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What Gift for Amazing SLP?

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It is the end of the year, and my DD will not be with her SLP next year, as she is heading into kindi, and this SLP is only pre-K.  I am heartbroken, she has advocated for my DD as if it were her own child.  She is amazing, and I don't think a starbucks gift card will do ;)  Any ideas for a gift to show my appreciation?

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I hear you. We have had a number of amazing therapists and teachers over the years that I have chosen to honor in various ways beyond the gift card. Although, in my experience, it is a heartfelt thank-you note that holds the most meaning. Good teachers/therapists want to know that they have had a positive impact on the children they've worked with. When you honor that effort by talking about how much you appreciate it, you validate everything they do. :)


Therefore, I usually try to do something that reminds the person of the connection that they and my child shared. So for DD's hippotherapy center (and the 3 amazing therapists she saw there), I made a video of her talking to them, singing them a song, and showing how much she loved horses and going there. This was all the more significant b/c when she began therapy there (shortly before age 2), she had no words and very few signs. By the time she left them at 3 1/2 yrs., she had over 300 signs and lots of verbal approximations -- a change due in no small part to their efforts. They loved it!


For her preschool teacher and therapists last year, I wrote a glowing personalized letter for each one of them that outlined exactly how they helped DD and how much it helped her progress. I gave them a copy of the letter and also gave a copy of it to the principal of the school to be placed in their employment files. A letter of commendation that shows your employer how good you are at your job is ALWAYS appreciated; they were all thrilled.


In the next couple of weeks, we're having to say goodbye to our current private SLP, who actually works with 2 of my DDs (hubby job transfer out of state, boo hoo.) Anyway, in addition to the thank-you note, we are also giving her two children's books that were favorites of our DDs and which she read to them many, many times over the past year. They are silly (Robert Munsch books, if you are familiar with him) and have great phonetic sounds, to boot. But most of all, whenever she uses them with her new clients, she will be reminded of our family.


Good luck!


Kind regards,


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Thank you for the ideas :)

I think that a letter recognizing all the wonderful ways she has impacted our life would be brilliant.  I also love the idea of having it sent to the principle is wonderful as well. I love the book idea, also DD drew a beautiful picture of her and her slp holding hands, and I am going to do something special with that...maybe have it copied onto a canvas bag?  framed?  I have to say, I have never felt a more personal connection with a therapist before. We have been so lucky that DD has had such wonderful OTs, PTs, and SLPs through out the years......and this person, has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our daughter. I simply cannot get into it on a forum, but, I will start outlining a letter tonight and will type it up for school next week. 

Thank you :)

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