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Ramen Add-Ins?

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I found some fairly low-sodium veggie ramen noodles, and would love to make some soups.  I have cut back on soy, and wondered if anyone could suggest good protein add-ins to ramen other than tofu.  I have been dreaming of a kale, tofu and ramen soup ... are there any beans that would work well with ramen? 

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I think white beans and greens would be good. Or maybe garbanzo beans and tomatoes? or maybe lentils?

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Who makes the noodles you found? Where did you find them ? My son is always asking for ramen noodles for lunch and the Top Ramen seasonings are not vegetarian and are loaded with salt.I have looked and haven't found anything different.

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Gonna ditto the white beans & greens idea.  I'm sure aduki beans would be good with noodles too, possibly black eyed peas.



My mom used to top ramen noodles with cottage cheese for protein, my sister liked that and I didn't, but that's another possible idea.


momct - I always ditch the ramen seasoning and use spike seasoning with ramen noodles (and add scallions) to make it 'vegetarian'.  I usually cook the noodles with the spike seasoning, since it's less salty than the seasoning packets and to give it more flavor.  It turns out pretty good, you might like to try that. 



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