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I'm at my wit's end. Fall asleep fine, around 11pm, then get up to pee 2 or 3 times a night and end up awake for anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours afterwards.


What have you ladies tried? What worked for you? I have a body pillow, an eyeshade, a fan for white noise, a mouthguard for teeth grinding that I'm still getting used to (which is part of the problem). I read about a woman online who took Tylenol PM every night when she was pregnant and that sounds just awful to me.


Herbal teas ? Supplements? Warm milk? Change my eating or sleeping habits? I can't get through 6.5 more months like this.

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I get insomnia from time to time and it's usually about not being able to turn my brain off. If you find yourself stressing about things you need to get done, try keeping a notepad by the bed, so you can write it down. Then you won't need to worry about forgetting anything. Sometimes I take it as an opportunity to practice relaxation or breathing techniques. Try not to look at the clock, knowing exactly how long you've been laying awake is almost never a good thing (more often, it's another thing to obsess over)  Even if you don't get back to sleep, it can be time to relax and get some rest.

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Maybe calmes forte or skullcap? I would ask your provider
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No advise, just wanted to say, this is totally me too, and I'm so frustrated! It's not that I'm thinking too much, and I certainly feel tired, I just can't go back to sleep. Then I squirm too much and wake up the cat, who wakes up DH, who goes to sleep on the couch.....ugh, really feeling awful about this!

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No advice, but I just needed to reply since it's 1:30 a.m. here and I CAN'T SLEEP!!


But, I think in my case, at least tonight.  It's nerves.  Tomorrow is my last day of school and I have to have my classroom packed up and ready to be moved by the end of the day--I have a lot to do yet!


I feel you, though...so frustrated right now and wishing I could sleep....

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Hypnobabies has a free relaxation track (mp3) on their site for downloading - maybe try that? No ideas other than that - just lots of sympathy! I've only had insomnia a couple of times, but it SUCKS.

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Count me in to the insomnia group!!  Every night!  This happened with my first pregnancy in the 3rd trimester.  I have what I guess is the "busy legs" syndrome.  If I don't get up and move around I will go crazy.  I literally kick my legs back and forth in bed to relieve the discomfort.  This does not help anyone because I still have a co-sleeping, night-nursing toddler in bed.  My poor DH has already moved out of the bed so that I can spread out comfortably with my toddler.  I'm taking some extra B6/B12 and am wondering if that has something to do with it.  It is horrible!  I just bought "Wise Women Herbal for the Childbearing Year" and if I see something in it that might be helpful I will post.  My only advice, is try to take a nap a few times a week.  I did yesterday and feel SO much better today. 

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i have restless leg syndrome sometimes when not pregnant, seems it's hitting me harder much earlier than in my last pg. a half-hour before bed i mix together 6 oz. chamomile tea (from the dried plant, not the bag stuff) and a cup of warm milk. i take it with magnesium.(chelated) and i'm also taking B vitamins. i'm also hoping to afford some injectable B12 soon, that helps me with lots of things including wiggly legs and fatigue.


i also do a lot of yoga, the "butterfly" position day and night, it reallllly helped with my last pg, including during labor! here's an example. when my legs get that crawly feeling i just sit up in bed and do this pose and rock my knees up and down a bit. the crawlies disappear in a few minutes and i can at least get a couple hours sleep before it starts up again.

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I'm going to try all of this!  Starting now since it is 4am and I am up, wide awake. 



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I tend to get pregnancy induced insomnia.  If I totally cannot get back to sleep (yes, I've had the up from 12-3 am times), I have a cup of chamomille tea.  Fortunately, it mostly presents itself as early rising.  I'm glad to report I've gone from starting my day at 3:30 to 5 - 5:30! Only 30 more weeks to go!

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thanks ladies. I have laid in a supply of chamomile tea and ordered some herbal tincture for mamas.

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Hunger and thirst have been waking me up, even if I have a snack right before bed.  I guess I need to find something that my body will digest more slowly.  (assuming that it exists...)

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