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Hey, crazy week. Going to bead store tomorrow. Ryanna, I never got your address. Do you mind pm'ing it to me? I will get this all to the post office Friday morning.
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Okay, seedling, you are the third person to tell me you didn't get my address... what on earth is wrong with me?!? :LOL Oh yeah, NewBean is turning my brain to tapioca and it's sliding out of my ears! : I'll pm you right away.
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Got my bead....will mail tomorrow or Saturday!!

I got one "special bead" and I'm also putting in some other decorative beads.

Rynna ~ Do you have a bead needle? If not, I could send one.
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That depends on what kind of bead you're talking about! :LOL I've got needles in varying sizes, lengths, and pointiness (is that even a word?! ). I'm probably fine, thanks!
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They're cheap so I'll send ya one just in case. The bead openings can be REALLY tiny and the bead needles are flexible so they are easier to get through.
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Okay, so here's another question.. am I putting the beads you send on your bracelet, or am I switching them around?
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I assumed you'd switch the beads, and that that was the reason for sending them.
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I agree. I want beads from other mamas, not my own (unless there are extras)
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That's what I figured, but I wasn't entirely certain.

Now: if you send 17 beads, do you want 17 back? I was thinking about this. A few of you said you were sending lots of beads... If I can find some fairly inexpensively, I may be able to fill out the rest so that everyone will have 17. Some of the beads are big enough that they'll fit over the entire bracelet, so I won't have to worry about making all of them with long tails. Oh, and I've figured out a way to extend the tails anyway.. so it's all good!
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I will be sending my beads on Tuesday.

AS far as the number of beads, that isn't important to me. What I want is just something the represents our group, and that can be one bead, or 500. :LOL Okay, maybe not 500....that would be more like a belt. but you know what I mean. :^)

I will be sending enough for everyone, plus a few extras, I think. (Depends on the cost, of course!)
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Could you let each of us know when you get ours?
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Yes, that would be a reasonable thing to do, wouldn't it? :LOL Okay, I'll make a list! Thus far I have received beads from:


BTW-- Eli absolutely adores the rubber chicken. :LOL : He thinks it's the funniest thing on Earth and waves it around saying "chicka chicka chicka CHICKEN!" :

Edited to update my list
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this is how I see it working. Start with the one beaders, switching them around so no one ends up with their own bead. Then when that is done, add a bead to each of the bracelets from those that sent one bead for each. I think that it may end up working where there isn't the one special bead for each person since a lot of us are sending multiples, but if you have some lying around, you could make up the difference so each bracelet has the same amt of beads. Does that make sense? If I were doing it, I would wait until I got all of them, then lay out each bracelet and make a pile of beads on top of it so it is easier to see who has what (masking tape tags would probably be a good idea too). When all of them are laid out and make sense, then start stringing them.
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I sent my beads on Sat, went ahead and sent about 20, since I found some really pretty ones cheap. I don't care how many beads are on the bracelet I get back, as wildthing says, it's just something special that represents our group.

Thanks again for putting this together!
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Rynna- I sent my beads out today(finall!). I sent a postage paid envelope with them for you to return the bracelet in but I forgot to put my $2 in for the bracelet. I'll try and remember to send it tomorrow.

Also it doesn't matter to me how many beads I have on my bracelet. I sent 16 so whatever works! Thanks again for all your work!
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I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to participate in this. I just am not able to get my #$* together in time to get a package to Rynna.

It was a wonderful idea, it's just more than I can handle right now.
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Aargh! Did I miss the 2.00 part? are we supposed to send 2.00?

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Rubellin, I'm sorry to hear that! If there's anything we can do so you can still participate, please lemme know, okay?

irishgreengables: The money is for envelopes & postage. Some people have sent SASE's (yourself included, I believe!) and a few people sent a little extra so that postage could be covered to everyone else. All together, I've thus far spent less than $6 on materials, (embroidery floss and a diaper pin to pin the bracelets to my pants :LOL) and at the end of the week I'll count up all the beads and go to A.C. Moore to fill in the extras. Then I'll go buy envelopes for those who didn't send them & start mailing bracelets out. So to answer your question, you don't have to send the $2, because you sent a SASE, but if you want to contribute to the group you are certainly welcome to.

Please see my updated list! And get thee to a post office if you're not on it! :LOL
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I only sent $1 and no SASE!

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I know I said I was going to mail mine LAST Friday or Saturday but ummmmm....I didn't so I will be mailing (I PROMISE) tomorrow or Saturday. I have it all packaged up and ready to go!!

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