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The "thread" on this subject was "locked" not sure why but I wanted to say I'm having the same problem. I have three cats, all fixed, all vaccinated. We moved to new house about 5 weeks ago and my cats are being TERRORIZED by the neighbors cat across the street. My cats never leave my back porch to enjoy their two acres fenced in because they are so afraid. Yesterday I SAW that cat attack my cat, tear up my patio furniture, and caused my cat to deficate ALL over my porch. I'm so pissed. If I get the chance now I will kill that cat. We have tried to trap it, talk to the neighbor who owns it and nothing works. Animal control can't catch it. If I get a chance and it's in MY yard I'm going to kill it. It's not fair these days that criminals, even animal criminals have all the rights and we are left with no recourse. I refuse to live in fear and will NOT tolerate this kind of kitty "terrorism". And BTW it IS illegal for your cats to be out of your yard in the state of Ga. When I spoke to animal control in my county on the numerous occasions I've had to rent a trap they informed me, that your cats are really not even supposed to be outside unless they are with you. That is a ridiculous expectation and NO ONE abides by it. Cats come in and out, but to be attacked on your own porch is unacceptable and THAT cat is GOING DOWN!!!!