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Quick intro

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I'm mainly a (long time) lurker but thought I better post an intro in case I post more now that the due date looms in August.


I am due about mid August. I went UP for the first 16 weeks because I didn't know I was pregnant. With two other dc (12 and 17) I was too not paying attention. This pg was obviously not planned and honestly, I was not thrilled. Hello- I got a kid heading into college next year. I did get an ultrasound when I went in to date. LOL I had no idea when I got pg. Everything checked out so I did not go back. I live within five minutes of a hospital, had two kids already with no complications and REALLY just want a nice quiet and peaceful birth. I got good birthin hips and know what I am doing. We've been doing this since forever!


I probably will only lurk like I have been doing for two years. I thank you for all your guidiance over the years.

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Well, glad you made your presence known! Hope you have a happy and safe UC!

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welcome, red leaf.

      i hope you keep getting good stuff from the boards. i, too, have been quite the lurker. i do have fabulous, holistic, hands-off midwives that i do not have to pay out of pocket for.....they will attend the birth of my baby coming. mostly 'cos i don't have any childless friends who could be there to help support my older kiddos without them bringing along their own. and because i don't have to pay out of pocket, they still get paid, and i want to support amazing women who are wholesome and ideal caregivers. they deserve to have monetary support to keep doing what they are doing....even if it's not my money, but rather, insurance. i have uc'ed, a baby that i had the choice of crappy hospital care or educated self care. clearly, i took what endangered me and baby the least. i am all for women taking their birthing into their own hands.


now that i have verbosely defended why i will have midwives 2whistle.gif i want to say.... congrats on the little one brewing! i know what an odd place it must be to have kiddos and such different ends of the spectrum. you've been lurking here for two years.....maybe somewhere in your subconscious, you were thinking another babe might come to you?



i am expecting another august baby, too....  love.gif

                                                   speak up if you need anything!

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Hi! Nice to meet you :) I am "new" too. I've been "lurking" a little bit since I got pregnant with this LO (due in October). I have actually been in other forums searching for a midwife but that has been unsuccessful so here I am! I'm more comfortable being alone anyways, lol.

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