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Thanks Julie. That helps tremendously!

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I definitely want to participate!

Where can I get Rynna's address? That's the only question I have left - Julie did a great job explaining!
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I think I finally get it...

I understand that I am buying a bead and sending Rynna some $$ to cover postage and stuff. I will send $5 in case somebody else is really strapped right now. Now I just need Rynna's address...
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So, do we choose the color of the bead we are sending, or do we all need to get one of the same color? I'll get one and send it as soon as I know what to do as far as color and get Rynna's address.
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What size bead?
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OK... Im in on this thread too finally!! I love everyone's ideas, and I think this is going to be great!

I also like the idea of sending a bead for each momma's bracelet... I will voluteer to send a extra in case someone cant- I know how strapped a household can get.
Also, I wouldnt mind a wooden beed or two on my bracelet, I like the feeling of them personally, and I think that the whole bracelet is going to look beautiful together, no matter what we all contribute. The unstained wooden beads could very well serve to center the bracelets which Im sure will be riot with glass and clay and every other material. It may very well be soothing in labor to trace the grain on the wood without being overcome with color and pattern.

I don't want a bracelet that reflects all of our financial status, I want one that come with good wishes and positive thoughts.

I really cant wait for this! I am looking forward to bead-shopping... and seeing a bracelet completed. (I guess it helps that I am not making it- I used to do lots of bead jewellry, but then I had children, LOL... I traded my 4 yr old leftovers on TP.)
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I'd like to be in on this. I'll go ahead and pm Ryanna with my address. And shop for a bead. The only thing I'm confused about is the bead(s). Sounds like from Julie's post, we're just to find one nice bead to mail to Ryanna. But then in other post(s) we are to find one for every participant?

I'll keep checking back here...
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Brooke- I like the idea of a wooden bead too. In fact I saw a box of them at Target that were pretty inexpensive that I would be happy to send to Rynna in addition to my bead then we can all have at least two beads, one wood and one fancy!
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Question: Are we suppose to send Rynna our address or is she suppose to send all of us her address or both????

Also we need to set a deadline for when everything needs to be at Rynna's. Has anyone made a master list of everyone who wants to participate?

I had one other question but I can't remember what is was!:
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i think this is supposed to be the master list-
if it is i am on it!
i am hoping i will be one of the first to pop- my due date is actually may 31st.
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PM me with your address and due date, and I'll pm you back with my address.

I was also thinking -- rather than mailing cash or a bunch of little checks, you could either paypal me or you could send a self-addressed stamped padded envelope... or does that make things more complicated? Whichever you think is easier!

I'm going to consider the list complete as of the 10th, because otherwise I wont have time to get all the bracelets finished.

*hehe* I'm already having fun with this!
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The plan was to send one bead, Brooke suggested sending one for each mama. I personally don't really want to do this. I mean, I think of how nice it would be for me in labor to have a bead representing each of you, but I really want to find a bead that is special and I can't afford to buy a bunch of special beads. We need to come to a consenus on this as soon as possible, though, so if everyone could just post a quick note saying whether they want to send one or many, that would be helpful. I really want to participate, so if everyone wants to send a bead for each mama on the list, I will do it and just amend my rationale.

Also, I definitely think each mama should choose whatever color bead she wants so each person's bracelet is unique to them.

And the bead needs to have a fairly large hole so it can fit over a few strands of embroidery floss plaited together.

I think that is all the questions.
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The list so far:

queen of cups
modesto doula
eilonwy (of course!)

That is 17 total so far.

I'll keep editing people in, so check back often until the 10th. We can use this as our master in case we end up sending a bead for each person-that way everyone knows how many people there are.
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I say one bead. One nice, interesting bead on a woven/plaited bracelet sounds groovy and not too busy. One bead also sounds more likely to happen when dealing with a bunch of pregnant women.
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Ooo...ooo...me too!
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Me too! Me too! I just PMed elionwy.
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I was wondering where you were!
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Okay, I still need addresses from:


and due dates from:


Also, if you haven't looked at the colors poll (in the June 2004 board) please do so! I set the 10th as a dealine, but sooner is always better .
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I have a TON of metal beads that I would love to share with all of you. I used to work for House of Fabrics and got them all on clearance and I've never had a good use for them. They are probably pot metal (lightweight and soft) but are silver, copper and gold colored and came in different sizes and shapes. Would it be OK if I send a bunch along and Rynna can add a few to each package??

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I think that'd be fabulous .
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