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how much time did your partner take off?

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This is our first baby and we are trying to make some plans.  Well, as much as we can plan.  I know things can go unexpectedly.  I was wondering how much time your partner takes off when you have the baby.  I know it is different for everyone.  I just want to get some opinions. 


My partner pretty much has to give his work notice of how long he will be taking off. It can change but I guess they want a tenative plan.  He will probably have about a weeks paid by then.  I am not sure how fast my family will come down to help.  It might be right away it might be weeks later.  I know if things go badly I will need him around longer but I am just thinking of if things go pretty smoothly as far as the delivery and recovery.  Also I should probably mention that I will have to drive him in when he goes back.


Any thoughts? opinions?

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My husband took 20 days. He is military though so it is paid leave and thats why were able to do it. 10 days are given to him for baby leave and then he took an additional 10.

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DH took 6 weeks from the day before J was born. He is entitled to 3 weeks paternity leave which he has the option of taking at half pay to double the time off work.


I know not everyone has the luxury of paid paternity leave but I would recommend taking as long as possible. Even if you don't need help the bonding time is priceless IMO.

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DH took ten days. He works for himself, so there was only one employee to cover for him and if he took more than that we'd lose clients. However, he did call a lot of days earlier than he normally would because he wanted to come home and see the baby. Also, we met him for lunch a few times a week. (but I dont reallly go by the "newborns shouldnt be in public" opinion).
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With our first my  husband was only able to take 3 unpaid days.  Thankfully my mom, her husband, and both my sisters were all able to come for 2 weeks.  With our 2nd my husband got a week I think.  With our third he got 8 weeks pd leave and with this baby we are so thankful he is able to take 12 paid weeks of paternity leave!

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Last time, my husband got 2 weeks paid paternity leave. It's normal for mother/baby to stay ~5 days in the hospital here, so he worked during most of that and visited us every day. Once we were home, he took a few days off, then went back to work, taking one day off per week to be with us until his paternity leave ran out. I think that worked well for us.


This time, I'm not sure yet. I suppose we'll do something similar, except we now have a toddler, which means he'll probably need to take more time off in the beginning to be with him.

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DD1 was born on a Monday, Dh went back to work that next Monday. With DD2, he took off 2 weeks but he was also quite ill during that time. With DS it was 5 days. This time I'm hoping for the rest of the week of when ever baby comes. 


Since you have to drive, I'd make plans for what if you can't. I could drive right away with all my births but I know others where it was weeks before they could. 

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My husband is in the military and will get 10 days of leave. He may take more time we arent sure yet. It depends on what his command is doing at the time and if he can take more time.

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With each of our births hubby was able to take only about 3 days.

First 5 babies I had my moms help, next 2 I was on my own after he went back to work and this one will be solo after 3 days as well.

 First baby I really just slept every time baby did, so I didnt really NEED help. Was quite able to get up and fix myself something to eat as needed.

3rd and subs. baby I found that I was riding the endorphine high for a week after birth so it was the 2nd week when I crashed that I was so very grateful for the help.

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Both DDs were born on Thursdays and DH took Friday off. He went back to work on Monday both times.  I had my mom and MIL to help for a few weeks, so that was great.  DH also works from home sometimes, so he was able to work from home when I needed it.


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I'm feeling very spoiled.  DH is a firefighter/paramedic and has a great schedule 48/96.  He works for 2 days straight and then gets 4 days off so when he takes time off it goes a long way.  He has been taking trades with guys so that he can have lots of time off surrounding the event.  He will be off a week before the guess date and then will have 5-6 weeks off after the birth.  My mom will be here as well so I'm feeling like I should have plenty of support. 

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My DH was given 2 weeks, but really only ended up taking 1 week.  It was a super busy time at work and he was needed.  I did have other help though, which was important.  This time I suspect that he'll take 1 week off as well.  His job is flexible, so he can often come home early if needed.

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My husband only got 10 days of leave each time.
They wouldn't approve anymore than that, but I had zero problems so there wasn't a need for more than that.

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We own our own business so he didn't get to take off time really. I met a client on my way to my last OB appt on my due date. OB sent me for emergency c-sect due to pre-eclampsia so DH canceled the rest of the appts that day. He was back at work day 2 and nearly every day since then. Thankfully since it's our company he doesn't have to work 8 hour days most days so he still spends a lot of time at home with us.

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My DH  took a month off for the first son. He lost his job over it even thought it was in the contract but it was so worth it. With second one he took a week, my dad came for a week and my in laws a week.


My DH has a kind of job where he is either working 18 horus days or at home for days. With second baby it was OK because I felt it was easier the second time around and I did not ened him to take a month off

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With our first child he was only able to take off a few days, but it was alright. I had help from lots of people, which was great. When the next baby was born he took off three weeks, which was wonderful, but towards the end it felt too long....we were all ready to get back into our routines.

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Numbers 1 and 2 were born on Mondays and he took the week off.  Number 3 was born on a Thursday and he was back at work on Monday.  I had no other family to help.

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Hmm-- I would say about 3 or 4 days.  Two of those days I would be in the hospital, then there was the weekend, then he'd go back to work.


I had family help usually only when I was in the hospital.  Or rather, DH got the help!

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I feel pretty spoiled here as well. DH will be taking 3 months off once baby arrives. In Canada, parental leave can be split pretty much any way you want it between the parents - so I'm taking 9 months and he's taking 3. I really want DH to have a lot of time to bond with baby without the pressure of having to go back to work right away. Plus it will be great to have the help around the farm, especially since this is our first and we don't really know what to expect!
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My DH has never been able to take time off work.  It's not the way it works in the retail management world unfortunately.  This time though he has saved up his vacation time and will be taking off 3 weeks, but not until the baby is over a month old.  After the actual birth, he will have to resume his normal schedule.  Actually, due to a remodel at his store, he will be working more than usual.  Just my luck...

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