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I have a new hobby...

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Every time someone posts that they've had their baby, I go and read their posts leading up to it, to see what signs they had in the days before. 2whistle.gif


Anyone else do this?

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I wasn't, but think I will now, LOL!!!!

I am not too anxious yet, but starting to feel like I will be the last person in this DDC to deliver. Last time I had no signs leading up to the big day -- no prodromal labor or anything so I don't really expect it this time either. I am 37 weeks today, so I do finally feel like I can relax into these final weeks.

Hang in there, Snowflake!! Your little one will be here before you know it!!
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Haha...I want to do this now too!

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I haven't been, but now I will be! Of course, if you're really bored and/or feeling ambitious, you could compile a list for us in this thread so we don't have to search for it... ;)


This morning I accepted the fact that I'll probably just be pregnant forever and that all these signs (of which there are more every day) don't really mean anything anyway and my body is just having some fun with my brain.

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Ha!  I thought this was just me.  The last week or so when I see a birth announcement I am trying to remember if they were posting about prodromal labor or when they lost their plug, or how many false alarms they had, when they were actually due compared to when they went into labor.  So funny, thought I was the only one digging deeper to try and see if they had any of the signs right before birth that I am having. 


Totally not alone, lol.

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