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Has anyone lost weight eating this way?

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I need to lose some weight (I can't stand being heavy in the heat and it's already hot here!).  I've been following Ramiel Nagels' "Cure Tooth Decay" protocol - no grains, lots of bone broth, lots of raw dairy, lots of grass fed meat, etc.  I do feel like it's strengthening my teeth, but I'm scared it's going to stall any weight loss.  It's basically TF without any grains, so I'm wondering if anyone here has eaten this way and managed to drop any weight.  Thanks!

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Congrats!  It sounds like you have picked an incredibly healthy diet.  


With all the fats and protein you will be eating, you will likely feel satisfied for much longer after a meal than you would had you eaten a carb heavy meal.  This is good because it means that you will naturally eat less.  In addition, without the grains and other carb heavy foods, you will naturally regulate your blood sugar which means that insulin won't be shuttling excess glucose into your fat cells and causing you to gain weight.


However, it is possible for you to gain weight eating this way.  If you are an emotional eater and tend to eat past your satiety point, it is possible that you will gain a few pounds.  In addition, it is really easy to overeat on foods like nut butters, nuts, and cheeses so be careful with those.  So in the end, while carb consumption contributes to weight gain due to the insulin response and contributes to overeating because of loads of other hormones that are turned on when eating too many carbs, it is calories that really count when it comes to weight loss.


Don't worry too much about all this though as it really is hard to overeat when you are consuming so much protein.

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Yep. I did the GAPS diet for healing the gut which was a lot of broths, meats, fats and vegs and I lost my last few pounds easily.

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I've been doing a Primal/Paleo diet for 4 weeks now and have lost 8.5 lbs already (and that is with a few cheats here and there, too!). I cut out grains, sugars (except for whole fruit), and starchy veggies (potatoes). I'm eating way more meat (mostly pork from our own pigs, also farm-direct chicken) and nuts and fats (healthy ones, though - animal or coconut, not grain or processed). I haven't changed my level of activity (moderately active), I don't count calories or let myself go hungry. I had a big sugar addiction when I started, and that may explain why I have never felt the urge to binge on nut butters or cheese as GrassFedBeauty suggested. Those things have never affected me the way carbs and sugars do (that feeling of not being able to stop eating).

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My mum did the GAPS diet and lost about 5kg (dropped to healthy range easily) - she wasn't hungry at all and ate as much as she wanted -she didn't do it thinking of losing weight either, it was a bonus on top. DS and I did the GAPS diet and both maintained our healthy weight. I reckon, your body get what it needs, any surplus melts away and those who don't have anything to lose will maintain.

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I have lost 30lbs and am still dropping wieght (slowly).  The first 20 came off pretty quickly (the first 3 months) and the other 10 slowly but surely over the last 7 months.  I eat ALL I want (on GAPS).  That includes nuts and plenty of avacoados. I don't workout just live an active life. 

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Our transition to a traditional and kinda paleo diet was a gradual one. We made change after change while determining our ds's food sensitivities and allergies, we learned some here and there and so that's how the changes came.

DS is now 18 mo and I am a good 50-60lb lighter than I was BEFORE I conceived.

To be honest, we don't eat many carbs or sugar anymore. The food we're eating now is also being processed more efficiently and I think that also plays a major roll.

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