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Had My Amazing UC!!

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Hey all -- I've been quiet for a while, but I've been lurking and reading, praying and wishing you all well.


I just wanted to let you all know that our beautiful baby boy was born on May 30th in the early morning at home, unassisted as planned, after a marathon over 30 hour labor (I am SO grateful I wasn't in the hospital for many, many reasons -- one of which is I would have gotten a "failure to progress" label slapped on me for sure).


His daddy caught him and although the labor was much longer than I expected (our first, a midwife attended homebirth,  was 6 hours of active labor from start to finish) it went exactly as I prayed it would.


He had a nuchal cord wrapped three times pretty tightly but pinked up immediately and cried almost instantly. Placenta came out almost instantly in one piece, I bled very little and felt great afterward. I did use some Shepherd's Purse tincture after the placenta came out for extra reassurance (even if only psychologically lol) ETA: oh, and NO tearing either! I'm amazed by what God did for me in answering my prayers :)


We had zero issues at the doctor (took him around 48 hours) and registering the birth was a piece of cake (the only two things I stressed over lol).


I praise God so much because it was my faith in Him and His design/plan that supported me Spiritually through all this. I can honestly say that even though the labor was HARD WORK (as in, why does anyone choose this, hard lol) I was never once fearful during the entire thing. I just knew everything was going to be okay and I truly believe God provided me peace in that area.


I'm working on the birth story but just wanted to let you all know!



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DDCC - CONGRATS!! smile.gif Can't wait to see pics!
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joy.gifyayyyyyyy! congratulations! happy baby moon.

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Awesome! I am thrilled for you, your DH and your new little baby! I'm so glad that you got the birth that you were praying for. It sounds amazing and I can't wait to read the full birth story!

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Awesome. Congratulations. Welcome baby! I can't wait to read the full story when you have time/energy!

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Congratulations!!  joy.gif

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woohoo! congrats, mama! biggrinbounce.gif

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Yay!!!  Sounds like an amazing birth and a happy baby!!joy.gif

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Congratulations!! That is so great your husband got to catch!  A memory you both will cherish forever.

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Yaaaaaayyyyy, congratulations Mama!!!!!!! Enjoy your babymoon!! :-) <3

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I got so excited reading your story! Congratulations and glory to God! Enjoy that baby. 

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I've missed your insight around here. Congratulations on the birth of your little love!

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Amazing! Congrats mama!  Been wondering where you were, figured you had the baby.  Can't wait for the pics!

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Wow!! Time goes by so quick. That is truly a blessing. I am so ecstatic for you. It is at times like these we realize the God is the only one who can bring us through!!! Thank you God for answered prayers. 

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I'm so glad you posted an update, and thrilled to pieces for you!

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joy.gif Congrats!!!
Much love to you and your family, TB!!!!
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Yay!  Congratulations!  I'd love to hear the whole story.  It's very inspiring already!  I've been praying for peace in my upcoming birth too.  So thankful God gave you what you needed!  Enjoy your sweet baby! smile.gif

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Congratulations, thats a great birth. So glad, he is doing so well. Your UC is just perfect.

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Congratulations!  I am happy to see that your birth happened as you wanted it to do so!

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