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Breastfeeding & Poop? TMI

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My DS is 2 months he is EBF. he normally has 4-5 yellowish poops everyday. He pooped on 5/25 then not again until 5/28 then not until 6/1 & then until this morning. I want to ask if this is normal but I know it is not his normal. The poops are brown very liquid like yet sorta sticky like honey. And smell very foul.


Anyways some insight from experienced mama's would be great.

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Normally I wouldn't worry about this sort of thing, however it's the change in colour and smell that sends the alarm bells ringing, I would take him to the dr just to make sure that all is well. 

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Thank you for the reply. I had read things that said it is normal for them to only poop once a week and others that it is normal to go several times a day. But yeah for it to all of a sudden happen I was like hummm... Thought maybe other moms would have insight for me. I did make him a appointment for tomorrow morning.

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Yes, a decrease (which can be quite sudden, I believe) is totally normal after around 6 weeks (so at 2 months the decrease alone wouldn't normally be cause for concern).  But the smell would indicate that something may not be quite right with your little one's tummy.  Most likely it's not serious, particularly if there are no other signs that anything is amiss, but always better to get it checked it out.  Please let us know how he gets on at the doctor!


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I agree that the smell and color change would be the part that's really concerning, if nothing in his diet has changed. Has something in your diet changed that he may be reacting to possibly? My son doesnt have sensitivity to anything in particular that I eat (which is awesome because I LOVE spicy foods) but some babies apparently can be sensitive to certain foods their mama eats. So if you've eaten anything new lately, or something you hadnt eaten in a while, that could possibly be part of it.


As for how often babies poop, once they get past the newborn stage, it doesnt have to be so cut and dry. My BF 6 month old went from more than one poop per day to just one big one, and now he sometimes goes a day or two without pooping. His poops are healthy and smell fine (except when he's eaten baby food, then watch out for the smell!) and I know he's fine. Babies are humans, and lots of people dont poop every day, which is fine according to Dr. Oz. Of course, more than a couple days and I'd start to worry about constipation.


I hope the doc is able to help figure out the specific issue!

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So how d'you get on at the Dr?

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Thanks for the replies. I pulled that link up to read in a little bit. The doctor said that it's normal to decrease in poop and that he is not too concerned about the color or smell. He thinks it is something I ate that cause the color and smell issue. He asked about diet change and I did give up eating Peanut Butter about a month ago cause it seemed he was getting a rash from it. (He has not had that rash since maybe a week or so after I last ate PB.) So DR said to call him in a week or so if Im still concerned.


DS did have another Large (read: up his back and out of his leg holes) bm this afternoon that was looking to be more yellowish than so brown. And seedy looking to. Not a horrible smell this time either. Made me wish I had waited a wee bit longer on getting concerned but we live and learn.


Again thank you.

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Yeah - you know sometimes we can wait, but then, if we do then things can go badly quickly, my sis and her 3rd child - he had a bad cold but she thought he'd get over it and didn't take him to the dr, he ended up in an oxygen tent and in hospital for over 10 days!  I think you did well going to the dr and now you are more reassured. Personally I think it's good mothering!

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Nothing to do with the health issues, but whenever my kid had a diaper blowout, I found that going up a size in diapers was a good idea, even if he hadn't reached the weight limit. 

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Well DS did not go again after I posted on the 6th until this morning. I feel like he should be going more.....I know he is getting enough milk he is gaining weight like a champ 9.2 @ birth and 14.3 @ 2 months. He is having lots of wet diapers. He does seem crankier than normal. I'll be calling the DR again on Monday. Anyone out there have any suggestions? 

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If they seem to have returned to normal color and smell, at his age I would not be concerned about less frequency.

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Not pooping for 6 days at this age is well within the realms of normal.  If there are any other indications that something is amiss, then do follow up on those, but a simple decrease in frequency is to be expected.


You might find this page helpful, written by Paula Yount (linked to from Kellymom).




"At around the age of six weeks, the stooling pattern of a breastfed baby may change. It is not uncommon for the breastfed baby to skip days between bowel movements. Some babies skip every other day, some go every two or three days, some once every 5 - 7 days, and some babies hold out for up to 11 or 12 days at a time - then have quite a FULL diaper when they DO go!"





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