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Living without a freezer

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I know..I am a crazy...but it has been working for me!!! And I love it!!!


Meet my fridge:




I have been trying to live with less and live more efficiently. When I was in the military, we had a small fridge like this, except it has the tiny freezer in the top, which we never used. It makes me buy fresh food and use up what we have on hand, that week. Since it is just the 2 of us, it works out great and it has lowered my utility bill majorly. I am always up to a challenge and this is working out great. Just thought I would share.

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Reminds me of when I was a child and we lived with my German grandmother for a year while my dad was deployed. She was a widow and lived in an apartment that my mother and her sisters were born and raised in. She never had much money and she had a small fridge about the size you're talking about. It had no freezer either. She went several times a week to the local bakery, butcher and little grocery store. I didn't appreciate at the time how fresh our food was!

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I live where it gets quite hot and humid and I was tired of the poor huge refrigerator trying to keep up. I barely used my freezer- maybe for some ice cream or french fries once in a while. Now I just make my own french fries and we make ice cream a real treat out.

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I wouldn't mind having a fridge like this when we move - we will be having a freezer room anyway with several chest freezers for bulk meat/produce but a small fridge seems to make sense.
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We don't have a freezer -- well, we have a small freezer compartment, which is useful to sometimes have ice cream in.  DH likes to buy frozen fish & fish fingers, too.

Actually we are a family of 6 with only an under-the-counter size fridge with small freezer compartment.

I am not very minimalist in most respects, but quite pleased with this one :).


My mother was a middle-aged woman living alone & had one full size fridge-freezer (2 halves), with a spare full size fridge & a spare full size freezer in the garage.

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we do a week's worth of shopping, which fits into our small fridge -- which has a freezer. we keep meat and veggies and berries in there. we did all fresh for a while, but it was wearing on us to shop so often (in addition to running DS around and working). 

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