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 greensad.gif As of yesterday I noticed blood tinged cervical mucus, very light pink almost not noticeable.  


Today I have a quarter sized spot of dark brown blood in my underpants (which must have come over the course of the entire day). 


No other symptoms. I am 8 weeks, and had an appointment for the 10th, but considering if I should go in tomorrow morning? 



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It's really a scary thing to see. :(  It may just be a fluke, but it never hurts to call your care provider (that's why you pay him/her!).

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I have had it go both ways. I spot here and there, definitely after sex and after taking a bath. US showed baby with heartbeat! As long as you're not cramping a lot, it should be okay. I get mild cramps but I noticed that my uterus feels bigger the next day so it's just expanding. 


I spotted frequently with the miscarriage I had in March. Difference was it lasted for days and then waves of labor cramps began.

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I woke up this morning with a pink tinged mucous discharge.  I'm waiting on a call back from my dr's office.  Very nerve wracking.

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I think spotting like that can go either way, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad is happening!  I know it's sure scary though.  I have friends who spotted for months and had healthy pregnancies-- multiple friends.  I, on the other hand, noticed light pink one day and it only got heavier throughout the day (I was wearing regular maxi pads by then) and I did end up miscarrying, even without any cramping.  Definitely talk to your doctor, but as long as there isn't clot tissue as well, from what I understand, it could still be totally normal!


I'm sending positive thoughts to both of you!


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I agree, can go both ways, but give your doctor a call.


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no heart beat today. I am out at just 8w 3days :( 


I cant tell you all how sad I am. 

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(((((((((()))))))))) i am so sorry

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hug2.gif So sorry, mama :(

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Oh no, I'm SO sorry.  :(  Take time to grieve how you need to.  That helped me a lot. (((Hugs)))

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I'm saddened to hear this, mama.
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Oh hun I am so sorry hug2.gif

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I am so sorry hug2.gif

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hug2.gif Oh, I'm so sorry. I just went through the same thing in March. It was heart-wrenching. Homeopathic Ignatia really helped when the grief hit full-force. I was so surprised how much it hurt. I'm typically the tough-girl....but it got me at my core. Take your time with the grieving...and know that most people will not say the right things or know how to support you because they've never been through it. PM me if you ever want to talk, vent etc. 

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So very sorry for your loss mama.

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I am so sorry for your loss.

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I am so sorryhug2.gif

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I am sorry mama!

I am praying I stay in the DDC myself. Had some spotting this week, brownish and did ahve some stringy clotty stuff, but only a little. It stopped two days ago, and was only really when I wiped, then I had some intense cramps for about 20 mins after walking a ways and they have come and gone but are very mild. Still, I feel like things are ok unless/until I get a more definite sign. I got my HCG levels tested Friday, so I might know somethingg Monday.  What did a pp mean about passing any clots? Mine were very small stringy brown things...I have soemthing similar during my period but the spotting wasn;t even enough to reac my underwear and was def. mixed with CM, brown etc...I had a lot of constipation on a trip this past weekend and wondered if that could have caused a bit of cervical bleeding or something that came down a few days later?? Would loe some reassurance...

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thank you all for the nice notes. I am very very sad about this. 


DOula- I only had very very light spotting- 4 days now. So light I hardly noticed- allot less than a period. I would get and Ultrasound for peace of mind. 

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