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Hi, I am going though the same thing. My 30 mo Daughters four front teeth are I horrible shape and are going to have to be pulled or capped. This has been going on since she was 9 mos and I noticed her teeth were discolored. I have done a lot of reasearch!
First off, our regular dentist ( not a pediatric ) is a good friend so we trust him - said that sedation is LESS safe than GA!! Ok- think about it- an anesthesiologist and hospital staff trained in emergency procedures or a dentist and his assitant in the office??? It is freaky- I am totally scared, but GA with a real anesthesiologist is actually safe- statistically about 80 times safer than riding in a car.
You cannot cure really bad cavities, only tiny ones, my dentist said.
I feel your pain- we have been to several dentists who clearly think I am some kind of crackhead. One even told me there was no way this could have happened unless I put soda in her bottle. Please... My d has never had soda or candy. Never. My mom out me to bed with a bottle every night and didn't brush my baby teeth and I never had one cavity. My husbands baby teeth all rotted out. Our dentist knows us and our lifestyle. We are super in to natural food. He said in dental school he was taught that there is no genetic component to tooth decay but after seeing our daughter he is changing his mind.
We have been "waiting" until she was as old as possible, but a piece just broke off her front tooth and though it is not killing her, it is sensitive. So we're are going to have the work done soon, under GA, before she is in any serious pain.
You don't want your kid to be in pain, it is miserable having to brush four times a day, I am not happy but I have decided to embrace modern medicine on this one. Just make sure you get a real anethesiologist.
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Hi I feel better reading about everyone's experiences. My son has been very healthy and we feed him only organic. I started brushing his teeth as soon as he got them. At his 2 year old dentist appt his teeth were fine, right after he turned 3 I noticed some decay and took him to the dentist. He has the beginning of cavities and has a watch on several teeth, they did the flouride treatment which caused some brown spots on his teeth. At this point they are just watching his teeth. My husband is very much against flouride toothpaste. He was ok with the dentist doing the 1 time treatment in the office but refuses to use flouride toothpaste. I have been trying some natural mouthwashes. We brush often and really curb the sweets.


One thing that I did do was purchase the Sonicare for Kids toothbrush, since buying myself a Sonicare about 6 years ago I have not had any problems and I feel like it does a great job. The Sonicare for Kids is good because it's timed so you know you have brushed for the full 2 minutes. I'm hopeful it will make a difference. The toothbrush is a big investment (about $75) plus you need to replace the brushheads but if it helps it worth the money.


Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories I can very much relate in feeling sad and like a failure, wishing I could go back in time and do things differently. I can also relate to feeling it's unfair when you see parents feeding kids candy and their children have perfect teeth! I'm trying to keep things in perspective.

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I feel your stress and pain. My 2 yo had ga and top 4 pulled & back 4 capped :-( worst thing we've been through. Started at a year when a tooth got bumped on a toy and just turned grey... We rushed to the dentist only to be told there was nothing that could be done at that age... I insisted it hurt they insisted it didn't. A child who previously allowed brushing and we use xylitol... Suddenly screamed at the sight of a brush. We didn't do sugar and were very distraught... A year later the procedure just had to happen the gray tooth apparently was chipped slightly and we ended up with decay and there was just nothing beside this poor child... But it was quick and after aside from coming out of the sedation grumps and a good nap to offset getting up so early in the am I think there were 2 and a half partial doses of baby Tylenol that first day then by the next morning zero complaints and just everyone was happy to be done with it... Literally it just healed quickly and my child refused to even take Tylenol... All in all just glad its over but still sick to my stomach about it. I know now my child has weak teeth and that its just something that will require a lot of preventative care and that the adult teeth will just need a lot of keeping an eye on... I was very ill during pregnancy and theory is that the enamel was effected :-/ hang in there all
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I am agonizing about my 3-year-old's dental surgery in 2 days.  He's having 6 teeth extracted and lot of other work.  I would really appreciate any advice or anything you would be kind enough to share with me about your child's -and your- experience.  Truly, Melissa melcey@care2.com.

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Hi Kmichelle529,

I read your post. I am in a similar situation. I nursed my daughter. But I never gave her juice or candy or anything. I really feel I've failed as a mother. I wish I could go back and change things.

However, I wanted to know what did you finally do with your child and her tooth decay?

Any tips would help. Please.


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I understand your suffering but many times cavities jsut happen because of genetic predisposition and not something your done.


Yes, GA is scary, but if you look at the stats, GA is very safe. I must say, GA is safe in the hospital setting.  My dentist would not use GA for such small child in her office.  You want an anesthesiologist or Nurse Anesthetist present during GA.


My son had caps and removals simply with gas and local. It went well.


He has GA for something else in the hospital.


Remember,  dental abscess is far worse and dangerous.

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