hoops that they love to roll and chase, jump through, 'trap' their friend

- On rainy days we have theater day where everyone gets a comfy seat, popcorn and juice packs while they watch a movie on the big screen tv (a rare treat!) Bonus- they all conk out halfway through : )


I started our own reading club with all the kids, my older's set a weekly goal (reasonable) and at the end of the week get to choose a small prize from the treasure chest (full of candy, dollar store stuff, etc) the younger's 'read' or are read to two books a day (at minimum) and they, of course get a prize too.

At the end of the summer my older's are each getting $15 Walmart gift cards as the 'grand prize' - they don't know that yet though : )