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stinky dresser

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I hope this is an appropriate place to post this question.


My mil bought a dresser from her friend for $25 and then gave it to us for ds's room. The issue is the dresser is very musty smelling. We've had it for over a year, almost two actually, and it still smells.

Here's my question:

Can I prime the dresser with something that will eliminate the musty odor and then maybe paint it?


FWIW, this dresser isn't even worth $25 but we hate to just get rid of it because mil will notice. IDK what else to do with it, it's been sitting empty all this time.



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Kilz (sp!) will help, it's a primer used for covering crazy colored paints and mold.  It's not very eco-friendly, however.  If I were you, I would use Kilz and then air it out (outdoors) until it is completely dry, then paint and call it good. 

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Kilz came to mind but I am/was concerned about its safety.

But the darn dresser is just gross right now, anything that was ever in it just stinks!

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