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baby carrier for breastfeeding?

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i love the moby, but its really the only one i have tried, if you dont count a hand me down snuggly. i would like a carrier that can hold Ellie upright and for nursing.


any recommendations?

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Have you thought of a baby hawk or other mei tie?  If you're wearing a nursing cami or easy access shirt, it's very easy to nurse in one.  The plus, is that they are quite comfortable and many have an option of an attachable 'sleeping hood' for when DC passes out for a nap thumb.gif

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If you like wrapping invest in a woven wrap. They are great for nursing in. You can completly cover your lo up when in a front wrap cross carry and no one can see anything. It is comfortable and woven wraps can be used for many other fun things too... like swings or hammocks

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I nursed my son upright in a Moby for several months. I just had him in the cradle position facing in and I guess I had to practice tying it a few times to get him at the right level. I am not sure what age Ellie is but you could try her legs in a different position--if she is old enough for them to be out that might position her differently than if they are usually tucked in, for example. She doesn't look that young in your pic though! :-)


I also used a Lillebaby, (which is similar to an Ergo or Mei Tei but lets you adapt to face baby out later on, as well as on your back; same with Beco Gemini and the Pikkolo). My son just turned 1 and I still nurse him in this one.


I had an easy time nursing my son in both of these, whereas friends who used a hand-me-down Bjorn never could.


But it may be a question of finding the Moby position or the other carrier that works with your body. If you hold her upright in front of your body you can see where her/his bottom needs to be for comfortable nursing. If she is sitting up with some support, you can even set her bottom on a table that is the right level and see how it feels. Then set the baby down and put the carrier on aiming for seat at that level. Your nursing tie in the Moby might be different from the tie that puts the weight in the most comfortable spot on your hips/waist for your back, depending on your body and baby's proportions (which may be the case with other carriers, too, if it is about distance from hip belt to nipple relative to baby's body . . . I hope that makes sense?). The reason I stopped nursing him in the Moby (and thus, stopped using the Moby as much as the Lillebaby) was that, as he got bigger, I had to tie the waist too low to be comfortable in order for him to be at nipple level. Carriers with a waist strap like the Lillebaby, Beco Gemini, etc, were easier for me to readjust quickly with the baby in it than the Moby after we were done nursing.


Also, I am not sure whether you nurse her upright sometimes, but if not, maybe give that a try sitting on the couch out of the carrier first. That way, you both get used to where everything needs to be for that to be comfortable without the complicating factor of the carrier. Then add the carrier into the mix.


But I loved the Moby and nursed my son all over town in it--walking down the street, at parties, wherever, and it was great for that time.

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I've been able to nurse in every kind of carrier I've tried except a pouch--so it worked in a ring sling, woven wrap, stretchy wrap, mei tai, and soft structured carrier.  Most carriers are breastfeeding friendly, so I'd choose based on the other differences and what appeals to you otherwise about certain carriers.

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I use a Moby, and I tried nursing in it. I have trouble getting my daughter (3 weeks old) low enough to nurse. And also, how to get her back higher afterwards without having to remove the whole wrap and re-tie? Any tips?

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it is so amazingly easy to nurse my ds in our ergo. he is already in that seated position facing me, so i just loosen the straps a bit (to lower him) and let him latch on. he could stay attached like that through whole shopping trips with no problem

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I try that with the ring sling, lower her enough so she can latch on. Problem is she slouches and her spine is rounded. She doesn't cry and just nurses, but I feel like it's not good for her spine... Maybe it's easier to nurse when she's able to sit up on her own? I'm not comfortable with putting her in the cradle carry in the ring sling...

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