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Selling breast milk

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Is it legal?  I just saw an ad on Craig's List and was wondering.

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I have wondered this also.  I have quite a bit in deep freezer storage and I had thought about selling it, too, but wasn't sure if it was legal.  I will be interested to see what another poster writes back!

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I think it is illegal since it is a bodily fluid that can harbor pathogens...

Also if it was legal for anyone to sell why would there be milk banks?

I would not buy or sell milk to/from a stranger that's just kind of scary.


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It's totally legal as it's classified as a food and not a bodily fluid. There's an article in this month's wired I posted a link to a week or two ago talking about it. But yeah, you can buy or sell it, totally legal.
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I found the Wired article and this quote off of another site:

[The FDA is worried about the booming unregulated milk market. Blood, semen and other bodily fluids are held up to super-strict health standards but because breast milk is considered food, so the guidelines are much more lax. Though no illnesses or death from donor breast milk has been reported, the FDA is concerned this loophole puts infants at risk.[/quote]

Personally, I wouldn't buy it or sell it BUT I would donate it to a baby in need...not some guy with a breast milk fetish or for biological research, but to a baby in need. I put selling breastmilk for profit in the same line as selling body parts to those in desperate need. I feel it's just morally wrong. I don't even like the fact that milk banks charge but I can understand why because of their screening practices and things which cost money. 

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