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Me too!! Thats sounds great!
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I'd like to join too.
PM'ing Rynna now.

Oh, and I vote for one bead from each mama..... But I willl definitely go along with the group consensus.
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you know, the people that want to send beads for each mama could, and those of us that want to send just one could. Each mama's bracelet would be unique to her and everyone could do what means the most to them.
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Okay, I've started on the bracelets. Oddly enough, it's going much faster than I expected it too! I remember being fast, but I don't remember being this fast. I may well have them all (15 or 16, I think) finished by Monday. :LOL If you want to send enough beads for each mother, please let me know that because I'll need to make the tail a bit longer than I have been! It won't be a problem to make up a longer tail, I just need to know that that's what I'm doing.
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I don't think I can get mine mailed until Monday. I keep forgetting to go out and get the padded envelope! But it's coming...
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Rynna-why don't you go ahead and make longer tails? We can always tie them tighter, but it is pretty hard to make them bigger!
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When do you need the beads by? Our local bead shop is closed until Tuesday.

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ASAP, but no later than 25 April. That way if the earliest of us goes at 37 weeks, we should all have our bracelets already. (If I've done my math correctly!)
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OK, I mailed my thingie today. I hope the bead is big enough. It should be able to fit on the embroidery floss, but you might still have to use a needle.

I also hope I used enough postage, since I was too lazy to go to the post office.
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I am hoping to stop by the bead store tomorrow or Wednesday. It is conveniently located right downstairs from my bank.
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Okay, they're ready to go when I get the beads & envelopes!
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I'm going to the bead store today...
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Just sent mine. After really wanting to get one bead, I went to the bead store and couldn't find anything that really spoke to me with a hole big enough for what we need. So I ended up getting everyone one! :
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How many of us are there? I ended up finding some cute clay beads with flowers on them, which I thought was appropriate for cervix opening visulization but they only came in packs of 16. I thought I'd send them all and let Rynna use them if she wanted to.

Now I just need to remember to pick up the envelops! :
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Okay, so are most of you sending 17 beads, or just one? If most of you are sending 17 (or more), perhaps there will be enough to do 17 on each.. but I think you should know that it's likely to make these bracelets long enough to be necklaces for most of us! :LOL Of course, we could always wrap them two or three times around our wrists... *hehe*.
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I bought some pretty flowered beads today and sent off 20 of them. I also found a couple grogeous beads I couldn't NOT buy, so I sent those too, LOL... I found all kinds of gorgeous stuff at the bead store, and I didnt realize what a limitation it was going to be to find one that would accomadate three widths of thread.
I hope they fit, and I dont have a problem with wrapping mine around a couple times. It will be that much more to look at and play with in the last few weeks and in labor.
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Am I the only one who just sent one bead?
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Grease-don't worry about it if you are, I would have much rather done that, but the option I had was truly pathetic as one bead. I sent 20 beads as well since I wasn't sure of the final count or if someone would want to join last minute.
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uh-oh...I sent 16 beads, thinking that was the final number. Should I send more?

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I sent one bead, one big, fat, very pretty china bead. Just one!
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