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What is "Toddler Formula"?

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My 11 month old is exclusively formula-fed due to the fact that I was unable to breastfeed after my reduction. Because he's almost 1, I'm starting to think about what kind of "milk" I'm going to feed him once he reaches that magical age where he no longer needs those little yellow Enfamil boxes anymore. I had always thought I would go directly to organic cow's milk because it's a whole food, but then I got to thinking about what I would do if I breastfed. Of course I wouldn't switch him to all cow's milk, I'd still be breastfeeding, so then maybe I should still be using a milk substitute (i.e. formula)? So lucky me, Enfamil just sent me some samples of their "Enfagrow" toddler formula in anticipation of his first birthday, obviously to keep me using formula. So what is this stuff? Is it basically regular formula? Is there any advantage to using this over regular cow's milk?


My son is fairly petite, but he's a decent eater with a varied range of tastes. On a good day he eats three decent sized meals a day with a mix of meat and protein and veggies, so I'm not totally worried about his nutrition. At this point he only gets 4X6oz bottles a day of formula, when he wakes up and before each nap and before bed.

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From 1 to 2 a baby definitely needs the extra stuff that comes in breastmilk and breastmilk substitutes and isn't in whole milk. The good news is that your LO could probably get those things in the form of another supplement if such things are available, e.g. drops stirred into milk or chewable tablets or something.


I don't like that I'm reading that toddler formulas were created to get around regulations on infant formula advertising. So if it were possible to get all the benefits of the toddler formula without using it, I think that's the route I'd take.



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Sapphire, what kind of extra drops or supplements? Are you talking about DHA? Are you saying that toddler formulas are just unregulated infant formula?

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Originally Posted by SeattleRain View Post

Sapphire, what kind of extra drops or supplements? Are you talking about DHA? Are you saying that toddler formulas are just unregulated infant formula?

I don't know what's good. I know they sell DHA supplements now, so odds are there's something good out there.


No, toddler formulas are just as regulated as infant formulas, what isn't (or wasn't) regulated was how they could be advertised. Basically, unlike you, there are a lot of women out there who ended up using formula entirely because of the formula manufacturers manipulations and not because they really had to. And the little bit I read on wikipedia (so grain of salt) indicates that toddler formulas could be a way of getting around regulations that were put in place to reduce the amount of manufacturer-initiated formula feeding.


Another thing to consider is that you've got a son and a lot of formula has soy, so getting him off that could be good.


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I think I've come to the decision that I want to go straight to organic whole milk. Apparently Enfagrow contains corn syrup and sugar, and I just don't think that's necessary for babies. Obviously breast milk has sugars in it, but it's just not the same. I don't think it's worth giving him a breast milk substitute after 1 year if it means he's going to get a lot of sugar and other processed crap (one of the reasons I wanted to breastfeed was to AVOID feeding my baby processed foods!). It bothers me that they've added sweeteners to toddler formulas. Kids get so much sugar these days, they don't need more.

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Keep in mind that our brains do need a lot of easily digested carbohydrates for development. The sugar in formula is actually nutritionally necessary, although why they wouldn't use lactose, I just don't know.


Just to reassure you that you haven't been feeding your ds sugar for no reason!

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