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Congrats Julie!!   Becky did you have your u/s today?  What did you find out?

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Oops... double  post.

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Originally Posted by justamama View Post

Jaimee- (((((()))))) Hopefully all this strife during our pregnancies means we get blessed with easy, peaceful labors, and laid-back, sleepy babies!


Jaimee and Dennie, hoping this for both of you!


Miriam, congrats on your girls! 


KayPea and nmouse, hoping for good updates from both of you. hug2.gif



AFM, I've been MIA on vacation. We just got back tonight. It was fun but sorta stressful. My 6 and 9 yr olds fight all the time... it drives me insane! And of course being away from home made it worse. I'm glad to be back in our comfort zone. 


Baby is kicking a lot more often, but I'd still like to feel more. So far, only dd6 and dd9 have been able to feel him move. He stops kicking when daddy tries to feel it! I'm almost 21 weeks and glad to be past the halfway mark. 


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I'm a late-comer to this thread  - I'm honestly no very good at participating, since my online time is hit or miss, but I enjoy reading what is up with other mama!


Carrieb26 - Carrie - 11/16 - #3, planning a home birth

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Welcome to the November DDC ONE Thread


The one thread is a place to chit chat, share your fears, happiness, sadness, and so forth and so on.

To be added to the list, please tell me in bold your screen name, first name, due date, what number baby it is, and anything else you'd like to add.


End of October

Hykue-  Julie, 30, 10/30, Tried for 7 months or so, with an early loss in September of last year


Early November

meb2- 11/1 with #1

nmouse- 31, 11/2, it's my first child, I got pregnant after ramping up my BBT/OPK charting and taking various supplements plus progesterone cream.

BubbaGirl- Due 11/3.

herbmama3-7- Holly, 11/4.

Ratchet- I'm 30.  11/4

Lillysweets- Candace, 36, 11/4, expecting my 3rd

Summersquash- age 32, 11/5, pregnant with #2

ExpectantMama19- Krystal, 19, 11/5, my fiancé and I tried for 4 months with brokenheart.gif, followed by depression and tears on my part. Then when we decided that maybe it would be better to wait, the test came up positive!  This will be our first.

Mal85- Mallory: 11/6, Tried for 6 months before getting our BFP

cece- Christina, 11/6, #2

Abelmec- 31, 11/7 with #1

Seraf- 11/8, Expecting my third, I got lucky on my 4th try with frozen donor semen.  DP is also TTC now.

Paigekitten- Katie, 11/8, expecting our third baby

KayPea- 11/8, #2. We tried for 9 months (while still BFing DD)

TalkToMeNow- Amanda, 11/9, our fourth child but my third pregnancy.

Amberfawn- 11/9 with #1

2011Mama- 11/9, it's our first baby and we tried for 9 months (the last two were with a RE for PCOS).


Mid November

heket- 36, 11/8-12, This will be our third child and a total oops.

marybright1- 11/12, This will be our fourth kid, third pregnancy. I'm hoping for a HBAC.

TTCChloeOrConner- Nicole. 23. 11/12, TTC for 16 months naturally before getting my miracle BFP Stick, baby, stick!!!

AprilGlynn- 11/13, lost our son in October to SIDS and got pregnant on our first try with this baby

Miranda- 11/14, this is our fourth child.

anthiat123- Thia, 11/14, I will be just about 35 when newbie comes (bday Nov 10). Bfp after 2 months and 1 loss

Motivated Mama- Nina, mid November with #4

ajbaby- 11/16. This is baby # 2, we tried for three months.

Apmama210- Ang, 11/16

Carrieb26- Carrie, 11/16, #3, planning a home birth

Jbk21- 11/16-19th with second child.  A little bit of an unexpected pregnancy, though we were discussing having #2.


Late November

Rachel88- Rachel – 29, 11/20, One loss and one year of TTC #1. Praying for a sticky baby this time!

Cillian- 11/20

terrainthailand- Terra, 30, 11/21

abraisme- Abra.  11/21, We were ttc for about 6mo, but my cycle had been off because of breastfeeding.  This will be baby #3 for us.

Gemimi13- Dyanna, 35, 11/21, got my BFP our first month of TTC.  It's our first baby! 

IwannaBanRN-Becky- 21, 11/21. #3, fifth pregnancy. This one was unplanned and I was on birth control. We are excited, nonetheless. :) 

mcacat- 11/22 with baby #2

crazykittymomma- Sarah, 11/23 with my second after 11 months of TTC with no PPAF due to extended breastfeeding.

mamabelle- 11/23, #2

albafan15- Alex, 11/23 with #1

howdeepistheocean- Kristie, 11/24, #4, Planned...we tried for 1 cycle and got the BFP.

sunshinemoma- Lindsey- 11/24, #2  After hoping for 6 months

ZoeJane'sMommy- 11/25, We tried for 11 months using clomid and progesterone. Our second child and pregnancy.

gardengrrrl- Em, 34, 11/25, 2 months TTC.  This is our first pregnancy and we are beyond happy!

Maria, 35, 11/25 with TWINS! after two losses (2/06 and 9/10) and 4 months of TTC in between our last loss and this pregnancy.

justamama- Dennie, late November with #4

dashley111- Ash, 11/26.

Code Name Mama- Dionna, 11/26, TTC for 18mos+; this will be our second baby.

EonJourney- 41, 11/27 with identical twins

miriam_bat_avraham-Julie, age 28, 11/28 with twins after 27 months of trying & 6 months of fertility treatments.

Jaimee,  31, 11/28, #3 and an oops! baby

Shane- 11/29

smallbrit- Emily, 11/29, #3

KaliShanti- 11/29, #3, 3rd homebirth :)

mama2mmj- Ashley 11/30, this is baby #4 and was a big surprise :)



hug.gif In Our Thoughtshug.gif














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Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

Congrats Julie!!   Becky did you have your u/s today?  What did you find out?

I am having my ultrasound NEXT Tuesday. Had a dr appt yesterday. I'd love to say I'm excited but I'm more anxious than ever to know if I'm having a boy. I love any baby I get, but I really NEED this baby to be a boy. lol I don't want anymore kids and Ray promised me he would find a way to get me pregnant again if it's a girl. lol


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