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Bathing suit ideas?

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I'm looking for some good suggestions for where to shop for bathing suits for my almost 13 y/o dd.  Even specific styles if you have a great link!  DD loves bikinis, but the teen styles we find at the mall stores are more revealing than she or I feel comfortable with, usually, and they also don't fit quite right yet (think areo, american eagle, etc).  Tankinis are good, bikinis w/coverage, one pieces, and racing suits are useful as well.  


We have some success w/ a bikini and board shorts, and a surf shirt to keep the sun off--dd put together a great set, but we swim all the time during the summer and need more.  We have wet suits for playing in cold rivers, exploring, etc.


Any ideas?

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i think roxy stuff is cute




ON stuff is cheaper



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We've had luck shopping at Kohls if you have one in your area. Lots of mix and match stuff. They had more variety for more modest suits (without being granny suits lol.)

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I don't have a preteen yet, but I love Old Navy. They always have modest choices. :)

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Old Navy, Kohls, JcPenny's. Even Target I saw had some cute younger but coverage type suits. 

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Also check out athletic stores--- REI, Big 5, etc... They'll have racing suits and good sun coverage ones as well.


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Maybe try LandsEnd.com they have a wide variety of suit styles and mix and match.  They tend to be a bit pricy, but are long lasting!

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Old Navy on sale if it doesn't get a lot of heavy use; I buy Lands End on sale or on ebay. I like Lands End because they work well for my longer torsoed daughter, so as she gets older, I think that will be more important to her).

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We love Roxy or CREW dd had a fantastic bathing suit from CREW, she loves tankinis too!

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We like one pieces, but there are some nice tankini's through swimoutlet hope you can find something you like here.

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My dd started with tankinis, but as she got older, she moved towards bikini tops with board shorts.  


If they get a lot of use, LLBean and Land's end has good suits.  Speedo is also a great brand.  Otherwise, if they don't get lots of use, almost any store with a mix and match set should have a style she likes.   I even Like Target's suits.

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Do you have a specialty store that just does swimming stuff?  They tend to have good selections of very pretty and practical swimwear that lasts.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone.  DD loved the Roxy site, but she needs the womens/juniors size.  So far bikini w/board shorts seems to be her fav.  Title Nine Sports has some nice, but extremely pricey (for a junior anyway) bathing suits--we may try to find one on sale.  We've done old navy, but they don't seem to hold up very well.

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